Best Laptop Cooling Pads in India 2020 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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Laptops have become an essential part of the corporate sector. For staying connected, the employees sent by their companies on business tours often use laptops. The traveling employees may have to access the files related to work or staying in touch using video chat and email. A convenient way to have data, files, and software on hand is to have a laptop. A laptop also allows transferring the unfinished work from home while you are traveling to your office.

Laptops can be complete entertainment machines, and hence, they are more than just typing the reports or surfing the web. Work is often interrupted if the laptop users face one of the most common issues of a laptop, i.e., overheating. System failure can also be caused in serious cases of overheating. Buying the best laptop cooling pad in India is the easiest way to deal with this issue.


The cooling capacity of your laptop will be notched up by this functional accessory. It also provides additional ports to connect USB devices. There are cooling fans in the laptop cooling pads. They are installed in the metallic rectangular frames which are mesh-covered. The laptop cooling pad can also be used as a laptop stand. Air flow is increased by the built-in fan. Thus, cool air is directed into the laptop. You definitely require the best laptop cooling pad. It’s the most suitable option for tackling the problems of overheating. As the quote goes ‘Prevention is better than cure’, buy a laptop cooling pad before your laptop suffers from some serious issues of overheating which can erase the hard-disk data too.

It is a fact that all laptop cooling pads are different and one should keep this in mind before buying a laptop cooling pad. They are differentiated on the basis of cooling capacity, fan speed, sizes, etc. A laptop functions much slow and the life of the system is affected due to the heat generated by the laptop. The laptop remains cool by the cooling pads. Hence, the laptop lasts longer in durability.

A secure and stable working platform is provided by the cooling pad to make the working condition of the laptop more effective. In the market, there are some of the best models which have extra features. They come with a finish of sleek brushed aluminum. There are hexagonal grills on some cooling pads as they support the laptops with an area as large as 17 inches. The fans in such cooling pads are made up of durable plastic. Always go for the best cooling pad for laptop in India, if you wish to buy a cooling pad for your laptop.

As per your comfort, you can adjust the cooling pad to various levels. Such adjustments are both manual and automatic, providing the best cooling. There are temperature sensors on a cooling pad which are meant for smart cooling. The temperature of the laptop is read by the mechanism on its own. Speed is enhanced by the internally structured laptop fans enhance speed. However, this doesn’t mean that a laptop turns faster due to fans.

The air ducts are blocked by keeping the laptop on lap due to which the thighs heat up, leading to health problems. But now, you don’t have to worry about it. You experience better comfort with a laptop on your lap due to a laptop cooling pad. On your lap, you can keep the laptop for a relatively long time as it won’t heat up. Also, your health won’t be affected. Some pads come with individual fans while some don’t. For maximizing the heat airflow, the multiple fan option should be preferred as these fans are noiseless. They also have individual motor power.

Laptop cooling pads are also budget-friendly. They can be bought with causing deep holes in your pocket. This is a good investment which would benefit you in the long run. Also, most of the best brands of laptop cooling pad provide a warranty of minimum 1 year. But be aware of the cheap brands in the market, which are waiting to loot your hard-earned money. Your goal should be to look only for the best laptop cooling pad India, not any cooling pad from some cheap brand.

Factors to look for when buying a Laptop Cooling Pad

The following are the factors one should consider while buying the best laptop cooling pad :


While choosing laptop cooling pad, ‘size’ is the essential thing to consider. Your specific sized notebook/laptop must be accommodated by the cooling pad you choose. A cooling pad cannot address the laptop’s heating issue efficiently if it is too small. Always select a cooling pad by checking the dimensions (width and depth) of the laptop. The height does not have any impact on the cooling pad’s cooling performance, and so, the height can be ignored.


The laptop stays cooler due to the increased airflow led by the fan. Some cooling pads feature multiple smaller fans while some feature a single large fan. Measured in cubic feet per minute, the amount of air pushed by a larger fan is much more than the amount pushed by smaller fans. The laptop cools efficiently if the CFM of the cooling pad is higher. There are no fans in passive laptop cooling pads. For air to flow more easily, they rely on leaving enough space around the laptop. There may be bumps or grooves on passive cooling pads. In short, a passive cooling pad is useless, and it is recommended to buy a cooling pad with fan or fans. Features like built-in temperature sensor prove to be useful for automatic fan action.

Fan Speed

There is dual or single fan system in a laptop cooling pad. The system supplies cooler air, and thus, the laptop is cooled from underneath. More air can be pushed through the laptop if the cooling fan has faster fan speed, eventually providing more efficient cooling. RPM (rotations per minute) is the unit for calculating the fan speed of laptop cooling pads. A laptop cooling pad with a high RPM fan is the best choice one can go for.


It is important to choose a cooling pad which provides maximum comfort as you will be using your laptop on various surfaces. If the laptop cooling pad has an adjustable base, then you can adjust the angle of the laptop by your convenience. If you love working on a desk, then go for a cooling pad with an adjustable base or legs. Always get a cooling pad which is specially designed for the ideal environment around you. The cooling pad vents and laptop can get obscured by clothes or sheets if one loves to chill in bed while gaming or watching movies on their laptop. In this case, one should look for a dock which offers enough clearance or multiple vents for easy airflow.


Additional USB ports are offered by some laptop cooling pads. Due to these USB ports, the user can connect to various devices to it. Micro USB ports, high-speed USB ports, and USB-A ports are packed in by some high-end models of cooling pads, which also work as a dock. You indirectly lose a port if your laptop is attached with a USB-powered laptop cooler. Pass-through support is offered by some cooling pads. But that doesn’t mean that you could create an extra long protrusion from your port by connecting your laptop (which is plugged in the USB of the cooling pad) to any USB device.

It is beneficial to find a cooling pad which doubles as a dock and hence, goes high-end. There are some cooling pads which pack a micro USB port, an adjustable fan speed dial, and 4 USB ports. Some offer multiple high-speed USB ports along with micro USB or USB 3.0 ports. In the end, it is important for you to have enough ports to use and a laptop cool enough to work on without worrying about overheating.


It is a factor for those who travel with their laptops. Cable management is integrated along with some cooling pads. For wash transportation, there are some cooling pads which even allows strapping the laptop into place.

Top 10 Best Laptop Cooling Pads in India 2020

1. TARKAN Heavy Duty [4 Fans] LED Gaming Cooling Pad

Tarkan-Heavy-Duty-LED-Cooling-PadYou need a cooling fan for your laptop if its performance turns sluggish after working on it for many hours. Being unique and fashionable, the TARKAN Heavy Duty [4 Fans] LED Gaming Cooling Pad is an ideal cooling pad for your laptop. You can have an ergonomic workspace by being comfortable with the work and holding your laptop in any convenient position. The fan speed of this cooling pad is 1200±10% RPM. This cooling pad comes along with 2 USB ports.

The maximum airflow of this cooling pad is 74.35 CFM. Along with mysterious LED illumination, all the 4 fans look dazzling. For powering the cooling pad through the laptop, a free braided durable USB cable is included too. At the bottom, a cable detangled slot is housed by this product.

Being lightweight and durable, the metal mesh surface has advanced aerodynamics. As per the need, one can adjust the fan speed with the help of Dual Fan speed controllers. A better viewing angle and comfortable typing are provided by an ergonomic stand at the base. A braided USB cable is provided for connecting the power source to the laptop.


2. Deepcooll Windpal FS Cooling Pad

Deepcool-WINDPAL-FS-Cooling-PadBeing a high-quality laptop cooling pad, the DEEPCOOL WINDPAL FS Cooling Pad has a dual fan cooling system which exhibits superior cooling performance. For ensuring efficient cooling and generous air flow, there are two 140 millimeters cooling fans on this laptop cooling pad. This cooling pad is portable and lightweight. The frame is made up of plastic, and the front panel is made up of metal mesh. To connect additional USB devices, it features 2 USB ports.

The noise level of the fans are quite low, and the cooling pad is adjustable too. For comfortable use, this cooling pad’s base can be adjusted to 2 different angles. Notebooks and laptops up to a screen size of 17″ can be accommodated by this cooling pad. The dimensions of this product are 38.2 x 26.2 x 2.4 cm. A warranty of 1 year is provided by the manufacturer. This is the best laptop cooling pad in India.


3. Lifestyle-You: Laptop Cooling Pad With 5 Fans

Lifestyle-You-Laptop-Cooling-PadFor gaming laptops, the ‘Lifestyle-You’ cooling pad is an ideal choice. Through a dial, the speed of the fans can be controlled. This cooling pad has 2 USB ports. For efficient dissipation of heat, the metal mesh surface is quite beneficial. One can adjust the inclination in five different angles. All the 5 fans have cool blue LED lights. This is the best cooling pad for gaming laptop.


4. Cables Kart Laptop Cooling Pad

Cables-Kart-Laptop-Cooling-PadWith a prolonged warranty, the Cables Kart Laptop Cooling Pad 638 has many features. This cooling pad provides protection from overheating. Being lightweight, this laptop cooling pad is portable. Efficient thermal heat dissipation is ensured by this laptop cooling pad as it features a powerful fan. The fan also has a low noise level. The airflow of this cooling pad is 100 CFM while its maximum fan speed is 1000 RPM.

This cooling pad’s base can be adjusted to 4 different angles as per the convenience of the user. Up to 15.6″ laptops can be accommodated by this air cooling pad. The dimensions of this product are 41 x 28.1 x 7.4 cm. Cables Kart assures a warranty of 2 years on this laptop cooling pad. This is the best cooling pad for 15.6-inch laptop.


5. Belkin F5L055BTBLK Laptop Cooling Pad

Belkin-F5L055BTBLK-Laptop-Cooling-PadFor smart cooling, the Belkin F5L055BTBLK Laptop Cooling Pad comes along with advanced Air-Flow wing. Excellent cooling is ensured by the powerful and quiet cooling fan. This quieter fan would not distract the user from games, movies or music. A continuous and even air flow under the laptop is allowed by the unique curved Air Flow Wing design of this cooling pad. It is lightweight due to its ergonomic and thin design.

This cooling pad is portable too. An easy typing and browsing is allowed by the angled base of the cooling pad. Laptops generally overheat due to excessive gaming or browsing. This cooling pad minimizes the heat of your laptop. Being USB-powered, there is no requirement to carry around a bulky batter pad or extra cords with this cooling pad. The laptop starts cooling as soon as you plug this cooling pad in it.

For creating a stable surface, the CoolSpot integrates easily with any laptop. Slipping and sliding is prevented by the grip pads on the bottom. The dimensions of this product are 28.4 x 4.4 x 29 cm. A warranty of 3 years on this cooling pad is given by the manufacturer, which boasts the confidence and quality of this brand.


6. DEEPCOOL N400 Notebook Cooler

Deepcool-N400-Notebook-CoolerEquipped with a powerful large 140mm fan, the DeepCool N400 Notebook Cooler reduces the high temperature of the laptops. The fan speed of this cooling pad is 1000 RPM. With this speed, a DeepCool effect is delivered, and a steady air flow is maintained. Cool air is supplied to the base of the laptop by a powerful 140mm fan. The metal mesh is durable and lightweight due to which, it is used for making the top surface of the cooler. An optimal air flow is ensured too. Laptops generally overheat due to excessive gaming or browsing.

This cooling pad minimizes the heat of your laptop. For connecting the external USB devices, it features a USB pass-through connector. The safety of your laptop is ensured by the anti-slip base of the cooling pad. Laptops with the size of 15.6″ and below can be accommodated by this cooling pad. The dimensions of this product are 30.8 x 34 x 5 cm. The manufacturer provides a warranty of 1 year on this product.


7. Belkin F5L055QEBLK Laptop Cooling Pad

Belkin-Laptop-Cooling-Pad-1The Belkin F5L055QEBLK Laptop Cooling Pad has various features. One can easily fit this cooling pad in their laptop bag due to its compact size. An additional protection is offered by the robust anti-slip grip pads. The patent-pending Airflow Wing is responsible for a quieter operation and better cooling. For powering the cooling pad, USB cable is also provided. Hot air flows up and away from the heat source due to optimum air circulation.

For reducing wrist strain and improving typing comfort, the slope of this cooling pad is gentle. Neck strain reduces due to raised screen height. The dimensions of this product are 29.6 x 31 x 4.6 cm. An astonishing warranty of 3 years is offered by the manufacturer.


8. Havit HV-F2056 Ultra-Slim Laptop Cooler for up to 17-inch Laptops

Havit-HV-F2056-Ultra-Slim-Laptop-CoolerThe HAVIT laptop cooling pad has 2 adjustable height setting and an ergonomic design. For all-day viewing, this cooling pad provides the most relaxing incline angle. A stable and wear-resisting laptop carrying surface is provided by it. Superior airflow at whisper-quiet noise levels is given out by the 3 large 110mm fans.

These fans spin at over 1,000 RPM. For connecting more USB devices, this cooling pad comes along with power switch design, built-in dual-USB hub, and an extra USB port. Without interrupting your flow and making any noise, the strong 65 CFM of air flow allows you to work with enthusiasm every day. The dimensions of this product are 38 x 3 x 28 cm. Also, you receive a warranty of 1 year on this product.


9. Cooler Master Notepal X3 Laptop Cooling Pad

Cooler-Master-Notepal-X3-Laptop-Cooling-PadA metal mesh base, a dial wheel fan speed controller, and a massive 200mm fan are utilized by the Cooler Master Notepal X3 Laptop Cooling Pad. All the three work in conjunction with each other for cooling laptops effectively. This cooling pad is specifically designed for transcending the typical issues which plague notebook coolers. For keeping your hands cool when you are playing games or working under pressure, a light breeze is directed towards them.

For adding more drives and peripherals, extra connections are provided by an integrated USB hub. The allure of the blue LED fan of this cooling pad will surprise the cooling enthusiasts. This cooling pad just produces a noise level of 16-23 dBA. The heavy-duty profile provides a sturdy foundation for your laptop.

The front vent provides a smooth breeze. The hands are kept dry and cool by the breeze. Comfort is provided by the 2 different height settings. Up to 17-inch laptops are supported by this cooling pad. The dimensions of this product are 39.9 x 31 x 7.1 cm. The manufacturer provides a one year warranty.


10. Technotech Cooling Pad 638 Multi-Angle Stand

Technotech-Cooling-Pad-638For easy thermal heat dissipation, the Techno Tech Cooling Pad 638 has a powerful built-in fan. It is stylish in design and light in weight. The fan of this laptop cooling pad makes no noise. The airflow of this laptop cooling pad is 100 CFM while its fan speed is 1000 R.P.M. It is specially designed for protecting notebook PC and laptop from overheating issues. Up to 15.6-inch notebooks and laptops can be accommodated by this cooling pad.


Maintain Your Laptop With the Best Cooling Pad

You must look for a cooling pad which comes with some of the most basic benefits. Investing in a laptop cooling pad is the right thing to do for the sake of longevity of the laptop. The fans also don’t make much noise, so there is no chance of being disturbed by the noise of fans.

Overheating of laptops has become a major concern for the ones who are dependent on laptops for most of their office work. Laptop cooling pads are easy and budget-friendly solutions to this problem. You can select the best laptop cooling pad for your laptop from the above list. So, what are you waiting for? Order the most suitable cooling pad for your laptop now!

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