Best Food Processors in India 2020 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. Inalsa Food Processor Maxie Premia 800W2. Philips Daily Collection HR7629 Food Processor3. Preethi Zodiac MG218 750-watt Mixer Grinder





In this unbelievably fast world, it is quite difficult to take out the time to cook well every day. A food processor has therefore become essential in an Indian household. A food processor makes it possible to mix, grind, mince or beat, all in one.

It has become an ideal helper of all housewives and best friends to people who just moved out of the comfort of their homes and starting living independently. However, with plethora of options available we have compiled a list of best food processors in India to help you out.


It is a great electrical appliance for multitasking. A Food processor makes cooking faster and reduces the effort. It also helps in saving time when it comes to cooking tough recipes.These unique properties of a food processor make it one of the most desirable and a must-have appliance in your kitchen.

Choosing the best food processor is quite difficult as it is one of the most used appliances in your house.A typical food processor must deliver great performance along with a sense of reliability. But before selecting the best food processor in India, and spending your hard earned money, here are a few things that you must take care of while looking for the best food processor in India.

What to look for in a food processor

The best food processor brand in India have a great deal of versatility, and many other features that make them stand out from all other food processors out there. Other than the basic features, here are a few other features that must be present in your food processor.

Power of the Motor

Your choice of food processor must be durable and strong enough to handle a wide range of tough cooking operations, like kneading hard dough, shredding hard cheese or chopping raw carrots.

A higher power motor in a food processor also makes it possible to perform well and last long. The best kinds of food processors have a minimum power of 750 watts and an amazingly long life, without chances of wear and tear.


Your choice of food processor must also save up on your pocket, making it an all-rounder. It should not compromise on the quality as it lowers down the price. What you want is a perfect blend of quality and price.

One can also blindly put their trust in the best food processor brands in India like Philips, Morphy Richards and Bajaj. A food processor generally comes within the price range of Rs. 1000 – Rs. 10,000. This price difference comes from the difference in their specifications.

Bowl Capacity

The bowl capacity of a food processor is another important factor to choose the best food processor in India. The bowl capacity can vary from a smaller capacity to a larger one to cook food for the entire family.

Attachments and Accessories

Some food processors come with an entire bunch of accessories intended to expand the boundaries of functions of your food processor. Different accessories include a variety of bowls, a number of blades for several purposes, disks that slice and grate foods to different degrees of thickness, and even variable speed control systems that help in changing the speed of the processor to turn it into a juicer or a dough kneader.

Other features include feeding tubes, blenders, whisk and many others. These attachments are used for different kinds of functions. A citrus press is used for making juices etc

Size and weight

A great range of food processors are available in India, and they come in all shapes and sizes. The range varies from a tiny three cup chopper to a 20-cup version that fits perfectly in a restaurant kitchen.

The size and capacity of a food processor will depend on the number of people and kind of workload that is to be put on a food processor. If you have a small family of four to five members, or you cook only at certain occasions, a 10-11 cup version will suit you the best. Someone who often chops only small amounts of nuts or makes different kinds of sauces will only require a small food processor that includes a small work bowl and a 3-4 cup processor.


The most important feature in a food processor is its ability to interact well with the user, or its user-friendliness. The food processors have evolved a great deal over time with more features being added to improve the user-friendliness.

A food processor resembles a lot with a mixer grinder. The concept of an all in one food processor is new in India. This quality, therefore, will make the food processor quite appropriate for people who do not have prior experience in handling food processors.

As these electrical appliances are too delicate, they have a higher probability of breaking down if not used properly. This makes it even more important for a food processor to be user-friendly. It must also be easy enough to be operated by both teenagers, or old aged people in the family.

Since complete information about a product becomes a necessity in the world of technology and digitization, it becomes important that you know about how a food processor functions before buying one. This is essential as you would know what part of the food processor to fix in times of need only when you know when you know its working!

How does a Food Processor Work?

A food processor helps you to save time and multi-task all in one. Modern food processors are available in three basic sizes which is the full, compact and mini model. The basic components of a food processor remain the same, which includes a motor, a bowl that comes with a cover, and feed tube and other sets of attachments.

The source of power is the motor of the food processor, which is also the heaviest part of the appliance. Its heavy weight makes it stable and ensures that it does not fall off while mixing or grinding. This is the part which drives all the operations of a food processor.

Along with motor, there is a bowl whose size varies according to different purposes.There is a feed stack supporting the attachments, put together with a feed tube and covered by a lid. There are some models that have narrower feed tubes than the others.

  • Full size bowls have a capacity of 9-13 cups.
  • Only 2-5 cups can fit in mini size bowls.
  • A compact size bowl can accomodate 5-7 cups.

Apart from these, the blades that are used are different for a basic salsa recipe, or kneading a tough atta dough. A standard blade for the best kind of food processors is an S shaped blade, which is also called as a sabatier blade.

These blades are put on the bottom of the bowl, which are made up of two small, curved blades. These are generally made of metal or hard plastic, giving it the strength that is required. These cut, mix or chop hard nuts, vegetables or fruits that are put into the bowl. The lid covers the bowl ensuring that the food is not spilled while the motor reaches it final rotor speed.

Once you know what to look for in a food processor and have written down your requirements, you can go for the right type of food processor for yourself. The best food processors in India tend to have more than 7-8 attachments supplied with the product, along with several kinds of blades. We have made you a list of attachments of a food processor along with their details to help you choose the best for yourself later on in this article.

What are the different attachments of a typical food processor?


A food processor generally comes with different capacities of bowls, for various different purposes. It is highly favourable for the best kind of food processors to have as many different capacities of bowls possible. The largest and the most essential part of a food processor is the bowl, which help to collect and process food.

Apart from collecting and processing food, a bowl in a food processor also provides a tinch of safety by helping the user avoid contact with the spinning blades and getting hurt. The bowl may also be used as a dumping tool for the residual food.

Control systems

A typical food processor has a series of buttons or switches that help to control the speed of its blades for various different recipes. A completely digital control system is a definite feature of the best kind of food processors.

These control systems include a switch that provide an on/off mode for the food processor. You must look for a control system and speed switch so that you can easily control the speed of various operations being performed

Inserts and Discs

Most of the food processors come with a whole bunch of inserts and discs to fully complete its functions. These inserts and discs help to perform several tasks on the food inside the bowl.

These several inserts help in different processes, like chopping or blending. Common examples of inserts include choppers, slicers, graters and shredders.


A food processor comes with a cover that helps in covering the bowl. This prevents the food from spreading all over the place due to force of the blades. Some other food processors also come with a cover that has a fill tube, through which food can be fed from the top.

A cover must ensure safe mixing and chopping or food that is put into the bowl. There has to be a mechanism to keep a check on of the operations being performed.


There are different kinds of blades made using different materials, used for various different purposes. A food processor is used for many different techniques of cooking or processing raw food, including mixing, grating, blending or mincing.

The blades have to be made using a strong material, mostly stainless steel and other metals, making it more durable and long lasting. Mixing and chopping hard core nuts or vegetables in an uniform manner is important when it comes to professional cooking in restaurants.

Citrus press

Citrus press in a food processor is used to make fresh fruit juices at home without any discomfort. It becomes an important part of your food processor as it makes the device have multi tasking capabilities.

Looking at these features and realizing how difficult it must be for you to choose among so many different option, we have gone through days of research and created a list of the best 10 food processors available in India in 2018. We hope the list helps you find your perfect kitchen partner.

We have also included different pros and cons for each product, along with links for the product review for each. All these specifications along with customer reviews will definitely help you in selecting the appropriate food processor for yourself and also buy it in just a click.

Top 11 Best Food Processors in India 2020

1. Inalsa Food Processor Maxie Premia 800 Watt

41gKgR8aNXLInalsa Maxie Premia 800 watt is one of the best food processors available in India in 2018. It has become one of the most wanted product from Inalsa, and hence topping this list. A lot of people have put their trust in Inalsa and have not been disappointed. It works on a powerful motor of 800 watts making it one of the most powerful food processors. The motor is made of stainless steel enabling it to handle even the hardest food processes.

Other features of an Inalsa Maxie Premia food processor include four functional disc blades egg whisker, a chopper and an atta kneader. Inalsa Maxie Premia also comes with a 2 litre blender jar, a 1.0 litre grinding jar, and a 400 ml Chutney jar along with a demo DVD to explain how the food processor works.

These jars are made of a strong material making it durable and unbreakable. The product is supplied with a centrifugal and citrus juicer, making it one of the most versatile food processors in India. The food processor has a great body design with a high gloss UV paint, making it look extremely attractive.

The overall product quality and reviews have been positive, and customers have been really happy with the customer service. Inalsa also offers a warranty of two years on the product along with a warranty of five years on its motor, making it your best friend in the kitchen.


  • The stainless steel of the drying jars and chutney jars make them extremely durable and tensile.
  • Inalsa offers a warranty of five years on the motor of the product and two years on the product.
  • It comes with a centrifugal and a citrus juicer.


  • Customers have used the plastics jars and complained about the quality of the plastic being bad.
  • The finishing of the product is not up to the mark.

2. Philips Daily Collection HR7629 Food Processor

Philips-daily-collection-food-processorYour search for the best food processor in India certainly ends with Philips Daily Collection HR7629. It is one of the most efficient food processors under Rs. 5000. Philips has been a renowned brand in the world of electrical appliances and this is definitely one of its best models.

This food processor uses 650 watts of motor which is not quite up to the mark, and is disadvantageous over other models of food processor in this list. Other than that, the model has a great design with beautifully built features. It looks quite attractive with its white coloured metal body and attractive features, making you want to take it to your home right away.

Philips Daily Collection HR7627 uses a powerchop technology that enables the food processor to quicken the processes of chopping, grinding, mixing and other tasks. It is supplied with a 2.1 litres of bowl and three other jars.

This model has a great performance which comes from its stainless steel blade. Along with that, it has additional features like a knife holder, a non-slip feel and much more. It is worth every penny and comes with a warranty of a year.


  • It comes with a litre of big bowl and a 40% larger feeding tube, making it efficient for various cooking purposes.
  • It performs on powerchop technology, which makes chopping quicker and easier.
  • This model of food processor is one of the most affordable food processors in India.


  • Philips provides only one year of warranty on this product.
  • A not so powerful motor that uses just 650 watts of power which is not good for efficient grinding, mixing or chopping.

3. Preethi Zodiac MG218 750-watt Mixer Grinder

Preethi-mixer-food-processorPreethi Zodiac MG218 is more of a mixer grinder than a food processor. It still makes up to the list of the best food processors available in India in 2018 due to its great performance and unbelievably amazing features. This mixer grinder has additional functions which makes it the best food processor available in India.

The model uses 750 watts vega w5 motor, making it a very powerful food processor. It comes with a 3 in 1 juicer jar, many different safety features and much more. This three in one instant fresh juicer jar makes it possible for this model to mix, grind and blend all in no time.

The jars is made of transparent plastic and stainless steel. The food processor has two kinds of jars, the wet jar which has both 1.5litres and 0.7 litres of capacities. The dry jar has a capacity of 1.0litres on the other hand. Preethi Zodiac offers these features come with an amazing bonus of 5 years of warranty on the product, making you free from worries for a long time.


  • It has a multitasking jar, making it possible to blend, mix and chop all at the same time.
  • It uses a 750 watt power motor which offer great performance and durability to the model.
  • This model has jars made of transparent plastic and stainless steel, making it more powerful than other food processors available in India
  • It comes with a warranty of five long years.


  • It gives out a burning odour after the first few uses
  • Customers have also complained about the noise that the motor produces on its use, around 80DB.

4. Inalsa Fiesta 650-watt Food Processor

Inalsa-fiesta-food-processorInalsa is one of the newest brands to make it to the list of the best food processors in India. Inalsa Fiesta is one of the best food processors in India under Rs. 5000. The fact that it comes under such a low price and still does not compromise on the quality of its processing performance makes it the most wanted food processors.

It uses 650 watts of motor that is made of stainless steel making it highly durable. Along with that, it is supplied with a 1.5 litres of blender jar, 1 litre of a dry grinder jar used for several different purposes, a chopping blade, a whisking disc and what not.

All these supplies come with unique safety features that help the processor to work even at the time of power overload or shut downs. Inalsa also offers a five year warranty on motor and two years of warranty on the product. All in all, Inalsa Fiesta is great model that has unbreakable jars, an overall decent look, and an unbelievably low price.


  • Inalsa Fiesta comes with unbreakable jars, and a multipurpose grinding jar making it possible for grinding, chopping and blending all at once.
  • Inalsa offers five years of warranty on the product.
  • The product comes at an affordable price.


  • Inalsa Fiesta uses only a smaller power of motor which is around 650 watts
  • This product is a tad noisy on its first few uses.

5. Bajaj FX 11 600 watt Food Factory Food Processor

Bajaj-Food-processorHaven’t you always looked for a food processor that offers strength and durability along with great performance? Bajaj FX 11 Food Factory food processor is one such model that makes you forget about all other food processors available in India. Bajaj has been known to deliver great electrical appliances since a long time, and has gained customers trust.

This model has surely succeeded to make space for itself in both people’s hearts and home. It is one of the best food processors available in India under the price of Rs, 5000, It uses 600 watts of motor which has stainless steel blades attached to it. The stainless steel makes it possible for the motor to perform in a great way.

Other attachments that come with the model are 3 unbreakable jars of polycarbonate. These three jars, a 1.5 litre of liquidizing jar, 1 litre of grinding jar and 0.3 litre of chutney jar. It also has a unique feature of a set up for chopping potatoes in the way you like to have French fries!

It does not have a great design to match up to the level of other appliances of Bajaj. Along with these features and attachments, Bajaj also offers two years of warranty on the product and five years warranty on the motor, making you tension free for quite some time.


  • This model has an in-built locking system and a motor overload safety system that helps in overload situations. It also provides the product with a longer life.
  • Bajaj FX 11 600 Food Factory comes at an unbelievably low price.
  • Bajaj offers two years of warranty on the product and five years of warranty on its motor.


  • The product uses a low power motor of only 650 watts of power, making it inefficient for harder food processes.
  • The product does not look that good and the material used is not up to the mark.
  • There are only a limited number of jars given along with the product.

6. Singer FP-57 600-Watt Food Processor

singer-compact-food-processorSinger has made a debut in the field of electrical appliances and has hit to the list of the best food processors in India in 2018 straight. It is an entirely new brand that has delivered a great product like Singer FP-57 food processor.

The model has a 600 watt power motor and comes with many different attachments. It has 14 different attachments which help in cooking up different recipes. Along with that, it has two steel jars used for multipurpose work, one chutney jar and the other plastic jar for making fruit juices.

Although its new to the field of electrical appliances, it is still considered as one of the best food processors available in India under the price of Rs. 5000. It is therefore advised to go for this product as the company also tends to take good care of its customers.

Singer offers a warranty of two years on the product with an additional warranty of five years on its motor. The jars that are used are tensile and are mostly unbreakable, a property that comes from its stainless steel material.

One bad thing about this product is that it lacks safety features making it unsuitable for people who don’t have a prior experience with food processors. Other than that, it is a great product but could have a larger feeding tube.


  • The product comes with 14 different attachments and accessories each specified for a particular task.
  • It comes with a centrifugal juicer and a citrus juicer, making it a perfect fit for juice lovers.
  • It also has an unbreakable jar with an amazingly built body.
  • Singer offers a five year warranty on the motor along with a two year warranty on the product.


  • It is a bit costly.
  • It has a small feeding tube, making it unfavourable for the food

7. Kenstar Karishma Royal 600-watt Multi Processor

Kenstar-multi-processorKenstar has been a great brand delivering a wide variety of products like air coolers and other kitchen appliances. Another one of its masterpieces is Kenstar Karishma Royal 600 watt Multi processor, Kenstar being an Indian brand makes it the best food processor for Indian cooking.

This model was launched last year, with a hope to make its place to everyone’s hearts. But it failed to get as much attention as it deserves, but it’s amazing features have brought to the list of the best food processors available in India in 2018.

It uses a not so high power motor of 600 watts, and comes with 8 included blades. Along with that, it has 13 different function attachments, which enables you to make a wide variety of recipes. It also has unique safety systems for processor bowls. At the bottom of this model, there is a small vacuum suction which helps to hold the space of this product and doesn’t allow slipping it. All these make this processor one of the best food processors available in India under Rs. 4500.


  • The model comes with 13 function attachments, making it a great multi-tasking appliance and your new best friend!
  • It comes with a micro safety switch mechanism, and an additional feature of storage cavity.
  • It also has a Citrus juicer.


  • It works on a small power motor, making it less efficient when it comes to longer hours of blending, grinding or mixing.
  • It does not have a good quality body.

8. Prestige All Rounder 600 watts Motor Food Processor

Prestige-food-processorDifferent people tend to have different requirements when it comes to having a food processor for them. Prestige All Rounder 600 Watts Motor Food Processor is meant for those who want to have a small capacity food processor in an affordable price.

Someone who has just moved out of his/her house, and started to live alone do not tend to cook much, and thus reducing on the usage of food processors. This model is therefore, perfect for bachelors or people living alone

Prestige All Rounder food processor comes with 3 different jars, and one juicer attachments. These jars have an amazing strength and durability to handle hard core food processes. It uses a 600 watts of low power motor and has a speed control system built within the appliance.

Its model is based on a material that is not so strong and have chances of early break down and a shorter life span. Prestige also does not provide any safety features along with the product, making it highly unstable for use. All in all, this product is only suitable for people who want to use their food processors in a limited way.


  • It comes with two years of warranty on the product and an additional 5 years of warranty on its motor.
  • It is quite cheap, and is affordable by almost everyone.


  • The material that is used to build the processor is not so strong and durable.
  • It uses a low power motor of 600 watts, which is not quite suitable for harder food processes.
  • It has very few features and accessories that come with it., limiting its range of usage.

9. Maharaja Whiteline Fiesta FP-103 Food Processor

Maharaja-food-processorIn the world of modern appliances, Maharaja Whiteline is one of the oldest and hence the most trusted brands of electrical appliances in India. Maharaja Whiteline Fiesta FP-103 is one of the best products of its brand, and has made a definite place in the list of the top ten food processors in India.

The model works on a 600 watts of motor and comes with several accessories. It is supplied with a 2 litre of processing bowl, 3 speed plus pulse and a lot of other attachments like a blender, slicer, grating blade, aata kneader and chopper.

A lot of different food processes can be done using these attachments. Such processes include wet grinding, chutney making and preparation of several fruit juices. This multipurpose food processor has blade made of stainless steel which makes it amazingly strong and durable.

The stainless steel also gives it the long life that is one of it USP’s. It comes with 6 attachments and has a great variety of customers associated with it because of its brand name. Other features include an overall nicely built design, power saver settings and so on.


  • Since it has a lot of attachments, it is great for multipurpose work.
  • It has a big 2 litre of processing bowls, which make it efficient for the user to process higher amount of food at the same time.
  • It also comes with a 3 speed plus pulse, helping it to quicken the whole process of cooking.


  • It comes with only 6 attachments and a small feeding tube.
  • It is not good for professional use due to lack of

10. Usha 2663 600 watt Food Processor

Usha-Food-ProcessorUsha 2663 is one of the best food processors in India in 2018, and is perfect for saving time when you are in a hurry. It is an amazing food processor which is appropriate for multitasking like atta kneading, blending, wet grinding and shredding all at once.

It runs on 600-watt power motor and is made of stainless steel. The steel offers a great deal of strength to the food processor. It comes with 3 jars with flow beakers, which help in cooking different kinds of recipes. It is also supplied with about 10 attachments, for fruit filters and an unbreakable bowl and cover.

Usha is one of the most trusted brands of electrical appliances in India and has separate safety features to prevent unfortunate accidents. The bottom of the food processor comes with an anti-skid foot, which makes to keep a check to not slip.

Other features of this model include speed control systems, which help to make the working of the food processor better. This model is one of the most perfect combinations of an affordable price and amazing quality.


  • The model comes with 10 attachments, which enables it to prepare a large variety of recipes.
  • It has a great design and comes with a big feeding pipe.


  • It is a bit costly for its features.
  • It only uses a low power motor of 600 watts.
  • Customers sometimes complain that it makes a lot of noise on its initial few operations.
  • It has a poor customer care service.

11. Morphy Richards Icon DLX 1000-Watt Food Processor

Morphy-richards-food-processorMorphy Richards Icon DLX is one of the best multitasking assistant for your kitchen. You will not need anything else once you get this beauty to your house! It is one of the best food processors available in India in 2018, using 1000 watts of power motor.

It comes with a wide variety of bowls and different capacities of jars for different functions. These jars include a 1.5 litre of liquid jar, a 1.5 litre of processing jar, 1 litre of grinding jar and 0.4 litre of chutney jar. Along with these, the centrifugal juicer makes it possible to make the best fruit juices at home.

Morphy Richards Icon DLX is an amazing looking square shaped model. It is made of an alloy of metal stainless steel. The stainless steel blade is the reason of the high power motor. Its amazingly well safety features make it an efficient electrical appliance for cooking daily.

All these features come with an amazing bonus of five years of warranty, along with unique safety features that Morphy Richards offer. The only disadvantage of this model is that the customers are not fully satisfied with the customer service that Morphy Richards offer.


  • It comes with five years of warranty, making it durable and efficient enough while cooking.
  • It has a powerful motor that uses 1000 watts of power units and makes it possible to handle even hard substances like nuts or hard dough.
  • It has a great black metal square design, making it look amazing.
  • It has great safety design, making it accident free for almost anyone.


  • It might look a bit costly to a few people
  • It does not offer an efficient customer service.


Investing in the right kind of food processor is an important part of planning and managing your house. It is an important electrical appliance as it saves both money and time of its user. Therefore one needs to have a proper idea about what to look for in a food processor.

Some of these products might have a negative review as people have generally complained about the odour that they make on their first few operations which are normally because of the material used.

It is difficult to select and invest in the right kind of food processors when you go out to shop for them in the market. We have tried to make it absolutely convenient for you to choose among the best food processors in India in 2018. You can also buy these products with just a click without leaving the comfort of your homes!

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