Best 2 in 1 Laptops in India 2020 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. HP Pavilion x360 14-cd0077TU2. Lenovo Flex 4 Touch Screen3. Acer SW512-52-55YD Switch 5





There is just something about technology that draws you to it. Whenever there is a new innovation in the wonderfully expanding world of mobiles, computers and laptops, you feel automatically inclined to give it a go and get a proper taste of what it is like.

Things like the best 2 in 1 laptops in India, latest laptops and the coolest smartphones are what drive the market these days. Whenever there is a new launch, people queue up for days to get their hands on it and actually turn out to be among the very first to experience the new gadget.


And it is all for good reason actually. That is because this technology has given us so much. It has given us so much that we cannot even begin to comprehend the impact it has had on our lives. It brings us joy and it brings people together.

What more could we ask from it? And yet, the horizons just keep expanding with every passing day. We use laptops and desktops in almost every sector now, and pretty extensively so. Major business deals and transactions depend on the smooth functioning of remote servers which are nothing but laptop computers themselves.

Now with something which carries so much dependency, you have got to have innovation too. And fortunately, when it comes to innovations, the technology sector is one of the most rapidly growing sectors in the world. While we started out with very simple and basic devices, in less than a decade we have managed to switch to seamless transactions and simple interfaces with devices that are no bigger than your average palm. One of the latest in these long series of innovations has been the introduction of the 2 in 1 laptop. These laptops are not just perfectly efficient in what they do, but can also work wondrously as a tablet.

With detachable screens that are fully functioning on their own, you get to buy a laptop but pull in the capabilities of both a laptop and a tablet. That means you can not only carry out business transactions and official proceedings on this but also use its duality feature to relax and unwind when the need arises. It is, in every sense of the phrase, a 2 in 1 device. But what makes it even greater is the fact that none of the devices it emulates is actually any lesser than their actual physical counterparts.

These laptops carry some pretty amazing specifications, and while the extent and overall ratings of these specifications vary from manufacturer to manufacturer and device to device, the fact that remains constant is that 2 in 1 laptops have managed to create a niche for themselves in the market.

Now, this article is an attempt to help you sort through the crowd and get your hands on a device which actually does what it promises, and also happens to be among the best 2 in 1 laptops. We are looking for a device which works wonders in both of its forms and doesn’t really climb much on the price scale. Since there are so many different manufacturers and devices out there in the market, it is quite natural that the average customer tends to get lost and mistakenly opts for a device that they shouldn’t have.

We are here to make sure that does not happen. In order to help you, we will be presenting a list of certain qualities or traits that you must look for in 2 in 1 laptops, and all that a general well functioning device must in fact possess.

Once we are through with that, you will get a good sense of what is it that you must avoid and what you should actually look for. However, if there are still any lingering doubts left in your mind, we will also be going over a list of ten of the best devices that exist in the market right now.

No matter which device you choose out of our list, be rest assured that you will be taking home a great deal and that your money will be put to good use. Now that you know what to expect, there is nothing left but to simply dive in.

Best 2 in 1 Laptops in India: What to Look For

Do you really need one?

While 2 in 1s look and sound really cool, you need to pause for a second and ask yourself the question, do you really need it? That is because while 2 in 1s do provide you with certain features that are inherent to only themselves, they also take away some pretty interesting plus points of your regular conventional laptops.

For example, in exchange for the increased mobility and greater flexibility, you get a diminished battery life. If you are someone who works on the go and is always up and about while working, 2 in 1s will suit you good.

However, if you are the kind of person who likes to lounge while they work and doesn’t take their work around much, then 2 in 1s will practically serve no purpose to you. Instead, you can opt for a conventional laptop which will not only give you more battery life but also better processing power.

Another thing to consider here is what exactly you are going to use the laptop for, because if it is simply watching videos or playing music, or even running simple processing applications, then 2 in 1s are the way to go. If on the other hand, you are looking forward to running some pretty heavy duty games or launching major memory eating applications, then we are afraid a 2 in 1 might just not cut it.

Detachable or Bendable?

This is perhaps the first question you should ask yourself if you are ready to buy a 2 in 1 laptop. 2 in 1s come in two different forms. The first one is the one where the keyboard of the laptop completely detaches itself from the screen and you are left with a completely separate tablet that you can use whichever way you like.

The second variant is the one where the keyboard doesn’t actually detach complete but simply bends all the way back until what you get is a single screen with touch enabled. While the former design is called a detachable 2 in 1, the latter is called a bendable. Now, the thing you need to keep in mind is the kind of use you are going to extract out of the 2 in 1.

If you want a complete tablet-like experience, or if you feel that you won’t be typing much on the keyboard anyway, then you can definitely go for the detachable 2 in 1 as it perfectly suits your needs. If however, you need the touch support just so that it is easy for you to navigate the user interface then a bendable 2 in 1 is certainly the way to go.

Screen Resolution

Now screen resolution is something you just can’t skimp on. The whole point of a new age laptop is that you get to view all your videos, games and other applications in high definition and in great detail. And that can only come with the help of a superior screen resolution. Now when it comes to 2 in 1 laptops, the most affordable ones come with a resolution of 1366×768.

While that is by no means bad, it is not all that impressive either. And if you are someone who loves to watch movies or play games, then you could certainly do better. On the other hand, there are also 2 in 1s available in the market with a screen resolution of 1920×1080, which are essentially 1080p, as happens to be the more common term, and also have full HD screens which are a delight in this day and age.

This variant lets you enjoy a superior image quality while also preserving the integrity of the screen in front of you. Now the question for you here again is that which is the one that appeals to you more? For example, if you are buying a laptop just to get some office work done, or for tasks that do not essentially require a superior graphical quality such as writing or documenting, then the first kind will suit you pretty well.

If on the other hand, you are looking for a laptop which is great in terms of video and graphics and you plan to use it for playing high definition games and videos, then you are certainly welcome to buy the 1080p models.

Now that we are done with that, it is time to move on to the list. We will now actually go over ten of the best  2 in 1 laptops in the market right now. When we are through, you should have a good idea of the kind of device you should invest your money in.

Top 10 Best 2 in 1 Laptops in India 2020

1. HP Pavilion x360 14-cd0077TU Laptop


When it comes to innovation, you have got to count on HP. The manufacturers have been quite consistent with their products and always managed to come up with some pretty amazing models.

The HP Pavilion x360 is no different. This 2 in 1 is essentially a convertible and comes with a full HD touchscreen and some pretty cool features such as an inking pen, a backlit keyboard, Bluetooth, a solid state hybrid drive for storing user data and finally registered copies of MS Office Home and Student 2016 editions.

That is a pretty amazing catalogue for any device. However, HP doesn’t stop there. They also offer a 14 inches wide backlit and multi touch-enabled screen. The processor is an advanced 8th Gen Intel Core i3 while the processing speed is 3.4 GHz. The hard drive is a solid 1TB, which means you won’t easily run out of space no matter how much data files you store on it. Even the RAM is a great 4GB, giving you enough power to multitask seamlessly.


2. Lenovo Flex 4 14-inch Touchscreen Laptop


Lenovo is another great manufacturer of not just laptops but all kinds of smart devices. They also have some really impressive and best 2 in 1 laptops in the market, one of which is the Lenovo Flex 4. This 14-inch wide screen laptop boasts of features like an Intel Pentium Dual-Core processor along with a processing speed of 2.1 GHz for fast processing and a smooth interface.

The RAM is 4GB which makes way for seamless transitions between applications while the 500 GB HDD ensures that you never run out of space. Other cool features include Bluetooth, webcam, USB 3.0, HDMI and 802.11 AC. Also, they give you Windows 10 as the default operating system which is easily the most well recognized and familiar out of all of them.


3. Acer SW512-52-55YD Switch 5


Acer laptops have always been pretty much top of the line. They have amazing features, and the prices they come at are usually pretty affordable too, in addition to them being one of the foremost producers of the best 2 in 1 laptops in India 2018. First and foremost, the Acer SW512 comes with a 7th Gen Intel Core i5 processor.

The screen is 12 inches wide which is neither too small for a laptop nor too big for a tablet. It boasts of a multi-touch IPS display along with 8 GB of LPDDR3 memory, which means you can multitask seamlessly and run as many applications simultaneously as you like without worrying about the system slowing down.

The SSD is 256 GB in capacity and there is also an 802.11ac wireless LAN feature. Finally, the 4870 mAh battery makes sure that you get as much as 10.5 hours of battery life. To top things off, you also get an Acer Active stylus to make navigation easier and more fluid.


4. Lenovo Miix 510-12ISK 12.2-inch Touchscreen Laptop


This one happens to be another great device from Lenovo, who have just about perfected the art of designing 2 in 1s that can captivate the audiences and give them all that they wish for. It comes encased in a one-piece aluminium chassis which means it is as beautiful and pleasing to look at, as varied and diverse are its features.

You can easily transition it from a laptop to a tablet whenever you want and it is powered by the Intel Core i3 6th Gen processor which not just adds a massive boost to your productivity but also makes it one of the most technologically advanced models in the market. It boasts of a 12.2 inches full HD touchscreen so that you get to experience all of your videos and applications on a wide screen with an immersive experience.

The screen is adjustable up to as much as 150 degrees so that your comfort is not compromised in any situation whatsoever. The SSD has been significantly worked upon to make sure that the reading and writing speeds on the drive are as high as they can be.


5. Dell 2017 5000 15.6 FHD Touchscreen 2-in-1 Convertible Laptop


Being the immensely popular brand that they are, it comes as no surprise that Dell appears in this list. Their products, including the best 2 in 1 laptops have always managed to resonate with the consumers and the features they introduce have always been a hit.

The Dell 2017 5000 comes with an Intel Dual Core i3 processor and also boasts of a 2.3 GHz processing speed. These two combined together give the laptop immense configuration power and let it carry out complex computations at rapid speeds.

On the other hand, the 4 GB DDR4 RAM lets the system carry out multitasking pretty easily and also makes switching between applications as easy as it can be. The HDD is 500 GB in capacity and while drives of higher capacities do exist, it is actually quite enough to take care of most of your storage needs and also not let you feel space deprived when it comes to storing data files.


6. ASUS TP510UA-RH31T I3-7100U


When it comes to ASUS, you simply cannot expect anything less than the best. In a very short time, the brand has managed to catapult itself to fame and is now actually one of the most premier selling brands in the market.

All of this comes as a direct consequence of their promises to always achieve customer satisfaction and deliver the best quality products. This model comes with an Intel Core i3 processor for fast processing and a 1 TB hard disc along with a 6 GB RAM.

These specs are certainly some of the best in the industry and are the primary reason why this model has been such a hit. The screen size is 15.6 inches and fully HD along with a 178 degrees viewing angle. Weighing at only 4.1 pounds, it is also quite lightweight which means that you can easily carry it around with you and work wherever you go. There is also a fingerprint sensor along with two different kinds of USBs and an SD card reader.


7. Lenovo Yoga 520 Intel Core I3 8th Gen 14 – inch Touchscreen 2-in-1 FHD Laptop


When it comes to Lenovo, you expect nothing but quality. And quality is exactly what you get with the Yoga 520 which comes with an Intel Core i3 8th gen processor, arguably an answer to all of your rapid processing needs.

Additionally, the screen is 14 inches in size letting you have an all-out immersive experience as you watch your favourite videos or play games. It comes with a preloaded Windows 10 operating system for greater accessibility and freedom while the RAM is 4 GB in capacity making it perfectly suitable for multitasking.

The storage capacity is a mind-blowing 1TB, making it one of the most versatile models in the market with the kind of memory that could easily store tons of pictures, videos and audio clips. The thin and light design makes it highly portable while the anti-glare coating on the screen lets you work for extended periods of time without feeling any eye strain.


8. Dell Laptop Computer Inspiron 11.6-inch 2-in-1 Convertible HD Touchscreen Laptop


Dell is like the gift that simply keeps on giving. Their products have always managed to resonate well with the consumers and the features they introduce have always garnered great responses.

The Dell Inspiron series is another great milestone in the manufacturer’s portfolio. Coming from the same line, this one comes with an Intel Quad Core Pentium N3710 processor and also boasts of a 1.6 GHz processing speed. These two combined together give the laptop immense configuration power and let it carry out complex computations at rapid speeds.

On the other hand, the 4 GB DDR3L RAM lets the system carry out multitasking pretty easily and also makes switching between applications as easy as it can be. The hard drive is 500 GB in capacity and the default operating system installed is Windows 10.


9. Lenovo Yoga 510 80S700DRIH 14-inch Laptop


The Lenovo Yoga series is truly one fantastic addition to the lineup of best 2 in 1 laptops that have managed to wow the consumers and gain their attention. This one, the Lenovo Yoga 510 comes with an Intel Core i3 processor with 2 GHz processing speed for better and faster processing.

You also get a 4GB DDR4 RAM which is quite enough to handle multitasking and never experience any serious lags or hang-ups. The hard drive is a pretty comfortable 1TB which means you won’t ever have to jostle for space while installing multiple applications.

The screen is a comfortable 14 inches in size along with Integrated Graphics to make the viewing experience even better. Finally, the default operating system pre-installed in the system is Windows 10 for better accessibility.


10. Flagship Asus VivoBook Flip 12 11.6″ 2-in-1 HD Touchscreen Business Laptop/Tablet w/ Asus Stylus Pen


The ASUS flagship devices have always managed to become a user favourite and definitely have some of the best features that can be found in these devices. The VivoBook Flip is a 2 in 1 device that comes with an 11.6 inches convertible touchscreen.

You also get a glossy display along with a stylus pen for better accessibility and a powerful Intel Dual Core Celeron N3350 processor which really brings in the capability to run multiple applications efficiently. The processing speed is 2.6 GHz while the RAM is 4 GB in capacity making it well suited for multitasking.

Security features are enhanced and redefined using the built-in fingerprint reader and TPM firmware which keeps all of your data safe and secure without any fuss. Other useful features include a multi-card reader, microphone, multiple USB ports, audio jack, HDMI, AC adapter plug and more. Finally, the battery life is a solid 8 hours while the default OS installed is Windows 10.


Get Your Hands on the Best 2 in Laptop

2 in 1s are pretty amazing devices. They can be fun to use and hugely addicting. But before you start using them, it is important that you first get your hands on a worthy device. Fortunately, that is exactly where we come in. We hope this article was able to help simplify your search and lead you to a laptop that brings you some much-needed peace of mind and happiness.

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