Best Table Fans in India 2020 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. Usha Maxx Air2. Bajaj Ultima3. V-Guard


Table fans, also identified as air circulators, offer an instant solution of cooling in multiple situations. A majority of us do know that the fan blades are used to help in circulation of air throughout the area or space in order to ventilate, dry or even cool the area.

But, since the technology industry advances as years progress; new improved features have increased the comfortability and cooling options for people and still remains an inexpensive choice compared to air conditioners when it comes to cooling tasks which are lighter. There are now best table fans available in the market which promote many user-friendly features.

More realistically, the best table fans in India are affordable and suitable to withstanding the scorching hot weather in India.


Usually, the features which people looked at in a table fan would be performance and functionality, however, people are now currently looking for classy and stylish fans. Now is found in a variety of finishes and shades, table fans are identified as a home decoration item.

There are a lot of things which you need to consider before you buy a table fan for commercial establishment purposes or for home use. This review guide will direct you in narrowing down the search for choosing an ideal fan depending on your budget and requirements.

Is It Necessary To Have a Table Fan?

As you search for your answer to this question, it would probably direct you to other considerations as well when you search for the ideal fan.

The creation of heavy-duty fans has led to it being used in commercial scenarios where they have the capability to ventilate open and large spaces as well as achieve particular cooling needs. The long-lasting construction was meant to avoid rough environments and long periods of operation. Heavy-duty fans which are produced by the Marley Engineered Products are known for their top quality.

Table fans were produced for residential purposes such as circulating air around the house such as the living room, bedroom or patio. These types of fan models have been created with versatility and do come in multiple streamlined styles as well as appealing colours which are pleasing to the eye. There are misting fans which disperse water as they cool and are often appropriate for outdoor environments.

For indoor environments, there are fans which are designed for water damage repair purposes along with air movers which aid in reconstructing an indoor environment which has gone through water damage. These strong type of fans can be stacked and provide many positions in order to effectively dry an area.

There are few commercial spaces which are appropriate for ceiling fans. These fans are durable, inexpensive and found available in many sizes. As there are few fans which are versatile to meet both commercial and residential needs, you should keep your own reasons for acquiring a fan and also search for a model which carries forward that purpose. You can look into the best table fans in India which is released in 2018 for amazing air circulation and ease of positioning in home or office environments.

Type Of Fans

Not all table fans available in the market are produced equally. A majority of the fans hold a housing unit, blades, a power or motor house and different structures to make it stand such as bases, legs etc. However, due to the wide range of functions and designs, not all of the fans which are produced can match this conventional prototype.

But, there are similar types of design which will aid you in purchasing a fan:

Tower Fans

Tower fans are featured in a vertical housing unit. Moreover, the cooling apparatus extends over almost the height of the tower. Being stylish and slender, these latest fans are appropriate for massive cooling sections.

These fans can be used in lounges, living rooms and other areas where you would normally meet guests or visitors. In addition, not only these fans circulate massive amounts of air but combine well with your interior décor.

Also, they do not operate loudly and do not tumble like pedestal fans.

  • Freestanding floor fans
  • Freestanding floor fans use a housing design and an old common blade stuck to a pole which is upright.
  • Tabletop and desk fans lie on top desks and countertops without sacrificing on space.

Centrifugal Fans

Centrifugal fans, which are known as the Phoenix Centrifugal Air Mover, have unique blades which are designed with a perpendicular angle to the airflow. This is in contrast with a more usual axial design where the blades are positioned in the same direction compared to the airflow.

Industrial Fans

These fans are heavy in weight and are particularly huge in size. In fact, they have high RPM in order to distribute air around a big area. Typically, these type of fans is being used in food processing units, warehouses, manufacturing units and other areas. In addition, they are used for aeration, drying, exhaust, cooling and ventilation purposes.

Domestic Fans

Fans which are used for domestic purposes very compact and small in size. The main reasons for using such fans are ventilation and aeration. Thus, the main purposes of such fans are aeration and ventilation. As we move forward, we present to you different kinds of domestic fans which are being categorized according to their functionality and design such as:

Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans are the most common types of fans found especially in Indian households. As expected from its name, these fans are installed on the ceiling. They help in reducing the room temperature by increasing air circulation. Moreover, the best ceiling fans come in multiple colours, styles, and even designs to blend well with the interiors.

Pedestal Fans

Known to be as floor standing fans, these type of fans are suitable for cooling massive areas. And, the perk of using this type of fan is the portability feature as well as circulating large air volumes. Even so, they are found available in models which are height adjustable. In addition, there are few models which have swinging heads which enable a much larger air circulation in the room.

Table Fans

This is where we discuss more in detail as it is the miniature version of pedestal fans. These fans have been created to be positioned on cabinets, tables or any flat surfaces. These compact yet portable fans are appropriate for cooling smaller areas than large ones. As they are sold inexpensively, they are suitable only for personal usage. And, these fans also have shifting heads in order to generate much broader air circulation. The best table fans in 2018 are remarkable for use due to their versatility and tech-embedded features.

Wall Fans

Wall fans are types of fans where they have been designed to be placed on the wall. The design and size are much alike compared to the table fan. Moreover, these fans have oscillating heads for cooling large areas. Furthermore, wall mount fans offer cooling ventilation without absorbing too much space as well.

Exhaust Fans

These type of fans are used in bathrooms and kitchens. In bathrooms, these fans aid in reducing issues which are created by the abundance of moisture present in the air. As there is an excess of moisture content present in restrooms, there are many issues such as paint peeling, stagnant odour, door wrap, mildew/ mould growth etc. In kitchens, these type of fans aid in eliminating the smoke, smell and exhaust heat. What’s more is that these problems can be reduced or even eliminated if high-performing exhaust fans are used.

Decorative Fans

It is sure to say that the entire market is being flooded with designs and styles of decorative fans which are produced to blend with the interiors. There are few decorative fans which come with lamps, chandeliers and other scones. These type of fans offer an elegant touch to any sort of interiors. Fans being printed with Disney character images along with other designs are an ideal choice for children’s rooms.

There are multiple factors which can determine the most ideal fan type to choose from a variety. Centrifugal fans are created for restoring damage from water incidents due to the high production of pressure. Moreover, tower fans are suitable in places where the areas are limited. Bladeless fans can be a start to an intriguing conversation as well as an aesthetic appeal which blends well in the room. You should also consider the space in which you have to position the fan and the intended use before choosing a certain type.

Where Should I Keep The Fan?

Choosing where to position the fan will direct you in selecting a fan type, size, cooling capabilities and power requirements. There are multiple fan types to choose from such as freestanding floor fans, adaptable/portable fans and desk and tabletop fans.

Few models for commercial grade use have handles and wheels for extra flexibility. Even so, there are models which are placed on a tripod, fixed on a wall or even clipped onto the table. There are particular types of fans which are compact enough to be carried anywhere and can be placed on kitchen counters, bookshelves, coffee tables and office desks.

There are a few features which can influence you in choosing the right location for your fan. Example, there are power cords which are long enough and offer remote control access enabling you to place the fan in an area which is not so accessible.

However, it can either have a positive cooling impact or just stay out of the way. Furthermore, knowing your location can determine the type of fan you can choose from. For instance, a home with a lot of pets may need an air circulator with a housing which is safe or technology which decreases the air build-up or pet dander.

Having an office or warehouse where frequent communication is necessary between members may require a fan which does not produce a lot of sounds. Therefore, we do suggest to opt for a fan which suits your needs and fits the environment you are in seamlessly.

Standard Power Of Fan

As it all depends on the usage of the fan, you might want to take into consideration the cooling power amount which a fan can generate. Airflow which is being measured in cubic feet per minute (CFM) counts the air volume which flows by every 60 seconds. This specification is regarded as useful in comparison with heavy-duty fans however many sizes of the same model will differ in CFM ratings. Sometimes, airflow can be translated into how much a fan can move or push the air (in terms of feet). There are certain fans such as the Boneco fans which are known for their quiet operations, oscillating heads, timers which are programmable and high CFM ratings.

Features To Look For In A Table Fan

Tilt action

Few models of table and pedestal fans come with oscillating heads or tilt action


A majority of the fans are produced out of plastic, hence, they are lightweight and strong. There are few fan models which have do contain metal decorative touches. Spending efforts and time to consider such fans are great but if not, choose plastic fans that are effortless to maintain and clean.

Speed Control

Generally, fans have changeable speed controls that can differ from two to five. There are fans which have single speeds and are not usually preferred unless you would be using such fans for a dedicated purpose.

Regardless, if the fan is in your warehouse or your bedroom, you would still require certain features in order to optimize the usage. One of the recent and standardised options os oscillation: should a fan focus on a single area or circulate airflow across the room? There are few fans which do give the choice of multiple oscillation speeds or patterns.

There are other features such as mobility, timers which are programmable, remote control access, less noise pollution, airflow direction which is adjustable, power options and variety of fan speeds.


The most crucial factor of anything we purchase especially for any home appliance is the price. The price range of fans differs from low to expensive. But, the price will be decided on the brand as well as the performance of the fan. If your budget seems to be tight, then there are good quality second-hand fans.

Even though these fans may not offer brilliant performance compared to first-hand fans, they are sufficient for basic use. If you are in need of commercial fans for warehouses, events or offices, then you have the option to rent out the fans.

Safety Tips

Table and pedestal fans can fall off if they are not being fixed on a surface which is stable. Hence, always make sure that the surface is being made flat along with the wires being tucked away so that they do not get to spread and tangle everywhere.

As you install the ceiling fan, ensure that the motor and shaft are being clipped really tight so that the fan can remain mounted as it moves.

Fan blades rotate in motions at high speeds hence it can be pretty dangerous if you have pets or children. In such instances, if you happen to use table or pedestal fans, then ensure to use protective housing blades.

Installation And Maintenance Issues

Ensure that an electrician in your area is present to install the wall-mount fan or ceiling fan. For the other fan types mentioned, you do not require any such installation. Moreover, the fans are usually free from maintenance.

However, you should take time to dust out the cobwebs which can be found along with the air. If there seems to be an extensive repair or replacing of parts which are essential for the fan then do contact the electrician or fan repair service to fix the problem.

In regards to the table fans, companies who produce the best table fans in 2018 offer warranty for their products as well.As we have seen multiple factors in choosing the ideal fan, let us consider the top 10 best table fans in 2018:

Top 10 Best Table Fans in India 2020

1. Usha Maxx Air Table Fan

Usha-Maxx-Air-Table-FanTable fans are known to be remarkably useful as you can put them anywhere in the room in order to get the circulation of cooling air from the scorching heat. The Usha Maxx air table fan does not only focus on top quality performance but includes many essential features. In fact, it is driven by a motor which gives performance levels of 400m sweep along with 85 cm air delivery which is pretty impressive.

This model is perfect to be placed in large size rooms as well. Moreover, this table fan also enables a smooth and no stoppage (in between) of oscillation in order to generate a uniform supply of air.

It also creates air delivery of high speed with lower power consumption and uses a 1280 RPM Motor which ensures higher delivery of air. In fact, the fan has been designed with aerodynamic semi-transparent PP blades which leads to uniform distribution of air circulating around in rooms, hence, aiding in keeping the room more ventilated and cool.

With a power consumption of 55 watts, this amazingly reliable and highly effective motor enables smooth operations which delivers instant cooling with a much lesser voltage used. The fan is highly rated on online platforms which makes it one of the best table fans in India.

The model has a simplistic base design along with an ornamental style. Lastly, the model offers a 1-year warranty on the product.


2. Bajaj Ultima Table Fan


Being 14 inches in size, the Bajaj Ultima model has a graceful high speed where it circulates high air delivery with a modern appealing display and can blend well with the interiors. Using a powerful motor, this model has been designed to be suitable of use within Indian conditions of living.

Using PP blades which are aerodynamic, the model is able to ventilate air with uniform distribution. Along with this, it uses a 2300 RPM motor which is supersonic fast and even is in a size which is compact enough to be placed anywhere. Moreover, this design is also being coated with powder guards to enable durability and consumes a power of 48 watts.


3. V-Guard Personal Fan Lap Table Fan

V-Guard-Personal-Fan-Lap-Table-FanV-Guard Lap Breeze Box Fan model is a fantastic fan which comes with multiple yet ideal features and optimizes to make the best out of its environment of which it is placed in- whether at home or at the office. Moreover, this fan can be of personal use by effortlessly mounting it from one location to another.

The fan can be operated at 40 watts power and offers 3-speed choices/ control functions. This enables you to adjust the speed according to your convenience and needs.

In addition, the V-Guard model comes with an oscillating grill which rotates at different angles and ensures uniform air distribution delivery.

With a sweep size of 250 mm and a 1200 RPM, it has an aerodynamic, lightweight design which is perfect for powerful airflow under a sunny day. Lastly, the product offers a 1-year warranty if there are any defects found from it.


4. DazzelOn Table Fan


Using 5 blades, 14-inch design, the DazzelOn offers an amazing built-in motor which is sturdy and strong to offer a cool stream of air at 2 speeds different from each other with optimized airflow.

Along with this, the fan uses a lead acid battery which is sealed and has a capacity of 4500mAh which is rechargeable. It offers in 5-8 hours of working time but this varies on the speed chosen. With an AC and DC power ability, the fan can now be powered through the main ac power as well.

Furthermore, in order to achieve and provide directed airflow within a certain direction, the fan comes with a 150-degree oscillating fan head. Even so, to end it with style, this model has a 2w LED light which guarantees 15 hours backup along with a 5v USB port to enable charging mode.


5. Usha Duos Table Fan


The Usha Duos offers PP blades which are aerodynamic, enhancing better airflow along with low noises being made. Apart from this, Usha Duos offers ideal oscillation and a jerk-free feature which leads to smooth transitional movement and even includes a comfortable tilting mechanism which is soft to touch- uses ratchet and knob type of mechanisms as well. Being programmed to protect the motor automatically if there is a chance of thermal overloading.

In terms of specifications, it has a sweep size of 400mm with a motor of 1280 RPM and generates power of 55 watts. Within the product, it includes a fan motor, a guard set, blades and an instruction manual for future reference. Lastly, the table fan is being offered with a 2-year warranty as well.


6. Havells Swing Table Fan


Havells Swing is a brilliant model with ideal features which can be used for personal use. The model provides a fulcrum arrangement for oscillation and tilting, thus, enhance the circulation of air at all angles in a room.

It is designed with a 120 rbs guard for protective use and within the guard are balanced PP blades which are aerodynamically designed to ensure airflow is uniform.

With a speed of 1350 rpm and an air delivery of 72 CMM, the fan model guarantees instant cooling within a few minutes and even generates power up to 55 watts. Moreover, Havells offer a warranty for about 2 years hence consumers can get the table fans checked if there seems to be any kind of defect.


7. Crompton High Flo Eva Table Fan

Crompton-High-Flo-Eva-Table-FanThe Crompton High Flo Eva is a brilliant table fan which is being designed to blend well with many modern households aesthetically. It is produced with a plastic base and body. Moreover, the base is broadly extensive to enable good balance and support as well as a sturdy yet appealing looks.

With a sweep of 400mm and speed of 1300 RPM, this model ensures equal air distribution with an air delivery of 70 CU m/min. Even so, the model charges power up to 50 watts and even has a 2-year warranty on the product.


8. Cinni Table Fan

Cinni-Table-FanThe Cinnimodel is a 300 Mm table fan which offers amazing quick oscillating speed. This ensures quick and uniform air delivery with instantaneous cooling.

The Cinni model comes in a black version (colour) which is attractive to look at and matches any interior decor at home or can be used in the office cabin. Apart from this, the model consumers less power- 65 watts, but circulates soothing cool air at fast speeds along with +-10% at 220 volts.


9. Orient Electric Table Fan

Orient-Electric-Table-FanGenerating power of 110 watts, the Orient Electric table fan model offers authentic value and quality.

Delivering 2000 rpm fan speed, the table fan circulates the air at a high speed and optimizes air delivery as the resin blades have been designed aerodynamically.

Along with this, it delivers 3-speed functions/ switch control with an oscillation of 90 degrees. This enhances the airflow quality and brings comfortability to the consumer.

Furthermore, the model offers a tilt mechanism which has an upward and downward adjustable feature. This ensures air to flow in all angles and receive air from elevation and depression angles. The model enables consumers to set up effortlessly as it provides a snap-fit assembly.

For security and durable purposes, the model has an added protection with a polymer ring and a guard which is powder coated. Even so, the motor is being shielded with a thermal overload shielding device which is resettable. Finally, the model includes blades, neck and motor assembly, guards, user manual and a warranty card of 2 years.


10. Havells Crescent Table Fan

Havells-Crescent-Table-FanHavells offers their model to be jerk free enabling smooth flow of operations and a rotating grill in order to attain a broader spread of air. Along with this, the model offers in 3-speed functions along with a 2-hour timer where this enables consumers to the change the speed whenever they need to, thus, making this model really multifunctional.

In regards to versatility, you can place the model on either the viz table or can be mounted on the wall. Either way, it shows how this model can be placed anywhere thus great to be used in household or office environments. The models deliver fan head movement of a complete 180-degree action.

With a speed of 1350 RPM and an air delivery of 30 CMM, the fan distributes air evenly and cools the area in which it is placed. Moreover, it generates a power of 38 watts. In terms of appeal, it has been designed with a sun-moon shape in order to offer an aesthetic and attractive look.

Furthermore, if the model happens to fall by accident, it has conducted a power cut wherein it is an automatic function. Lastly, Havells offers 2 years of warranty on this product


Say Goodbye to Heat with the Best Table Fans!

So here are all the top 10 best table fans available in the market in 2018 and if you still are wondering the whole concept of table fans, simplify your research further, just note down multiple features which you aim to have and compare fans that equal with your list.

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