Best Air Coolers in India 2020 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. Symphony Hicool2. Crompton Desert3. Symphony Diet





If one is planning to buy a new air cooler and is confused about how to select the best air cooler in India, then this article can surely help you out in choosing the best air cooler for you. One must be thinking which air cooler is the best for use. A thorough research has been done in order to guide the consumers for buying the best air cooler.

Speaking about the weather conditions in India, summers are rough in many parts. In some parts of India, the temperature can even go up to 45 degree Celsius. Air coolers are used by many people for battling the heat of summer. Air coolers are cost effective. A lot of comfort is provided by them. With rising temperatures every year, air coolers have become a necessity than a luxury. Hence, It is important that you buy an air cooler which can provide you with efficient cooling. Providing proper ventilation for air cooler in the room is the most efficient way of using it.


It is a common misconception that air coolers should be placed in closed places for working efficiently. That’s a hoax. Air coolers carry out their work on the basis of evaporation.  The hot air is passed through the cooling pads. The cooling pads are soaked in water. Hence, for cooling, a smooth airflow is essential and not an enclosed environment.

What to Look for in an Air Cooler

While buying an air cooler, one should keep in mind that size of the air cooler matters a lot. One should select the air cooler depending on their size of the room. Also, one should know about the features of air cooler before buying.

Air cooler should be positioned in front of the window. If the air is hotter, the evaporation is faster. Thus, cooler air is blown out by the fan. In order to create good ventilation in the room, the humidity needs to be pushed out. The windows of the room must be open for this purpose. But one should take care that they aren’t opened too wide because it will only result in an increase in room temperature.

Adding ice to the water is also an effective way to increase the efficiency of cooling. There are ice compartments in some coolers for this purpose. The pads get cooler by adding ice to the water. Hence, cool air passes through them. This is only effective if one is seated at a very close distance to the cooler. Ice won’t help on a long run for decreasing the humidity or temperature in the room. The addition of too much ice can also result in slowing down of the evaporation process. So, one must understand when to put ice cubes in the air cooler. When the temperature is at its peak, the ice will prove to be effective. It’s important to take good care of the air cooler.

One must clean the cooling pads of the cooler for a good performance. The cooling pads collect pollen and dust over time, hence it is important to clean them. They should be cleaned once in a week with the help of a brush.If the dust accumulated on the cooling pad is too much, it would be ideal to get them replaced. It is very important to keep the water tank clean. One should make sure that there aren’t any leaks. Frequently cleaning the fan blades will ensure that the air coolers will be at the highest efficiency. The air cooler should be serviced regularly so that it would last for a long time.

A way to ensure instant cooling is by letting the pump run when the tank is being filled with water. The water will run through the cooling pads by the pump. This allows them to soak water beforehand. After the tank is full, you can run the fan. After turning it on, it would help the air cooler in the cooling process. The efficiency of the air conditioning can also be increased by other things too. For avoiding the heat from entering the room, the drapes must be shut. Lights and other appliances should also be switched off. The air cooler must be installed in the right way for effective cooling.

Types of Air coolers

The desert cooler and room cooler are the 2 types of an air cooler. Both types of coolers work in the same way. But there are some features which set them apart.

Desert cooler

It takes in the air from outside and is usually fitted outside a window. The Fan in Desert cooler is used as an exhaust. But it requires more power, water, and space compared to room air coolers. If one is looking for an air cooler to combat extreme heat, then the desert cooler will be an ideal option.

Room cooler

It is less powerful than the desert cooler. It is placed on a trolley for moving it around. It is kept inside the room. The air is forced out by the fan in this cooler. The Room cooler is ideal for small rooms, this type of air coolers are generally used in households.

Now, one must have obtained the knowledge about selecting the best air cooler for their household. Why wait then? You should definitely consider buying an air cooler now.  The air cooler is a technological invention made to have cool air in a room, office, shop or any area. One should be able to blend in with the modern world of technology. The air cooler is a very useful invention and everyone must make use of it.

If one is looking for the best air cooler brand, then you can look into the list we have provided below. If you are planning to buy something new this year, it can be a new car, television, mobile or anything which provides satisfaction or saves time. So why not buy a new air cooler this year? Assuming that you have decided to buy a new air cooler, then you can consider buying the best air cooler in India 2018. So here are the top 10 Best Air coolers in India.

Top 10 Best Air Coolers in India 2020

1. Symphony Hicool i 31-Litre Air cooler with Remote 

Symphony-Hicool-i-31-Ltrs-Air-CoolerThe Symphony Hicool i Air cooler cools down a room within few minutes by its effective cooling and high intelligence. The storage capacity of this air cooler is 31 Liters. This capacity is enough to ensure that it won’t run out of the water and provide round the clock cooling. The Symphony Hicool i Air cooler has an air delivery rate of 1,750 cubic meters. Throughout the day, the water remains cool. Dura-pump technology is used by this air cooler for ensuring durability. Along with a honeycomb cooling pad, it also features humidity control.

It also comes with a user-friendly remote control. With the help of remote control, one can switch the air cooler on/off and also set a sleep timer. The dust and mosquito net protects the air cooler from external damage. With the multi-directional wheels, one can move this air cooler from room to room easily. This air cooler runs on an inverter and hence, there is uninterrupted cooling even when there is a power cut. The Dimensions of this air cooler is 50 x 91.5 x 38cm. It weighs 9kg. The Diameter of Fan is 18cm. The consumption of power is 185W. Cross-Ventilation must be allowed for the room so that the cooler works effectively.

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2. Symphony Diet 12T 12-Litre Air cooler 

Symphony-Diet-22i-22-Litre-Air-CoolerThe Symphony Diet 12T is a powerful air cooler with a standard water storage. It has a storage capacity of 12 liters for storing water. For every home, a perfect compact air cooler is the Symphony Diet 12T cooler. It is an ideal device for day-to-day use. It is quite efficient. The Symphony Diet 12T has a powerful air throw of 1,000 cubic meters. This helps in cooling up any room efficiently in few minutes. The speed of the fan can be controlled by choosing any option between low, medium and high speed.

This air cooler can be bought online at a suitable price. Thus, one can enjoy cool air at home anytime. The dura-pump technology used by the Symphony Diet 12T air cooler. This technology makes the air cooler more durable and hence, it has a long lasting life. High-quality honeycomb cooling pads are used by this appliance for better cooling. The multi-functional wheels of this air cooler give you the flexibility to move it around the house. Hence it is not confined to a single room.

The Symphony Diet 12T also works on an inverter when there is a power cut. This ensures that the house remains cool anytime. Dust and mosquito protector is used by this air cooler for preventing insects and dust. The dimensions of this air cooler are 30 x 84.5 x 33cm. It weighs 7.7kg. The diameter of the fan is 18cm. The capacity of the tank is 12 liters. The cooling coverage Area is 100 sq. The consumption of power is 170W. The requirement of power is 230V, 50Hz.

This air cooler also has an auto louver movement. The Symphony Diet 12T is an ideal air cooler for a room size of 100 Sq. ft. The maximum temperature of the room cannot be more than 38 Degrees. For avoiding leakage from the drain pipe, the drain outlet should be plugged properly.

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3. Cello Artic 50-litre Air Cooler 

Cello-artic-coolerThe Cello Artic air cooler is not a power hungry cooler like most of the other air coolers. It is a powerful air cooler with a storage capacity of 50 liters for storing water. This air cooler works very well in searing summer temperatures. Compared to other coolers, it consumes less energy. Corner-To-Corner Cooling is provided by the oscillating louvers and turbo cooling.

We assure you that your sleep will not be disturbed by the sound of this air cooler. You can have a winter type feeling even during peak summer season. With low consumption of electricity, this air cooler takes care of heavy cooling with a large tank capacity. This air cooler works silently but provides powerful cooling.

This can keep your room cool and can also be easily moved around the house. The air is distributed for uniform cooling by the oscillating louvers. A consumer-friendly edge is given by the auto-filling feature which is an added benefit.

The powerful Fan Blade is 18 inches. The Cello Artic air cooler is also compatible with Inverter. A powerful surround cooling system is a special feature of this air cooler. This air cooler is ideal for banks, big Halls, restaurants banks, and offices.

The rated frequency and voltage is 50 Hz. Ac and 230 V. There is a Four Way Air Deflection. The Rated Power Input is 185 W. The Cooling Efficiency of this cooler is greater than 65 % ( At 25 % Rh. and 45° C ). The air throw distance of this air cooler is approximately 35 Ft.

The Movement of Motorized Louver is Vertical. This cooler also has a mosquito filter net. Cello arctic has a nominal cooling capacity of 4200 Meter Cube/hour. The dimensions of this air cooler are 670 x 635 x 825. It weighs 17.5 kg. The manufacturer provides a warranty of 1 year on the cello product and manufacturing defects. This is the best air cooler under 10000 INR.


4. Bajaj Platini PX97 Room Cooler

Baja-Platini-coolerThe Bajaj Platini PX97 is an air cooler which is portable, durable and compact. This air cooler can be placed in a bedroom as well as in the office for effective cooling. It is made up of engineered thermoplastic material which is corrosion-free. This makes the air cooler a long-lasting performer. The castor wheels result in smooth mobility. The powerful motor of Bajaj Platini PX97 generates less noise. It has a storage capacity of 36 liters for storing water.

This air cooler has a 4-way air deflection system, its capacity for cooling is 150 square feet. The distance of air throw is 30 feet. For the purpose of effective distribution of cool air, it has a chill trap technology. The air delivery of this air cooler is 1300 meter cube per hour. One should allow for cross ventilation in the specific room for the air cooler to work effectively. The average air delivery of Bajaj Platini PX97 is 1300 cubic meters per hour and peak air delivery is 1800 cubic meters per hour. This air cooler is compatible with inverter too. The dimensions of this air cooler are 45.5 x 43.5 x 82 cm. It weighs 11.4 Kg.


5. Bajaj Glacier DC2016 67-Litre Room Cooler 

Bajaj-glacier-coolerCompared to an air conditioner, the Bajaj DC 2016 Glacier Cooler is a more environment-friendly and economical option for cooling. It is portable and needs minimal maintenance and installation. For extremely hot conditions, it is very suitable. The cooler is made of a thermoplastic body which makes it shockproof and lighter. It is also resistant to corrosion. It has a storage capacity of 67 liters for storing water. For any hot day, Bajaj DC 2016 Glacier waves a wand of cooling. The powerful air delivery makes anyone feel comfortable and cool in humidity as well as heat. It brings freshness to any room. It is quite convenient and easy to use.

For longer cooling, there is a continuous water supply system. For enhanced cooling, there is an Icebox. The Castor wheels make the mobility very easy. The engineered thermoplastic material is used for making this air cooler for durable performance. It is attractive and corrosion-free. The Bajaj DC 2016 Glacier operates in any circumstances as it is compatible with inverters. The warm nights are made comfortable and cool by this air cooler.

For speed, there are 3 distinct control settings. It allows one to customize the air throw level according to the needs. The room is cooled silently by the advanced cooling technology, providing peace as well as comfort. The balmy weather is combated by the four-way air deflection. The average air delivery is 3500 cubic meters and the peak delivery is 5800 cubic meters per hour. The dimensions of this air cooler are 70 x 61 x 110.5 cm. It weighs 20.7 Kg.


6. Kelvinator KTF-131 4 Blade Tower Fan(White)

Kelvinator-air-coolerThe Kelvinator KTF-1310 personal Air cooler keeps the room pleasant and cool in an effective and consistent manner. This air cooler has a storage capacity of 10 liters for storing water. The capacity is enough for 6 hours of usage. The body is made up of ABS plastic. It is featured with rust-free and long lasting materials for enhancement as well as maintenance. It has a good coverage area with an air throw of distance up to 20 ft. It is compact, durable and portable.

The Kelvinator KTF-131 Personal Air cooler is ideal for office, shops, kitchen, and rooms. The Power cord is 1.5 m long. The Input voltage is AC 220V, 50Hz. The dimensions of this air cooler are 26.5 x 30 x 51 cm. It weighs 5.136 kg. It consumes less power. There is a Mosquito net for preventing mosquitoes to enter in the water tank. The air cooler is easy to clean and maintain. It also works with an inverter. This is the best air cooler under 5000. The Kelvinator KTF-131 personal Air cooler has the best air cooler price in India, suitable for anyone’s budget.


7. Symphony Siesta 70-litre Air Cooler

air-cooler-1The Symphony Siesta Air cooler has a front grill which is specially designed for maximum air delivery. The aesthetics are unmatched. The storage capacity of this air cooler is 70 liter for storing water. This air cooler is suitable for rooms up to 104 m3/ 3700 ft3. The manufacturer provides a warranty of 1 year on this air cooler. The dimensions of this air cooler are 61.8 x 50.5 x 111.5 cm. It weighs 13 Kg.


8. Symphony Winter XL 56-Litre Air Cooler

Symphony-winter-coolerThe Symphony Winter XL Air cooler makes life comfortable by cooling the rooms/areas. It can be easily portable to any corner and one can feel the fresh breeze. This air cooler is ideal for rooms up to 119 m3/ 4200 ft3. The 4-Side honeycomb pad is highly efficient. For easy mobility, there are multi-directional wheels.

The SMPS technology and system restore function make it sure that the air cooler delivers a good performance. It has a storage capacity of 56 liters for storing water. The manufacturer provides a warranty of 1 year on this air cooler. The dimensions of this air cooler are 63 x 44.5 x 110.5 cm. It weighs 15 Kg.


9. Maharaja Whiteline Arrow Deluxe CO-124 50-Litre Air cooler

Maharaja-air-coolerThe Maharaja Whiteline Arrow Deluxe CO-124 is a smart air cooler which cools the room in an effective way. Rustproof ABS body. The outer body is made up of ABS plastic which is rust-proof. It has a storage capacity of 50 liters for storing water. The manufacturer provides a warranty of 1 year on this air cooler. The dimensions of this air cooler are 62 x 53 x 55.6 cm. It weighs 15 Kg.


10. Vitek VT-3064 W-I 36-Litre Tower Air cooler 

vitek-air-coolerThe Vitek VT-3064 W-I 36-Litre Tower Air cooler has a water level indicator and honeycomb cooling pads for better cooling. For vertical air flow, there is a motorized louver. The high-speed blower operates silently. For preventing dust and mosquito, the mosquito net comes with the air cooler. For the removal of water from a tank, the drain plug is available.

Vitek air cooler can be easily moved around because of the presence of castor wheels. This air cooler has a storage capacity of 36 litre for storing water. It is also compatible with an inverter. The outer material is made up of ABS Plastic. The Dimensions of this air cooler is 32.5 cm x 32.5 cm x 114.5 cm. It weighs 10 kg.



So, these are the top 10 best air coolers in India. All of these are coolers are the best ones and one can choose any of them as per their needs. Air coolers are also less expensive than air conditioners. If one cannot afford an air conditioner, then one must go for an air cooler. Extreme temperatures can cause harm in many ways. One could be drained out due to extreme temperatures. One can suffer from dehydration due to heat as well. An air cooler tackles the problems of heat and ensures that one enjoys a cool breeze. Hence, one must definitely buy an air cooler.

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