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1. Dyson 2. Coway Sleep Pro 3. Mi 3

Dyson Best Air Purifier for Delhi

Coway Sleep Pro AP-1009 Air Purifier

MI Air Purifier 3


In the past decade, the demand for air purifiers has increased significantly in Indian metro cities due to a constant increase in the levels of pollution. With increasing air pollution, air purifiers have become an important product for people who live in Delhi. Delhi is one of the most polluted cities in North India, and the air pollution remains at hazardous levels.

As smog continues over Delhi, air purifiers have become a necessity in order to breathe fresh and purified air. The safe limit for particulate matter at the size of 2.5 microns is 25 ug per cubic meter. But in Delhi, the PM 2.5 remains well over 900 ug per cubic meter in various parts. This type of polluted air is dangerous and unsafe, as it may cause various health and breathing problems.


To protect yourself from such perilous diseases, you must spend your money on the best air purifier for Delhi. Air purifiers have become an important all weather appliance.  We have compiled a list of the best air purifiers for Delhi available in the market, across all budgets, to ensure that at least the air in your home gets filtered. All the products have been carefully checked and reviewed to help you search for the best deal in the market.

The 10 Best Air Purifiers For Delhi 2020

1. Dyson Pure Cool Air Purifier

Dyson Best Air Purifier for DelhiFeatures and Details

  • Automatically senses and reports air quality levels on Dyson Link App and LCD screen
  • Tris Impregnated Activated Carbon Filter and 360 degrees Glass HEPA Filter
  • Projects over 360 liters of purified air per second with the help of Patented Air Multiplier TM technology
  • 350 degrees oscillation
  • Certified Asthma and Allergy Friendly by AAFA

The Dyson Pure Cool Air Purifier is one of the best products that you can find in the market today. The purifier can automatically detect and report air quality levels, and displays pollutants in real time on PM 2.5, PM 10, VOC and NO2. The screen always shows the AQI graph, which is updated every 12 seconds.

The filter system on the device consists of a Tris-impregnated activated carbon filter in order to get rid of the gases, VOCs and odors, and a glass HEPA filter that captures microscopic allergens and pollutants. The airflow is very powerful and smooth, because only Dyson Purifiers come with Air Multiplier technology, which is capable of delivering over 290 litres per second of smooth airflow.

When the airflow is powerful, the purified air easily and properly gets circulated throughout the whole room. Another amazing feature is the customizable oscillation up to 350 degrees. The personalized angle feature on the Dyson App can be used to adjust the angle, to help circulate air around the whole room.

It comes with WiFi and Bluetooth that makes it easy to connect and pair. To ensure that you sleep properly at night, the purifier can be set to the night-time mode which monitors and purifiers the air in the quietest way possible.

It also comes with a bladeless fan to provide the best experience during the summer season. The maintenance cost of the product is very low, and the process of changing the filter is quick and simple that makes it convenient for the user.

The box also includes a compact and magnetized remote control which easily sits in top of the machine. All these various features make it one of the best air purifiers for home in Delhi.


2. Coway Sleep Pro AP-1009 Air Purifier

Coway Sleep Pro AP-1009 Air PurifierFeature and Details:

  • Warranty: 3 years on air purifier motor and 1 year on electrical parts
  • The coverage area is 355 sq. ft/ 33 sq. m.
  • Longest HEPA Filter Life: 8500 hours
  • Pre Filter, Patented Urethane Carbon Filter and Multi Layered HEPA Filter

Exclusively made in Korea, Coway is one of the best brands in the world for air purifiers. The sleep pro is available at a reasonable price and can definitely fulfill your needs when it comes to air purifying. The filtration process in the product includes three stages.

Firstly, the large dust and heavy particles are cleaned by a pre filter. In the second stage, the patented Urethane Carbon Filter removes bad odor. Finally the multi layer HEPA filter traps all the 2.5 PM particles.

Once the hazardous particles are trapped, only clean air can pass through. The whole process works very nicely and purifies the air meticulously. It also comes with an auto mode. As per the air quality in your room, it automatically optimizes air flow.

When it comes to looks, the Sleep Pro does not disappoint either. The design is sleek and intuitive that makes it perfect and suitable for large bedrooms, kitchen, etc. The device comes with a 3 year warranty on the motor, and 1 year on electrical parts.

Along with all the other features, the life of the HEPA filter is 8500 hours that will not need replacing for a long time. making it more convenient than other competitors in the market. The Sleep Pro is perfect for providing your family with a pure and clean environment.


3. MI Air Purifier 3

MI Air Purifier 3Features and Details:

  • True HEPA Filter with filtration efficiency
  • Smart App control
  • Compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa
  • Three layer filtration with 360 degree air intake
  • High CADR of 380 m3/h
  • One year warranty from the date of purchase
  • OLED touch Display

The third generation of the MI Air Purifier is ideal for people who live in Delhi. It is available at a very reasonable price, below Rs 10000. The MI air purifier provides all the necessary features and includes the latest technology despite its price, that gives it an advantage over other purifies available in the market.

The thorough filtration process in the product consists of 3 layers through which also include a true HEPA Filter. The cleaning power is unmatched, it has an amazingly high Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) of 380 m3/h. The purifier can clean air across the room with its 360 degree filtration and the HEPA filter.

The innovative and sleek styling of the device makes it stand out, and is perfect for modern homes that require modern features. It can clean 6333 liters of air per minute and provides a consistent airflow. Technically, the product includes all the latest and modern features.

It has a crystal clear OLED display with touch control that can also be controlled via the Smart App. The display shows real time temperature, humidity, Wi-Fi connection and working model. In addition to this, the device can also work with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant that makes it as good as any other purifier that you can find today.

The product makes very little noise while functioning and is energy efficient. The main device (excluding filter) comes with a one year warranty from the date of purchase. It is the perfect air purifier for those who want to maintain the modern look of their house along with breathing fresh and clean air.


4. Phillips AC2887/20

Phillips AC2887Features and Details:

  • AreaSense Technology; Real time PM 2.5 measurement
  • 441 sq. ft coverage area
  • The Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) of 200 m3/h
  • 100 percent ozone free
  • Sound Level: 20.5-51 dB(A)
  • 2 years warranty on product

Phillips is one of the most renowned brands in the electronics industry. The AC2887/20 is an amazing air purifier manufactured by Phillips. The device comes with three smart pre-settings from which you can select one.
The modes are General, Allergic and Bacteria.

According to your requirement, you can select the relevant mode, and ensure your loved ones breathe cleaner air at home, always. It is perfect for large rooms such as your living room. To help you sleep comfortably at night, the device can be set to night mode that reduces the noise level along with the fan speed.

Any type of disturbance can also be avoided by dimming the lights on the purifier. The purifier has an aerodynamic design and NanoProtect Filter included in the Vitashield IPS.  Ultra fine particles and substances are removed, and the filtration process can effectively reduce hazardous gases up to 99.9 percent. The aerodynamic design also boosts the airflow and keeps it consistent.

It comes with a two year warranty on product that adds to the benefits of buying this product. The purifier perfectly stand up to the name of Phillips, and finding a better air purifier is not going to be easy. The modern design and technology make it a great choice for anybody who requires an air purifier.


5. Honeywell Air Touch A5

Honeywell Air Touch A5Features and Details:

  • Advanced filtration system with three stages that removes pollutants efficiently
  • Versatile coverage area
  • Combined filter with HEPA and activated Carbon filter that remove microscopic pollutants
  • Completely ‘Ozone Free’ Air Purifier
  • Filter life of approximately 3000 hours
  • Washable pre-filter that removes larger particles

The Air Touch ID manufactured by Honeywell, a Fortune 100 Company. The elegant and simple design of the purifier has air vents on both sides as well as the bottom. The designs inhales air from the sides and releases pure and fresh air from the top to make sure that there is consistent air circulation. This type of 3D air flow technology provides fresh air to all corners of the room.

In just 10 minutes, the purifier can clean a room of up to 30 sq. m because of the outstanding Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) of 250 cu. m per hour. Kids can easily play and run around the purifier without worrying you, because the device comes with a child lock feature.

With the help of this feature. Toddlers cannot reach the main functioning area of the unit. The filters are not exposed and the absence of sharp edges ensure the safety of your children and loved ones.

The power consumption is very less, and along with high filter life of 3000 hours, the running cost of the Air Touch purifier is very economical. The fan design is aerodynamic that does not make much sound to provide you with an uninterrupted and comfortable sleep at night.

In addition to this, the product is energy-efficient, and consumes as little power as 3 CFL bulbs. The purifier is completely ‘Ozone Free’, and does not emit any hazardous gases during the process of filtration.

Containing all the latest features at a very affordable price, this Honeywell Purifier is perfectly suitable for families that consist of young children. The simple design will easily fit in your living space, and provide you with fresh and pure air.


6. Phillips AC3256/20

Phillips AC3256Features and Details:

  • Automatically senses air quality and removes 99.97 percent pollutants with the help of Vitashield Intelligent purification
  • Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) of 393 m2/hour
  • Professional grade sensing technology shows real time numerical PM 2.5 levels
  • Area Sense monitors
  • Recommended area: 333-505 sq. ft
  • 2 years international warranty

This Air Purifier comes from Phillips, that is considered to be one of the best air purifier for Delhi. The futuristic design with powerful technology are definitely worth the price of the product. It comes with the latest Vita Shield IPS technology that can naturally separate the ultra fine particles from pure air.

The real time air quality can always be seen with the help of Aera Sense technology that gives you reassurance. Various airborne particles don’t stand a chance against the extra thick Nano Protect HEPA and AC filter. The allergen mode is specially designed to remove airborne allergies effectively.

The cleaning process boosts, if there is a slight change in the quality of air, to protect from any type of allergens in the room. The Area Sense technology monitors the air and adjusts the fan speed according to the changes in particles.

The filtration system viruses such as H1N1, and all types of bacteria present in the air. The display shows the characters clearly, and has touch sensors to provide a luxurious experience.

To keep your night of sleep comfortable, the product has a sleep mode in which the speed of the fan decreases and the noise level falls. Along with this, the lights can also be turned off to avoid any type of disturbance.

The purifier comes with a 2 year International warranty that adds to the long list of benefits of buying this product. AHAM, ECARF and Airmid, have all tested and certified the product. Like all the other Phillips products, it does not disappoint and is one of the best in the current market to deal with the polluted air in Delhi.


7. Coway Air Mega 200

Coway Air Mega 200Features and Details

  • Green Anti-flu True HEPA Technology
  • 361 sq. ft / 33 sq. mtrs of coverage area
  • Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR): 309 cubic m/hr
  • Unique three stage filtration process
  • Innovative flow path design for optimized airflow
  • 8500 hours life of HEPA filter
  • 8500 hours life of carbon filter
  • Life long pre-filter
  • Warranty: 5 years on air purifier motor and 1 year on electrical parts
  • Eco mode to limit power consumption

This Air Mega 200 is built to eliminate all types of pollutants in the air and provide you with pure and clean air. Micro dust particles are removed with the help of True HEPA technology. The HEPA filter is thickest-in-class, and is part of the three stage filtration system integrated in the product.

The system is very powerful, and can easily keep the indoor air clean. When the smart mode is turned on, the purifier adapts to the changes in the environment. Depending on the surroundings, it can automatically adjust the fan speed and lighting conditions.

Quality of air is indicated by showing four different colors, that help you understand the condition of purification. In addition to the technical features of the product, the device is also known for its beautiful and modern design.

The purifier will look elegant in any part of the house, because of the sleek and futuristic look. The body is sturdy and makes it a very dependable electric appliance. Despite the robust looks, if anything happens to your product, you don’t have to worry because it comes with a 5 year warranty.

If you have a cat or dog at your place, then the Air Mega might just be the perfect purifier for you, because it is a pet-friendly product which removes dander and pet hair. Overall, it is a nice-looking and dependable product that will give you and your family a perfect environment to breathe in.


8. Kent ALPS 55-Watt Air Purifier

Kent ALPS 55-Watt Air PurifierFeatures and Details:

  • High Efficiency Particulate Arrestant (HEPA) filter plus Air Ionizer
  • 463 sq. ft / 43 sq.mtrs of coverage area. Suitable for bedroom/ living room
  • HEPA technology for trapping dust and other harmful particles
  • Odor and foul smell are absorbed by carbon filter
  • In built alarm to indicate the time to replace filter
  • Child lock feature for safety of children
  • Warranty: one year plus, no service charge for three years

The Alps Air Purifier is manufactured and distributed by Kent, that is a very well known and reputed brand in the market of air purifier. The Kent Alps is a perfect combination of style and power.

It uses the latest and advanced HEPA filter to clean and filter out harmful particles from the air. The process of filtration consists of three main stages. In the first stage, a primary filter removes all the large dust particles.

A specially treated carbon filter then removes all types of odor and smell. At last all the micro and PM 2.5 particulates are filtered out by the HEPA filter. Along with these three filters, an ionizer is also integrated in the product to send out fresh and clean air.

This four stage purification process makes sure there is no pollutant left in the indoor air, that can cause severe health problems. The purifier comes with an intelligent air quality monitor that displays the quality of air in three colors- red for poor, pink for good, and blue for excellent. This makes it easier for the customer to understand about the quality of air.

You can keep the Alps running while sleeping, because it operates at a very low sound, making it convenient for you and your family. Features such as child lock and an intelligent light sensor are also included in the device.

You can let your kids play inside the house without worrying about their safety, because of the child lock feature. At a very reasonable price, the Kent Apls is a top contender in the market for air purifiers, due to the vast amount of features provided by Kent.

The design of the purifier is styled to match the surroundings at your home or your work place, so you can enjoy fresh and pure air as long as you are indoors.


9. Samsung AX40K3020WU/NA 34-Watt Air Purifier

Samsung AX40K3020WU 34-Watt Air PurifierFeatures and Details:

  • Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) of 325.7 m3/ hr, CADR indicates the volume of air produces every hour
  • High Efficiency Particulate Arrestant (HEPA) filter type
  • 420 sq.ft / 39 sq. mtrs of coverage area which is suitable for bedroom/ living room
  • Three step filtration system that removes 99.9 percent of fine microscopic particles
  • 4 colored air quality indicators
  • Pre-filter which is fast and easy to use
  • One year warranty from the day of purchase

The Samsung Air Purifier should be able to fulfill all your needs, when it comes to air purifiers. It comes with powerful system and modern looks, that can compete with any other product in the market.

The air purification process consists of three filters. The intensive system is amazingly effective, and can easily remove very fine particles. The odor present in the air is filtered out by the charcoal filter, that is integrated in the product.

The product causes ammonia, but is certified by Korean air cleaning association for ammonia and acetic acid. Another latest technology is the S Plasma Ionizer, that plays a significant role in keeping the air clean and healthy.

It captures all the viruses and bacteria, and is extremely efficient in filtering out airborne allergens.

Airborne allergens such as pollen need to be removed, because they may cause dangerous health problems. You can concentrate on your work, while the purifiers keeps providing you with fresh air, because the noise generated by the product while operating is very low. It only generates 20 dBA of sound, that makes it perfect for places where you relax.

The air in Delhi is very harmful for young children and babies, thus this purifier would perfectly sit in your baby’s room, without making any noise, while still providing pure and clean air. The pre-filter is washable and deodorization filters can easily be replaced without wasting any time.

When it is time to change the filters, alert icons light up to remind you of the changes required. Children may try to use the product improperly, thus it comes with a child safe feature to prevent any accidents that may occur.

The design perfectly blends with today’s modern interiors, and will add to the elegance of your house. This product also comes with a one year warranty which starts from the day of purchase. It is given by the manufacturers. The purifier has all the essential features required for home and office use, along with a modern design.


10. Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Air Purifier

Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Air PurifierFeatures and Details:

  • Only air purifier with heating functionality. Automatically warms a room properly
  • Tris Impregnated Activated Carbon filter, and 360 degree HEPA Filter
  • Patented Air Multiplier TM technology
  • Adjustable angle feature with 350 degree oscillation
  • Certified Asthma and Allergy friendly by AAFA
  • Reports air quality levels on LCD screen and Dyson Link app
  • Parts and labour warranty of 2 years

The Dyson Pure Hot + Cool is the most expensive and advanced air purifier on this list. Manufactured by renowned brand ‘Dyson’, the product is filled with the newest technology in the industry.

It comes with a thoroughly designed glass HEPA filter that removes up to 99.95 percent of harmful pollutants and very small allergens. All the other gases and odors are filtered out by a Tris Impregnated Activated Carbon filter, that is integrated in the purifier.

The air quality levels are displayed on the 24 hour AQI graph on screen. The dangerous particles and gases are diagnosed after the device automatically detects them. Another feature that can only be found on Dyson purifiers is the Air Multiplier Technology, that ensures powerful and smooth airflow.

The oscillation is customizable up to 350 degrees that helps in circulating the fresh and clean air throughout the room. Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America (AAFA) has certified the purifier to be allergy and asthma friendly.

The purifier is ideal of any season, and can be used throughout the year. In summer, the air purifier can be used to cool the room with the help of a bladeless fan which is powerful enough to replace your regular cooling fans.

The device is equally useful in winters as well, because of the heating functionality. It comes with a heater that can easily tackle the cold weather of Northern India, during the winter season.

Thus, it can purify your indoor air all year round, without causing any problems. The Pure purifier also has a draught-free diffused mode that ensures purification by diffusing the air flow through side vents, without powerful projection. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are available, that makes it easy to connect and pair your purifier with the Dyson Link App.

Using the Dyson Link App, you can always check the air quality from anywhere, and it can also be used to control the device. At night the purifier can be set to the quietest setting with a dimmed display, to ensure that you don’t have any interruption while sleeping.

In addition to all these features, the Pure Hot + Cool comes with a not-so-common voice control feature. Alexa can be used to give commands with simple spoken instructions. The cost of maintenance is also low, and the filters can be easily replaced.

The app notifies you about the conditions of the filters and when they need to be changed. Overall, the quality of the product is excellent, and features provided by Dyson are unmatched in the market.



With this we come to the end of our list of the best air purifiers for home in Delhi. With the air quality decaying rapidly in urban areas like Delhi, make sure you have an air purifier to at least have pure and fresh air in your room or work place.

All of the above products have their own merits and demerits, according to which they have been priced. All the necessary information has been provided to you regarding these products, now it’s your turn to choose the product which best suits your interests and needs.

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