Best Treadmills In India 2020 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. Healthgenie Treadmill2. Powermax Treadmill3. Fitkit Treadmill





The health risks due to unhealthy lifestyle is posing a threat to happy living. But due to the majorly competitive world, no one has the time to look after themselves. This becomes a reason to invest in the right fitness equipment, one of those equipments which helps us to have an easy exercise plan are treadmills. The best treadmills in India come with all the required features to make you lose weight easier and faster. There are a variety of options in the market. Hence we will help you the best treadmills in India.

It is important for you to know what to look for in treadmills to make sure that you get the right product for yourself. This is why we have made you a list of the best possible treadmills and mentioned their specifications along with them so that it is more convenient for you. Hope this treadmill buying guide helps you!


What are the features to look for in the Best Treadmill in India?

Brand: One of the most important features to look for  is the brand. It is not always important that the most expensive ones come with all your required features. Therefore it becomes important that you invest the right kind of brand as it determines your product quality and service levels. We have talked about the best treadmill brands in India and also the best treadmills in India in 2018 so that you can choose the best for yourself.

Manual or Electronic: The next step is to decide whether you n

Running Area: The running area of a treadmill is an important feature as you don’t want a cramped treadmill. You need to be comfortable while working out which is why having a large running area is always preferable.

Manual incline or auto incline: You need to look for treadmills that have either the auto incline feature that automatically detects your speed and other factors and decides to incline the floor for a better workout, or have the manually incline treadmill. Incline adjustment can come in an automatic mode, but you choose the type of adjustment control on the basis of your preferences. It should be noted that the treadmills with an automatic incline feature price more than the manual treadmills.

Tracking(heart rate, calories, BMI, pulse): The next feature that you must look for is the ability of your treadmill to track different things related to your body. You should be able to track your progress and the calories burnt along with your heart rate to make sure that you don’t stress yourself too much. It is important for treadmills to give reliable data so that you can keep track of your progress. If you are looking to buy the best treadmill for home use in india then ensure that it has a tracking feature.

Pre-built programs and pre-sets: Treadmills also come with pre-set programs for you to be able to lose weight easier. You can choose from these programs and prepare your regime.

Supported weight: The weight that a treadmill can support is one of the most important features to look for in a treadmill, but also the most ignored feature. This is why you need to know how much weight a treadmill can take and thereby make a decision. In case you’re overweight or need a treadmill that can take much more weight than the usual ones, you need to be extra careful.

Power Use: You need a treadmill that saves up on both your calories and budget. Since using a treadmill can increase your electricity bills to a great extent, you should look at the power usage of a treadmill to make sure the motor of your treadmill uses lesser power.

Maximum Speed: The maximum speed that a treadmill can attain is again an essential feature that you need to check before buying the right product for yourself. The general range of speed that a treadmill can operate in lies around 14 Km/h to 20 km/h. A faster treadmill is important for people who are looking for losing weight faster.

Lubrication: The moving parts of a treadmill requires maintenance. The most important that needs to be taken care of is the running area. It needs to be lubricated enough to make sure that you efficiently work out at all times of the day. Some treadmills come with automatic regular lubrication, Others come with the manual treadmill, so it has to be lubricated regularly.

Price: Another important feature that you need to look at while buying the ideal treadmill in India is its price. You can choose th treadmill on the basis of your budget. A decent treadmill can range around 25,000 to 1,00,000.

Warranty: The best treadmill brands in India offer a number of years of warranty along with the product so that the customers are satisfied even after buying the product. The most basic requirement that comes with the product is one year of warranty.
Noise: You also need a treadmill that produces the least amount of noise, so that you work in silence. It is the best suited for people who want to workout while watching TV, or listen to music. You should also check the size of your treadmill when it comes to placing it in your room.

Belt/Deck width and length: You need to keep a checklist when it comes to treadmill properties. The belt/deck width and length of the treadmill is a very important factor when you are looking for an ideal product. People generally go for a wider belt and a longer belt so that it is easy for people to run on it faster.

Display: Display is a must have feature which shows you all the specifications and parameters that you need to know while exercising. It is always better to be able to see how much calories you burnt or your heart rate while exercising so that you can properly analyse your workout.

Test and try before buying it: Most treadmills look fine with the kind of design and the features that it comes with, but you need to be sure that you are buying the right kind of treadmill for yourself. A tried and tested model of a treadmill is always better than the one which you just know about.

Should you buy a Treadmill online?

The advantages of buying a treadmill online are many, which includes faster delivery, more discount offers and a number of offers that come with it. Ordering fitness equipments online also make sure that you know everything in detail before buying the product.

What are the advantages of having a treadmill at home?

A treadmill is the answer for your day to day workouts. When it comes to the natural way of losing weight, brisk walking or jogging are easy way outs to achieve your daily targets to burn the required amount of calories. But we tend to have a busy life and therefore have so little time for our selves. Therefore having a treadmill can be quite advantageous for each one of us, and a few of these advantages are mentioned here.

Easy to Use: Treadmills are one of the easiest equipments to use in a gym. It has all the required features to make sure that you burn the right amount of calories. It is easy to set your requirement on a treadmill and make full use of its programs after that. The treadmill can be set on inclination mode to burn more calories. One of the major reasons why treadmills are also attractive to people is the fact that there are no sidewalks or trails while walking, which you would generally find on a road or a footpath.

Easy to track your progress: The next best feature that comes with the bets treadmills is the easily traceable progress. These treadmills come with digital monitors that let you know about the important statistics, including the burnt calories, heart rate and time that you been exercising for. Some of the wonderful treadmills also include multiple users and different programs for each user so that you can start right from where you left. Proper management of progress can help you reach your target in an easier way.

Preset workout programs: Most treadmills tend to come with a digital monitor which displays all the required information about your workout. It also shows different in-built workouts for different kind of people, depending on the type of workout that you want to do. These different levels of workouts include in-built programs for a beginner, and intermediate and a gym person.

Lose weight faster: Using a treadmill generally helps you reach your target easier and faster. Since you are noting down all your progress reports and making sure that you achieve your target in time by doing just the right amount of exercise, it is quite possible that you lose weight faster to get your dream body.

Improve your heart health: Treadmills not only makes you workout but also makes sure that your cardiovascular system improves. Every time that you exercise on a treadmill, you strengthen your heart. This also helps you to have a longer and healthier life as there is better blood flow and less stress on other organs of your body. An improved blood circulation also makes your skin glow and improves the growth of your hair. Aerobic exercise also makes sure that your bad cholesterol is reduced and thereby giving you a better life.

Workouts along with multitasking: The major reason why people don’t exercise regularly even when they want to is due to lack of time. Treadmills solve this problem for everyone, as you can exercise while watching TV or staying at your place. You can also walk and read at the same time without you having to use your hands for holding the book.
Improve your muscle tone: This is one of the major advantages of using a treadmill as it strengthens your calves and butt. It also improves your quadriceps muscles and makes you fit in no time. People who use the inclined feature on the treadmill tend to lose faster than everyone else.

It helps you to stay consistent: The major issue in losing weight is that people are not consistent with their work. Having a treadmill at your place helps you have a great time and still be consistent with your workout regimes. This helps you to keep a regular track of your weight loss improvement and thereby keeps you fitter for a long time.

Top 10 Best Treadmills in India 2020

1. Powermax Fitness TDM-100S Motorized Treadmill 

Powermax-Fitness-TDM-100S-1.5HPOne of the best treadmill in India is Powermax Fitness TDM 100S Motorized treadmill with its jumping wheels and auto lubrication. It comes with a 1.5HP continuous DC motor which helps you to have the perfect workout ever. It has a manual inclination feature that helps you select your level of inclination.

A 5’5” inch display and the perfect soft drop system makes it possible for you to look at all the parameters of your workout along with making it extremely easy to use. It also has safety locks that hold the treadmill in a folded position to make sure that the machine does not fall over. It can be easily placed in any room of your house, as it comes with a space saving feature. This unique feature comes due to the soft hydraulic release which helps to store the treadmill when not in use.

The highlights of the treadmill from TDM include auto lubrication which increases the efficiency with which the belt runs, a roller, a six-level shock absorption which makes sure that the treadmill can take any level of stress and a lifetime of warranty. Along with these attractive features, the treadmill also comes with an AUX and USB input which makes sure that you enjoy listening to music while exercising. The company also offers a great installation and service support to make sure that the customer does not face any trouble related to the product.


2. Lifeline 4 in 1 Deluxe Manual Treadmill

Lifeline-4-in-1-Deluxe-Manual-TreadmillNext, on the list, we have another ideal treadmill which comes from one of the best fitness brands in India, Lifeline. The Lifeline 4 in 1 Deluxe Manual treadmill is an amazing choice for people who are looking for a foldable and portable kind of treadmill which is also quite efficient. The electronic meter for measuring speed, distance and calories burnt if included in the product, making sure that you get all the information while working out.

The twister present in the treadmill helps you to shed weight from your thigh area and makes sure that the stubborn belly fat is gone in no time. Thick and robust metal rods are present for heavy pounding. The wheels, on the other hand, are used for moving the machine easily. You can easily reduce weight and your belly with a lightweight exercise. It burns calories and improves fitness. The workout has never felt so convenient before this treadmill. It also makes sure that you can watch TV or read a book while exercising as it produces the least amount of noise.

The product comes with a hand pulse system monitors pulse rate sensor which can help you to know your pulse through the skin of your hands. You can check your heart rate instantly after turning off the treadmill to make sure that your pulse is fine while you’re resting. This model of the treadmill from Lifeline comes with a twister which also helps you to lose weight better and easier. The twister aids easy legs workout and tones your thigh muscles.

All in all, this treadmill is a great pick for people who want to lose weight in a more efficient way. Moreover, it comes at a very reasonable price and is offered with years of warranty to make sure that the customers are happy even after buying the product. It is always recommended to look at different customer reviews before buying any treadmill, and you can check a few of them here.


3. Quantico Treadmill with Auto Lubrication and Auto Inclination

QUANTICO-TreadmillWe all need a treadmill that not only takes care of our health but also adds elegance to your place. Quantico Treadmill understands this and has come to save your day. It comes with a digital platform to display all your parameters to make sure you don’t over workout. You can also adjust the inclination of the treadmill digitally, making sure that you have the most accurate level of inclination where you can workout in.

It comes with an input system where you can connect your iPod or other MP3 devices and listen to your favourite music tracks while working out, making sure that you are motivated enough to exercise at all times of the day. Other highlights of the treadmill from Quantico include an auto lubrication feature, an auto inclination feature and a six-level shock absorption system to keep all the users safe. It also has a 10.1-inch display to show you all the required details of your workout, like the distance that you’ve covered, the goals that you have previously achieved, your workout plans along with the speed of the treadmill.

The treadmill comes with a lifetime of warranty along with a three-year warranty on its motor to make sure that the customers can complain about the manufacturing defects of the treadmills and other issues related to the product. Quantico treadmill also comes with a WiFi connectivity feature to ensure that you can even surf the internet or read books online while working out. All in all, it is a great pick for everyone as it comes with all these attractive features, that too at a great price.


4. Fitkit FT060 5-in-1 Motorized Multi Functional Treadmill

Fitkit-FT060-5-in-1-Motorized-Multi-Functional-TreadmillFitkit is one of the prominent treadmill brands in India and offers a great range of best quality treadmills. One of its best models, Fitkit Fat060 5-in-1 motorized multi-functional treadmill, is one of the best treadmill for your home. It comes with all the required features to make you fall in love with it instantly. The intelligent lubrication and a 1200X420 mm wide running space help you to workout efficiently.

This treadmill also comes with an input/output for music through Aux cable. This feature lets you enjoy your favourite tracks while you’re working out keeping you motivated enough. It also has a Bluetooth app control which can connect with any ios or Android device. It becomes your personal trainer as it has in-built programs for different purposes. You can also track your workout session along with connecting it with other runners to have a comparative study.

The company also offers free installation across India and gives out a great customer care service to make sure that the customers are completely satisfied. Fitkit FT060 also comes with a lifetime warranty, keeping you stress-free for a long time. The highlights of this product include its speed, which is about 1-16km/hour, which means that anyone from a beginner to pro can use it and make the most of it.

It also has a soft drop storage system which helps you to fold and store the treadmill while not in use, saving up on a lot of space. Other important features that you might want to look into are the highest quality motor that comes with the product, and the extraordinary display. It is your ideal treadmill as it comes with everything at a reasonable price.


5. Quantico FS285 Blend Motorized Treadmill

Quantico-FS285-Blend-Motorized-TreadmillYour search for the budget treadmill ends with Quantico FS285 Blend Motorized treadmill as it has everything to make sure you would want to buy this model right away. The maximum user weight that the treadmill to buy the treadmill right away. The maximum weight that the treadmill can take is 100 kg. The running area of the treadmill is quite large, around 1040X360 mm. The kind of running space helps you to run faster with quite an ease. Other specifications that you should look into are related to the speed range, which is around 0.8-10 km/h, 12 in-built programs to help you.

The treadmill has portable treadmill wheels which are quite movable which means that it is quite easy to be moved from one place to another. An LCD computer display shows you all the required parameters like time, distance, speed and the calories burnt. You can also monitor your heart rate which makes sure that your heart functions well by detecting your exercise intensity. An easy-self lubrication helps you to walk on it better and faster without the fear of it breaking down.

All you need to do add the lubricant on the hole and let the treadmill run empty for a few minutes. This is a better method when compared with traditional self-service refuelling. The company offers a warranty of an entire year with the treadmill and two years on the motor which makes sure that customers are thoroughly satisfied with the product. It comes in a blended material. It also comes at a reasonable price, with a user manual and installation tools.


6. Fitkit FT062 7-in-1 Motorized Multi Functional Treadmill

Fitkit-FT062-7-in-1-Motorized-Multi-Functional-TreadmillHaven’t you always wanted a treadmill that helps you to lose weight easily and in a more efficient way and make sure that your place looks nice with it? We understand how important it is for you to have a beautiful treadmill at your place which also serves a great performance. Fitkit FT062 7-in-1 motorized multi-functional treadmill serves all your requirements for you. One of the best features that come with the treadmill is its intelligent automatic lubrication. This helps you to have an amazing workout without having a fear of the machine breaking down.

Other highlights of the product include a 1200X400mm wide running surface, 1-16km/hour running speed making it suitable for all kinds of users and an input/output for music through an aux cable. You can enjoy your favourite tracks while working out and keep yourself motivated. A 1.5 HP continuous motor which goes up to 2HP peak and has a speaker. This model also has jump wheels which make sure that you have better cushioning and a great movement. It does not include an inclination feature, so you need to keep this in mind while buying the product.

The treadmill also comes with a Bluetooth app control which can connect to both Android and iOs devices so that you can enjoy your favourite music on the go. The company also offers free installation of the product along with a lifetime warranty to take care of all your bad days. All these attractive features come at a great price so that you don’t have to empty your pocket for having one of the all in one treadmills in town.


7. Lifeline LYSN5213 Manual Treadmill

LifelineLYSN5213-Manual-TreadmillThe next  treadmill on the list is from Lifeline, called LYSN5213 Manual treadmill which comes with a number of attractive features. It has a dashboard with an electronic meter which displays all the important parameters that you need to look at while working out. It shows the speed you’re walking/running at, the distance that you have travelled, the number of calories that you burn and the time that you have spent on the treadmill. It also shows you your pulse rate and thereby helps you to monitor your heart rate while working out.

It is quite foldable which makes it easy for you to store it at different places and move it from time to time. The treadmill is easy to store and has everything needed to become the best of the lot. This treadmill is assembled using an installation manual that is provided with the product. You can also take help from the customer care of the company and clear your doubts in a second.
The treadmill has easily adjustable inclination features which come in three different levels for each one at your place.

You need to manually adjust the inclination to have the best level for yourself. It also has a self-locking main frame to make sure that both the treadmill and the user is safe. Overall, this treadmill is a great pick for people who are looking for both performance and elegance in one.


8. Lifeline Treadmill machine

Lifeline-Treadmill-Machine-for-Walking-and-Running-at-HomeLifeline Treadmill machine is one of the best treadmills in India for walking, running and reducing your tummy at home. It comes in a great package with all the required features to make sure you have everything you want for your workouts at home. This treadmill is foldable, portable and non-motorized. It comes with an electronic meter that measures speed, distance, calories and time. You can also monitor your pulse and heart rate while working out to make sure you don’t over-stress yourself.

The wheels that come with the treadmill makes it easily movable around the house so that you can keep it anywhere you want. This treadmill changes the shape of your workout regime, by letting you work out comfortably in front of television and listening to your favourite tracks. The product can be assembled using an instruction manual that comes with the product. The company also provides services like a third party installation by a technician in case you face any troubles. A bonus tummy trimmer and sweat belt are offered to you by the company.

It is a great treadmill that comes with a 12-month warranty to make sure that the customers can complain about manufacturing defects and other issues related to the product. You can workout for as long as you want, as this treadmill as it comes with a great energy efficient motor. It also comes at a reasonable price to make sure you don’t have to create a hole in your pocket to have this treadmill at home.


9. Healthgenie 6 in1 Motorized treadmill 4112M with Massager

Healthgenie-6in1-Motorized-TreadmillHealthgenie provides a great range of treadmills for both personal and professional use. Its treadmills are known to be the best for home and personal use. Healthgenie 6 in 1 motorized treadmill 4112 M with massager comes with a running space, around 123.5 X 42 cm, making sure that it is easy for you to run on it. This treadmill has a motor power of 2 hp which delivers the maximum power while running.

It comes with a bright display, showing you all the important parameters to make sure that you don’t stress out your body. This treadmill comes with a complete fitness solution pack with seven different features like a massager, a twister, sit-ups, resistance tube and a set of dumbbells. All these features make sure that you lose weight easily and in a more efficient manner. Other specifications of the product include a speed range of 1-14 km/h, good quality speakers and the presence of 12 preset programs to guide your workouts at home.

The maximum weight that this treadmill can take is around 110 kgs, making sure that people of different weights can use the treadmill without fearing its breakdown. The company also offers three years of warranty on the frame and one year warranty on other parts to make sure the customers are happy even after buying the product. This treadmill comes with great number of attractive features and a reasonable price.


10. Powermax Fitness TDM 1225 Motorized multifunction Treadmill 

Powermax-Fitness-TDM-125S-Motorized-Multifunction-TreadmillLast on the list, but not the least, we have one of the masterpieces from Powermax, which lets you lose weight and tone your muscles in a great way to make sure you get your dream body.

Powermax Fitness TDM 1225 motorized multifunction treadmill comes with a lifetime of warranty, which makes sure that all the customers of the product are entirely happy with the product. Along with that, a three year warranty and one year warranty on parts and labour.

The LCD screen display that comes with the treadmill is another great attractive feature which shows all the important parameters while working out. It shows your treadmills’ speed, the distance that you’ve walked for and the number of calories that you’ve burnt.

You can also monitor your heart rate while exercising, which makes sure that you don’t over stress yourself. It also comes with a 2.0 HP continuous Green, efficient DC motor, which makes sure that you can run on it efficiently.

The maximum weight that this treadmill can take is around 115 kilos, which makes sure that anyone in your family can use the treadmill. Other specifications of the treadmill that you can look into before buying the product are speed range, which is about 0.8-14 km/hour, a six-level shock absorption system with eight variable durometer cushions and a 3 level manual inclination settings that allows maximum variety while working out.

The running space is around 1260X430 mm / 50 X 17 inches which makes sure that anyone can run on the treadmill quite easily. It comes with 12 preset workout programs for a better workout regime. It includes AUX, USB for music, speakers to relax while working out. The wheels that it comes with is used for transportation.

It also comes with a massager and a dumbbell with a twister for waist reduction. All in all, the treadmill is a great product for people who are looking forward to getting into shape in the least possible time.



It is quite a task to choose the best treadmill for yourself, especially when you don’t know what to look for in the best treadmills in India. Therefore, we help you to know about every little feature that you should look for in your ideal treadmill and have made you a detailed list of the ten best treadmills in India. Our experts have gone through lengths of research to make sure that you get the best of everything.

Also, buying a treadmill online can be quite advantageous over buying it from a regular market. These advantages include convenience to place your order, having multiple discounts, security issues and a lot of other offers that different online platforms offer. An online platform also lets you know about every specification of your treadmill. It also includes customer reviews so that you get the adequate knowledge to make an informed decision. Hope this article helps you choose the best for yourself.

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