Best 4G Tablets Under 10,000 in India 2020 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. iBall Slide Wings2. Micromax Canvas Tab P7013. iBall Slide Nimble


Tablets are a unique combination of a computer and a smartphone and have surely developed as a strong classification over the decade. With that being said, a majority still doubt their usability purpose as an important device for work but there are still users who tend to utilize tablets rather than a PC.

It’s exciting to note that users can still find the best 4g tablets under 10000 in the market. This review buying guide will assist you since it is created to inform and advise you on some essential factors and elements that you need to consider before you purchase a tablet.


Factors to Look for in the Best 4G Tablet under 10000

1. Usage and Purpose

Maybe you own one of the latest laptops or smartphones, but now, it’s time to consider a tablet. Why do you ask? Well, there are many reasons why an individual should purchase a tablet. You can use a tablet in your leisure time or rather, use it to binge watch your shows connected to the TV or maybe, scroll through Facebook while you’re at it.

Sometimes, it’s not even necessary to own a killer laptop machine but you might need a device that’s much bigger than a smartphone. Before you narrow down your options, you should first analyze the primary purpose of obtaining such a machine. For most of the people, it’s extremely portable which makes it effortless to carry and is certainly reliable.

There are few users who might utilize it while they are commuting in order to get hold of the latest emails, news and other things which can be either work or personal related. For others, it can be an entertainment appliance since it provides a user-friendly platform to download apps, play games, listen to music and even watch movies. For those who carry it for work-related purposes can pair it with a Bluetooth keyboard and use it as a laptop.

Needs such as word processing, researching etc can be done effectively on the best 4g tablets under Rs.10,000 range. One clear advantage found in owning a tablet is that it serves as an education tool for kids and even adults. You can obtain information quickly since the best tablets implement the 4g network.

Regardless of the reason, there’s a perfect tablet out there just for you. By reading down further, you can identify which model is the ultimate tablet for you and for your family.

2. Stand-Alone Versus A Convertible Tablet

Before we move on to the specs, we give you two choices — do you wish to opt for a standard, individual tablet or rather choose a convertible tablet?

Stand-alone tablets are those devices that take the shape of sizeable smartphones. Wherein, they comprise of a single large touch screen, a couple of buttons on the case (maybe even completely touch), and a single charging platform.

Typically, they tend to weigh about 1 to 2 pounds and are usually half an inch thick or even less. This is the reason why they’re so portable and compact. You can easily control these devices using the touch screen but if you’re in the mood to work, you can pair it up with a keyboard that’s connected via Bluetooth.

On the other hand, Convertible devices are designed to blend a tablet’s reliability with the versatility of a PC. These devices can be identified as 2-in-1 devices that provide a removable keyboard or it can be a full-size laptop that comes with a touch screen.

Detachable appear and operate similarly to stand-alone tablets but once you include a unique engineered keyboard attachment, you can employ them as capable laptop needs. There are few detachable that are offered with the keyboard, whereas other models need you to purchase the keyboard as a separate component.

What’s more, is that Microsoft’s Surface Book kicks it up a notch by introducing a great concept. This concept consists of a full-fledged laptop with a removable screen display, therefore, you can even use it as a stand-alone tablet.

3. Size

Manufacturers design tablet screen sizes that range from a maximum of 6 inches (on the low end), and up to a humongous 18.4 inches screen size on the higher end. You can observe that a majority of these tablets tend to dwell within the 7 to 10-inch range. If you wish to search for a tablet that’s lightweight and small so that you can take it anywhere you go, then we suggest taking a look at the best 4g tablets under 10000 which is listed below the article.

Tablets that come within a 10-inch range, offer an astounding balance between productivity and portability. These devices are a bit challenging to use with a single hand but they are created to be both compact and lightweight. Bigger tablets tend to lack in portability but they can always substitute similar laptop replacements.

Furthermore, notebook-tablet hybrids are built to offer screen sizes up to 11 to 13 inches. However, they are really bulky therefore they aren’t so great or effective if weight and size are your primary needs/priorities.
In addition, manufacturers have evolved from the idea of not making tabs that are sized in 7 inches or 10 inches only. Users, in this era, can now find multiple sizes available in the market such as 7-inch, 8-inch, 8.9-inch, 10-inch, and 12-inch.

If you want comfortability, easy typing and carry out effortless tasks, then you can opt for the best 4g tablets under 10000 found below. Additionally, there is a multitude of screens users can find on tablets such as Retina, LED, AMOLED, IPS, LCD etc. No matter the choice, always consider a tablet that delivers a complete HD display.

4. Operating System

A. Android

In regards to Android tablets, users have a plethora of options to consider and this applies for both hardware and software. Apparently, even though Android is identified as Google’s mobile operating system, there is no ‘complete’ or whole Android synergy. The company will try to release brand new updates to the OS every year and few of these tablets tend to get updated whereas some models don’t.

Also, a majority of the tablet producers aim to personalize Android so that they can give users the freedom to customize according to their requirements. Or maybe, even include in extra features so that they can create a unique value for their tablets and stand out from their rivals

For example, Samsung tablets are delivered with a customized interface that incorporates a multitude of apps and features that are Samsung-patented and specific. On the other hand, Amazon’s Fire tablets operate an intensive customized version of Android and label this as the Fire OS.

Coming to hardware, users can find a lot of options from companies such as Samsung, Amazon, Asus etc who aim to offer a different appeal and style than their competitors.

B. Apple

Apple has recently released the greatest and latest version when it comes to its mobile operating system i.e iOS 12. With this new system, you can expect it to power up all Apple’s contemporary-generation iPad models and even smartphones. Since it comes with advanced split-screen multitasking specs, it offers you several additions since your iPad is now exposed to add flexibility.

By the way, a user’s hardware choices are restricted with iOS than compared to Android and Windows since he/she can pick only from an Apple’s iPad line. Some of the choices involve the iPad Pro, iPad Air, iPad Air 2, iPad mini 2 and iPad mini 4. Alternatively, iOS users seem to have a platform of hundreds an even thousands of apps at their hands via the App store.

C. Windows 10

The Windows 10 is the brand new version of Windows wherein it’s constructed upon the base Microsoft created in with Windows 8 and 8.1. The new OS is seamless to utilize on a conventional PC rather than Windows 8. With this version, users have the capability to control their tablets much easier than compared to before.

Windows 10 provides you with multiple modifications and advancements to tablet users, such as user-friendly, substantial buttons and window controls. For instance, a Windows Tablet offers a Tablet Mode that extends the Start menu in order to fill up the whole screen and performs multiple touch-screen actions.

What’s intriguing about Windows is that it still continues to stick with a mouse and a keyboard since some of the features and apps can be awkward or uncomfortable to use via a touch screen. It adds weight to the fact that a lot of Windows tablets are the most flexible and convertible type than compared to its rival counterparts.

5. Connectivity

Generally, all tablets are engineered with both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity and are adequate enough to be employed in a zone that’s Wi-Fi-enabled.

These tablets even come with cellular assistance. This would allow users to insert in a SIM card and opt for a good Internet service package. There are a few tablets that bring you calling facilities. This is really beneficial for those who wish to download emails, surf the web, etc., while they are commuting or on the go, and end up in places where there are fewer chances of having a Wi-Fi network facility.

Although, the price for such tablets is really expensive. Furthermore, not every company has the Wi-Fi+cellular tab or Wi-Fi enabled technology embedded into their models. If you are under a tight budget and may only need a tablet for Wi-Fi purposes, we recommend you to switch your phone’s data to a Wi-Fi hotspot in order to develop a Wi-Fi network.

6. Camera

Before a decade or so, having a camera wasn’t an important priority for tablet producers. However, you can find the high-resolution cameras in the best 4g tablets under Rs.10,000 only. Things are evolving and changing which means that the camera optics are being upgraded and enhanced as well.

If you aim to use your very new tablet taking pictures and recording memories, then we suggest going for a model which implements the best camera since tablets are typically a one-time investment only.

7. Accessories

Changing a standard tablet into a full-blown device is not so difficult. For instance, if you want to type, you can position the tablet on a stand and pair it with a Bluetooth enabled keyboard. Currently, a few of the Windows and Android tablets offer its users with a keyboard dock. In contrast, there are even Windows laptops out there that are detachable and can be utilized as a tablet as well.

8. Weight

Tablets are built for those who are on the move and don’t seem to weigh much. This fact was previously mentioned as well. Sometimes, the weight does vary since it all depends on the display. However, it’s not as heavy as a full-fledged laptop.

9. Service

When it comes to service, we all know Apple beats the competition. If there seems to be any sort of software glitch or a production defect, then Apple’s service team will be ready to replace after undergoing some tests. You may not attain a new unit, but it certainly is an improved model since the old unit is been cleaned and upgraded. For other companies such as Samsung, they do offer pretty good services but it might not be the same for other companies.

10. How And Where Will You Use It?

A. At Home

If you wish to use a tablet for typical household use — such as checking mail, web browsing, listening to music, and many more — then many common tablets out there will do the trick. Fortunately, you don’t require fancy, higher-end tablet model to meet the usual needs so you can start looking for the best 4g tablets under 10000. Within this range, you can meet all your basic needs and avoid spending large amounts on features that are of no use to you.

B. For Work Related Needs

If you’re currently looking for a tablet that works as a laptop substitute or a business appliance then you may need a 9-inch screen tablet since it’s wide enough to see all the minor details with good clarity.

If your budget is not-so-limited, then you can select higher-end models that offer different work-related software which can be beneficial when it comes to researching and creating data for employers. These type of tablets provide keyboard attachments that are optional, useful multitasking features, and a pen-input technology which makes it extremely easy to write.

C. For children

When you consider purchasing a tablet for your kids, then there are features you may need to evaluate such as price, size, parental-control, and durability. A 7-inch tablet can be suitable for toddlers and kids since it’s small in size and once you think about the risk factor of a broken tablet, then it’s obvious that you’ll opt for a lower end model.

Models that are priced cheaply come with a compact size, rubber bumpers, a child-friendly interface, and parental controls. In addition, these type of tablets offers a two-year warranty period which means that the company will provide tablet replacements if a child performs some intensive damage.

D. For Gaming Purposes

When it comes to gaming on a tablet, Apple takes the mark as the prime choice in the mobile gaming industry. An iPad is a suitable choice. The iPad Air 2 delivers a phenomenal balance between power and portability however, it isn’t cheap as you think. You can find other suitable options as well from both Android and Windows.

In regards to convertible tablets that are Windows-based; these machines operate a complete Windows system, therefore, you can play a lot of decent resolution games just like how you would play on a regular PC system. They may not function or stand near gaming rigs in the high-end of the market, but a lot of these models are ideal for a simple, casual PC gaming experience.

E. For Multimedia Needs

Any tablet ecosystem available out there is great for watching TV shows or movies and even listening to music. Although, if you are a true media enthusiast, then higher end models may be your deal. Some higher-end models such as the best 4g tablets under 10000 tend to come with amazing Dolby Atmos speakers and even feature a sharp 2560 x 1600-pixel display.

11. Configuring Apps and Content

Apple, Android and Windows OS’s are the three most popular and widely used tablet operating systems that offer digital storefronts. Wherein, users can easily buy and download music, apps, movies and any other form of content.

When it comes to iOS, the App Store is the only genuine platform to get hold of apps for an iPad. Apple tends to ensure tight security controls over the kind of apps you’re allowed to purchase within its store. This is great since it decreases the chances of downloading applications that are seriously malicious, but at the same time, it limits the number of possibilities that can be carried out.

The iTunes Store allows its users to buy TV shows, music, and movies and at the same time give users the freedom to buy e-books from the iBooks app. Along the lines, the Music app allows users to stream their own music or even hear their own favorite tunes via the music subscription service.

In regards to Google Play, it is the only authentic one-stop platform for obtaining music, apps, and any other content in your Android tablet. Even though Android supports an open nature system, it isn’t the sole route to attain apps and other forms of content. As a matter of fact, manufacturers who produce Android tablets tend to create their own digital stores into their own products.

Moreover, a few of the Android devices ‘sideload’ an Amazon Underground Store. This platform delivers Android apps that are priced around $20,000 and in-app purchase and games that are placed in for free. You can say that this is a smaller model of Google Play since it’s curated version.

When it comes to Windows 10 tablets, you can buy music, apps, and even movies via the Windows Store. Surprisingly, you can download apps from anywhere since it’s a Windows enables device.

What’s great about Windows tablets and devices is that Microsoft vets anything included in the Play Store so all users are at a lower risk of experiencing a malware issue. Even though demanding apps are found available on all the three platforms, it’s still crucial to consider the apps’ availability. From multimedia apps to documentation apps, everything is mostly free and found available on all three platforms.

12. Identifying The Specs That Matter

Understanding tablet specs can be quite challenging to learn and discern because not all makers completely expose their own devices’ potential and drawback specifications. As you read below, you’ll get access to all the general information you need to know before you purchase the next best 4g tablets under Rs.10.000.

A. Processors

Apple employs its very own custom A-series chips inside their iPads. Contemporary models are either implemented with A7, A8, A8X or A9X processors. It’s interesting to note that the highest numbers interpret a brand new processor that delivers a much better performance than compared to its ancestors. For the ‘X’ suffix, it basically shows a more powerful form of a standard processor. The A8 is the latest form of the A7, and the A8X is a version that’s way more powerful than compared to an A8 processor.

Android tablets are equipped with processors that range from a multitude of producers. Qualcomm’s Snapdragon processors and Samsung’s Exynos chips are the most demanding processors out there. In addition, you can find Nvidia’s Tegra processors on Nvidia tablets. Also, you’ll notice some of these Android devices incorporate Rockchip CPUs as well.

Regarding Windows, it’s mostly Intel processors that take over the tablets and these processors include core m3, i5, and i7 processors. Tablets that embed Intel Core processors are known to be labeled as the higher-end devices, which would mean a higher selling price. On the other hand, Lower-end Windows convertibles and tablets tend to utilize Intel Atom processors, often.

B. Storage and Expandability

Generally, the best 4g tablets under 10000 are the lower-end individual or stand-alone tablets that are offered with an 8 or 16GB storage facility and mostly up to 128GB on the higher end of the market. Users can find convertible Windows tablets that are implemented with more storage capacities than compared to the usual notebooks, therefore it isn’t weird for a tablet to have a storage of 256GB or more.

There are few tablets that have SD card readers that enable users to extend the storage capacity of their device. If you don’t use your tablet a lot daily, then it’s better to stick with either 8 or 16 GB since it’s adequate enough to meet your basic needs. However, if you wish to have more, then the obvious outcome will be to invest a little more and you will attain a storage space capacity of a minimum of 32GB. Or rather, you can search for a device that incorporates a built-in SD card slot.

Even though laptops embed a large storage space, tablets tend to occupy a few GBs only. The most common storage spaces utilized in tablets are 16GB and 32GB. Apple has foregone the 32 GB storage option and has now started to employ 64 GB and 128 GB has the basic options. The drawback with Apple tablet devices is that they don’t seem to bear a memory card that’s expandable.

This is why Android tablets win the competition in terms of memory. Although they offer 8GB or 16GB storage, they still continue to buttress an expandable memory card slot of storage capacities such as 32GB, 64GB or even 128GB. In addition, both software and applications take up large amounts of storage space. Ultimately, do not choose anything below an 8GB storage capacity. If you want a higher storage capacity, then you should be willing to invest at a higher price.

C. Memory (RAM)

When it comes to RAM, it isn’t a huge selling point since both Android and iOS tablets manage memory differently. Typically, the more you invest, then the more RAM you’ll obtain. On most tablets, users can expect the memory to be anything between a range of 1GB to 4GB. Tablet hybrids along with other convertible tablets that are Windows-based such as the Surface Pro 4, tend to provide more memory capacities i.e a maximum of 16GB of RAM. When you have more RAM, you can expect a snappier and powerful performance.

D. Battery Life Expectancy

A majority of tablets out there will sustain a good battery life all day, however, this is not always true and can vary dramatically. Overall, we suggest you search for a tablet that operates for a minimum of 7 hours within a single/direct charge.

Things To Look Out For Best 4G Tablets Under Rs 10,000

Not Every Tablet Links Directly To The Android Market

Google doesn’t seem to have a lot of power over Android once an app gets published or exposed to the mass public, but it does have a certain amount of control over the entire Android market.

Up until Honeycomb, Google never approved non-smartphones to link with the Android market. For example, this would mean that if a user attains an inexpensive tablet that operates on Android 2.2, it won’t link to the Android Market. Users can obtain apps, but they may not get access to a lot of applications online and he/she may need to find another market in order to download them.

If you wish to gain access and operate the latest Android apps, then we suggest you opt for a tablet that functions on the most advanced Android version.

Not Every Tablet Implements The New And Improved Android

As we all know, Android is clearly an operating system that’s open source. Any user can download it without paying for it and place it in their devices without investing a single penny. This would imply that it has the capability to charge things such as digital picture frames and car stereos, but those type of needs are still a little too advanced than what Google intended, originally. The Honeycomb – Version 3.0 was the initial version authorized for tablets, officially.

Any Android version that was listed below 3.0 was not made for utilizing on larger tablet screens wherein a lot of apps will not operate well on it. If you do see a tablet that operates an Android 2.3 version or something less, then do take heed of it.

Few Tablets Need A Data Plan

There have Wi-Fi enabled only Android tablets out there that are sold in the market and even tablets that integrate 3G or 4G data access. These type of tablets are often sold at a hefty discount, but you may need to partake in a contract with a mobile service provider. This process is similar to how phones are sold.

Users should notice the fine print after checking the price tag in order to evaluate whether or not if he/she is determined to make two payment years that are added with a tablet’s initial selling price. Also, you should consider how much data you would need to use in a day. Fortunately, tablets can employ more bandwidth than compared to phones thereby you need to opt for a plan that extends when required.

Take Caution Of The Modern Android Version

Just as manufacturers are authorized to change or update the Android user interface on phones, they are authorized to do it on tablets as well. Producers do mention that this is a powerful component that distinguishes their product from their competition, but there are multiple disadvantages of doing so.

As we have looked into some of the most crucial elements of a tablet, let us now review the top 10 best 4g tablets under Rs.10,000

Top 10 Best 4G Tablets under 10000 in 2020

1. iBall Slide Wings Tablet

iBall Slide Wings Tablet

The iBall Slide tablet is a phenomenal machine that’s created to deliver the most authentic and lifelike visual experience. The iBall Slide Wings tablet features an IPS HD screen that’s about 8 inches in terms of size.

This machine houses sleek HD display/videos so that you can watch amazing sharp images and a real-time, responsive web surfing operation.

Moreover, these features can enable users to fully indulge themselves into sheer action due to its Multi-touch display that’s completely capacitive.

In addition, the Silver Chrome shade offers a unique appeal that distinguishes itself from its rivals since it includes both sophistication and elegance.

Being charged with a Quad Core Processor that’s joined with a 2GB RAM, you can now maintain an efficient and effective multi-tasking process across a plethora of apps which is much more quickly than expected.

The model has a 16 GB memory that’s in-built and an expandable memory slot up to 32GB. This allows users to optimize their storage capacities more if the standard 16GB isn’t enough. This model operates with the Android 6.0 version and implements the Marshmallow configuration which would mean a multitude of real-time features and a safe experience.

This model delivers an astounding and quick 4G speed network that’s VoLTE supported. With this, you can easily download applications, games, hear out your favorite tunes flawlessly and swiftly; and stream HD quality movies.


2. Micromax Canvas Tab P701 Tablet

Micromax Canvas Tab P701 Tablet

With the all new Micromax Canvas tablet, you can gain access to the whole 4g platform network and binge-watch all the latest shows and movies with family and friends. Or better yet, you can team up with each other and play live multiplayer games that can be clearly seen on the huge 17.78cm IPS screen.

Moreover, you can celebrate with your favorite team with buddies as you begin to live-stream matches that display high-quality resolution images during days where there isn’t much work at all.

Other than this, you can even take fantastic pictures with your friends when you’re at the mall since the tablet offers a 5mp main camera which comes with an auto-focus along with a 2mp front facing camera. Moreover, you can call up old folks who are abroad using amazing video calls via a clear 4G network.

Apart from selfies and movies, you can use this model to view stunning contrast and eye-appealing color depths when using it for researching and gathering information online. By using this machine, you can easily add in songs to your never-ending playlists and even store important work documents as well due to its expandable memory capacity. The memory capacity includes a 1GB RAM and an 8GB internal memory that can be extended up to a maximum of 32GB.


3. iBall Slide Nimble Tablet

iBall Slide Nimble Tablet

The iBall Slide Nimble tablet has a spectacular slender and rose gold color design thereby guaranteeing you a remarkable experience and feel.

It uses an 8 inch IPS HD screen thereby offering you a high contrast display and vibrancy in each and every pixel. This delivers a breathtaking and beautiful viewing from any angle that can be either narrow or broad.

This model incorporates Miravision technology. This would allow it to upgrade the sharpness, visual quality, and color experience under strong sunlight and enables soothing viewing within conditions that have faint lighting.

Due to the incredible supernova 4G speed that’s supported by VoLTE, users can enjoy the premium access of watching movies, listening to music and downloading applications and games, flawlessly and swiftly. You can get your hands on the phenomenal power of wireless technology – with a very low price.

This unit is charged with the Quad Core processor that’s merged with a memory of 3GB RAM. This would allow you to leave you speechless due to its uninterrupted yet astounding experience especially when it comes to multi-tasking.

Other great specs include a flip-to-mute feature that allows you to mute incoming calls immediately by just flipping it. This is extremely useful especially when you are in an important business meeting or when you wish to keep your calls private.


4. Samsung Galaxy A 7.0 Tablet

Samsung Galaxy A 7.0 Tablet

The all new Samsung Galaxy tablet is a remarkable device that’s comfortable to hold and definitely feels really light in your palms and hands. This makes the Samsung tablet is certainly portable to carry anytime, anywhere.

With its fancy non-slip pattern found at the back, it helps the appliance to enhance daily usability and even offer a great stability sense. By utilizing a high-resolution quotient and a fancy 17.77cm display, you can now fully dwell yourself in the viewing experience.

Along with the mentioned features, you also have access to a more genuine and appealing visual quality 24/7. It embeds a 4,000 mAh battery that charges up your battery so that you can read, watch and play games while you’re at home or commuting. It offers up to a maximum of 9 hours when it comes to video viewing.

The model utilizes a 2MP front-facing camera and a 5MP primary camera that has an automated focus element. When it comes to software, the model employs an Android v5.1 Lollipop operating system and a Quad Core processor with a base speed of 1.5GHz.


5. Micromax Canvas P701+ Tablet

Micromax Canvas P701+ Tablet

With the Micromax Canvas tablet, nothing is boring. You can now pass in your free time watching the latest movies or even play the most popular games with your friends.

What we like about this product is that it has an insane and quick 4G network wherein you can see all the content via a large 17.78 cm display. This device is labeled as the next anti-boring appliance of the next generation!

Additionally, this model includes an impressive 1GHz Quad Core processor and a 2GB DDR3 RAM. Both of these memory and processor capacities allow you to control your virtual reality, every day. You can capture beautiful moments since the model includes a 2MP front-facing camera and a 5MP rear camera that’s designed with an autofocus feature.

The model uses an Android v5.1 Lollipop operating system and embeds a 2GB RAM along with a 16GB internal memory which can be upgraded to 32GB if needed. If you wish to call, you’re in luck since this model has dual SIM card slots with dual-standby technology i.e 3G+4G network.

Users can break the annoying habit to keep recharging the device since this model is equipped with a powerful 3500mAH lithium-polymer battery that offers high-clarity talk time of 15 hours. Even so, it provides a standby time of 48 hours. We do recommend, however, not to overcharge the device that’s exceeding 100%.


6. iBall Slide Enzo V8 Table

iBall Slide Enzo V8 Table

The iBall Slide Enzo tablet is engineered to bring you a breath-taking visual performance. With its smooth metallic frame that’s sized about 10.11mm in terms of thickness, it brings you an attractive design that’s layered with an appealing Coyote Brown Back cover. You can carry your device anywhere, now, with pride.

It’s not only appealing but insanely quick especially when it comes to accessing the 4G network. In fact, the iBall Slide tablet offers a 4G VoLTE that delivers a wonderful speed that’s quick to upload and download any of your content and at the same time, browse the web on things you might interesting such as shopping.

You can easily charge this tablet by connecting it to a USB port. This device has two USB ports and comes with a smart cable that fits in seamlessly. In regards to display, each and every frame gets radiant since the whole screen comprises of a 7 inch IPS display and even includes a high definition resolution of 1024 x 600.

The iBall Slide Enzo V8 operating system operates on Android 7.1 and guarantees smooth user interactions since the model is packed with multiple features that encourage a user-friendly experience. Other than utilizing the data network for yourself, you can share it with other users via an inbuilt Wi-Fi hotspot feature and USB tethering.


7. Micromax Canavas Plex Tablet

Micromax Canavas Plex Tablet

The Micromax Canavas tablet is an exceptional model that enables users to use it for long periods of time. This particular unit includes a 5MP main camera that has an automated focus element with a strong flash. Also, it includes a 2MP camera that’s front facing.

This appliance utilizes a capable and strong battery which comprises of 4000mAH and is made of lithium-polymer. It exceeds other models since the standard capacity is only 3500mAH. However, for this model, you can expect the model to run for a longer period of time during the day.

The operating system is a simple Android v6 Marshmallow version and comes with a powerful 1GHz Mediatek MT8735V quad-core processor with 3GB RAM, 32GB internal memory, a Mali400 GPU, and a strong SIM dual-standby network which includes both 4G and 3G network.

However, we recommend not to use this model for professional photography since it does not support such a high-resolution camera.


8. Lenovo Tab 7 Tablet

Lenovo Tab 7 Tablet

The Lenovo Tab 7 is an ingenious product that delivers a multi-user accounts platform and a powerful build. This model is designed for home purposes only and is suitable to be shared between family members.

This remarkable machine is packed with an authentic front-facing speaker that’s linked with Dolby Atmos cinematic sounds and comes with a clear HD display screen. This allows the model to be simply amazing when it comes to performance thereby making it fun to watch, listen and pass around.

It has a basic-profile that covers 8.4 mm in thickness and only weighs 260 grams, therefore, making it extremely portable and effective for carrying around. This sleek design is rarely found in portable devices these days.


9. Lava Magnum X1 T70 Tablet

Lava Magnum X1 T70 Tablet

The Lava Magnum tablet is created with sleek flowing edges that are produced using 2.5D glass and are covered with strong metallic accents that fit within a single thin 7.4 mm frame. Therefore, this makes your whole hand-held experience comfortable and convenient especially if you’re holding it for a long period of time.

You can now enjoy the visual display since the model implements a 6.98 inch, 720 HD IPS OGS display. Moreover, it’s surprising to note that it has a 16:9 aspect ratio as well thereby making it really reliable for users to watch content without having any hindrances or irritations.

The unit utilizes a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor and comes with a smart 28nm processor that’s built intelligently to control each and every sensor with supreme efficiency but at the same time consume less battery than usual.


10. Lenovo Tab 3 710I Tablet

Lenovo Tab 3 710I TabletWeighing about 299 grams, the Lenovo tablet seems to take the market by storm since it brings extraordinary features at a remarkable price range.

The model consists of a legendary 2MP primary camera and adopts a front facing camera that has a 0.3MP specification. The model is certainly beneficial to those who wish to watch content since it implements a large screen i.e 17.78 centimeters and has an IPS capacitive touchscreen which delivers a high resolution of 1024 x 600 pixels.

In addition, the unit utilizes the demanding Android v5.1 Lollipop version as its operating system, therefore, making the whole tablet performance snappier and quicker. The tablet even includes a 1.3GHz MediaTek quad-core processor that comes with an 8GB internal memory along with a 1GB RAM capacity.

If you’re interested in making calls, this model has got your covered since it offers a SIM slot. The battery used for this appliance is a 3450mAH lithium-ion battery which can be used for up to 7 hours within direct use.

Lastly, the model utilizes a 1 year warranty period along with 6 months warranty for any in-box accessories provided such as batteries starting from the purchase date.


Choose the Best 4G Tablet Under 10000!

The best 4g tablets under Rs.10000 are certainly beneficial to those who are a constraint in their budget. Furthermore, they are still designed to effectively carry out all the necessary needs in daily life. People who use it for simple purposes can find them to be great assets than compared to a whole PC/laptop system.

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