Best Sandwich Makers in India 2020 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. Havells Sandwich Maker2. Philips Sandwich Maker3. Prestige Sandwich Maker



Indian households are getting smarter with passing time and therefore the need for more small appliances using the latest technology. A number of devices have made their place into your kitchen and became an integral part of it ever since. A sandwich maker is one such device. The best sandwich makers make it possible for you to cook the best sandwiches in no time, whenever you’re late for work or in a hurry to reach somewhere. It makes sure that you don’t have to leave your house with an empty stomach.

Along with this, there are many other reasons why you would need a sandwich maker. It is an extremely affordable product which adds class to your kitchen and helps you to make the best recipes with it. But before investing in the best sandwich makers, you must know all about them to find your best sandwich maker. Here is your best grill sandwich maker in india buying guide to help you buy the best possible product!


What to look for in the Best Sandwich Makers in India?

A sandwich maker is a necessity for people nowadays, as it saves both time and makes the perfect meals. It’s amazing what all this small device can do! From making sandwiches to trying new recipes to adding a pinch of creativity to your grilled sandwiches, the best sandwich makers can do it all.

But only a few best sandwich makers come with all the features that you’ll need. You must know what to look for in your sandwich maker, as it can be quite a tricky task to pick one for yourself, especially if you’re shopping for them for the first time. Therefore, you must keep this list of features to look for in the best sandwich makers handy when going to shop for one.

Size of the sandwich maker: Size of the sandwich maker is undoubtedly the most important feature you must look for. You don’t want a sandwich maker that is too huge for your kitchen or takes up too much space. The size of the sandwich maker is also determined by the number of people in your family.

Generally, a sandwich maker can hold one of two spaces for sandwiches. But you can go for any one depending on your requirements. The larger one is undoubtedly picked more over the other one, as it has more space to keep your sandwiches at one time. This also helps you to make sandwiches in lesser time for more number of people.

On the other hand, a smaller sandwich maker is generally preferred by people who live alone, or mostly bachelors. A smaller sandwich maker can be fitted anywhere, and is perfect for a bachelor house. It would also be cheaper than the larger one.

Surface type: The surface of your sandwich maker is another major thing that you must look for. This is because the material that the surface of a sandwich maker is coated with, determines the quality and efficiency of that sandwich maker. Generally, teflon is a better choice for people. It tends to last longer and is also easier to clean.

Features: The best sandwich makers have more features than others. A number of different modes to cook in and much more comes in the latest sandwich makers. They are generally costlier than the older ones, as they have many features included in them.

Non-Stick Coating: This is one major feature that you must look for in your favorite sandwich maker. The non stick coating enables better cleaning of the appliance. It also ensures that the prepared food is easily taken out of the sandwich maker without sticking to the surface.

Handle Type: A sandwich maker is an electronic device that you will use on an everyday basis. The handle is therefore an important feature to look for in your sandwich maker, as you don’t want it to break or something. Generally, handles in a sandwich maker are made of different materials like plastic or metal. These handles have their own advantages and disadvantages.

The plastic ones are brittle and more likely to break with regular use. Steel handles are better and more likely to last longer than other handles, as it is stainless and has more strength. You must choose your sandwich maker carefully on the basis of your usage and requirements.

Price: Last but not the least, you must invest in a sandwich maker that is worth every penny of yours. Even the costlier ones can go bad if not picked carefully, and even the cheapest sandwich makers can turn out to be the best for you if picked with extraneous detail.

This is why you must set up your budget first, and then choose among the best sandwich makers that are available in India. We have made you a list of all the best sandwich makers that are available in India under your specific range.

What are the types of Sandwich Makers in India?

Sandwich makers can be of different types, according to what use they are put in. The two major kinds of sandwich makers available in india are panini press and a four triangle sandwich maker. These sandwich makers are known for their functionality

Panini Press: A panini press is a kind of sandwich maker that has two press on top and bottom, used for grilling purposes mostly. You can make a lot of new recipes using this kind of sandwich maker like pav bhaji or burgers. It is used by most fast food vendors or fast food shops which offer a variety of foods.

Four Triangle Sandwich Maker: Another kind of sandwich maker is the four triangle sandwich maker which makes it possible for users to make the traditional sandwich in 4 parts. This is the most common kind of sandwich maker which is quite cheap as compared to panini press. It has amazing features that can even be used by kids in your house.

Keeping in mind all the features that you want in your sandwich maker, we have made you a list of the best sandwich makers in India in 2018. We have also categorized the sandwich makers on the basis of their price, which would help you choose better according to your budget. Hope our research helps you!

Top 10 Best Sandwich Makers In India 2020

1. Havells Toastino 2000-Watt Grill Sandwich Maker

One of the best products from Havells is Havells Toastino 2000-Watt grill sandwich maker, specially built for people who are looking for perfection blended with good looks. It comes in a gray and black color that looks amazing in your kitchen. It is a great product with a capacity of four sandwiches at once.

This absolutely brilliant product has a non-sticky coating which helps users to prepare delicious sandwiches which are easy to take out from the appliance. The non-sticking material does not let sandwiches to stick on the inside surface of the sandwich makers. It has a neon light indicator which tells you that your sandwich is ready. This is the best sandwich maker under 5000 considering the featires it offers.

The sandwich maker from Havells has a 105 openable grill plate and a unique extra oil collector tray. It has a temperature control knob, which helps you to maintain the kind of temperature that you need. Havells Toastino works on 2000 watts of power, and a 220-240 volts. It is unbelievable that these features come in a reasonable price range along with a warranty of two years.


2. Philips HD 2393 82-Watt Sandwich Maker

Philips HD 2393 82 Watt Sandwich maker is one of the best sandwich makers in India, made for nuclear families or couples. The sandwich maker has space for two sandwiches and is perfect for people who like breakfast in bed and are lazy to get off their beds early.

It is an amazingly strong and durable sandwich maker, that has a black body and a non-stick coating. The non-stick coating helps the sandwiches to not get stick on the surface of the toaster and also makes it easy to clean. It is a ready to cook sandwich maker and has space only for two bread slices.

The product has a cord winding facility which makes it even more desirable. Its cool handle and rubber feet ensures that the sandwich maker stays at its place no matter what. It works on a high power, about 820 watts making it easier for you to make sandwiches earlier. It comes with a unique feature of a push down lock system which makes it quite easy to operate. All these features come in a package of an affordable price.


3. Prestige PGMFB 800-Watt Grill Sandwich Toaster

Prestige-PGMFB-800-Watt-Grill-Sandwich-ToasterYet another amazing product from Prestige is the Prestige PGMFB 800-watt grill sandwich toaster. It uses non-stick grilling plates because of which it is easier to clean the sandwich maker. It is only due to the presence of these plates that this product uses the least amount of oil in preparing different kinds of sandwiches. It makes you the best and the most healthy sandwiches for each of your meal.

It is an entirely secure sandwich maker that has all the features for it to be user-friendly. Other features of this sandwich maker include heat-resilient body and a smooth handle. The exterior body is heat-resilient which helps to keep the body cool and harmless to touch. Along with these features, the product has an anti-slip base that makes it possible for it to avoid slipping and mishappenings to take place.

Along with that, it uses 800 watts of power which makes it a great performer. Prestige offers you with a warranty of one year along with these features. It also comes in the most affordable price, that makes it even more desirable. The sher volume of sales makes it best selling sandwich maker in india.


4. Morphy Richards SM3007 (G) 750-Watt Grill Toaster

Morphy-Richards-Grill-ToasterThe two-bread slice sandwich maker from Morphy Richards is yet another masterpiece and has all the features you’re looking for. It comes with an easy to cook surface which are also easy to clean. Morphy Richards SM3007 750 watt grill toaster should definitely be your pick if you’re looking for great performance equally proportional with good looks. It works on 750 watts of power and around 230 volts of voltage.

It is a highly durable product which comes with an instruction manual, keeping you away from all your queries related to the product. It has a comfortable front handle, which makes it possible for you to carry it around easily.

The sandwich maker has also made it possible for you to prepare evenly grilled sandwiches.The neon light helps to find out if your sandwiches are ready. All in all, the product is worth all your money comes with a warranty of two years. The product also comes with a guarantee card making it possible for you to ask for customer service help whenever you require


5. Nova NT 233 HDG 1800-Watt Grill Sandwich Maker

Nova-NT-233-HDG-1800-Grill-Sandwich-MakerNova NT 233 HDG 1800-Watt grill sandwich maker has made house parties easier and people happier. With its latest technology, this sandwich maker is one of the best sandwich makers in India, perfect for a large family. It has a large space for making enough sandwiches for an entire family at once. It has a great look and comes in a white and black colour.

The sandwich maker/toaster makes it possible for its users to experience the finest sandwiches and paninis. It makes you perfectly grilled sandwiches to soothe your taste buds. It works on a voltage of 1800 watts and needs a voltage of about 210-250 volts. It comes with an instruction manual that helps you with all your problems related to the sandwich maker. This can be considered to be the best grill sandwich maker in india.

Nova NT 233 HDG grill sandwich maker has all the amazing features possible that come in an affordable price. You can take this piece of art from Nova to your homes by just clicking a few times. Nova also offers a warranty of an entire year on the product which helps you to stay carefree for a long time.


6.Oster CKSTSM3888 700-Watt 2-Slice Sandwich Maker

Oster-Sandwich-Maker-ReviewHaven’t you always wanted a sandwich maker that serves your entire family in one go and looks amazing in your kitchen? Oster offers you with its best sandwich maker which is the Oster CKSTSM3888 700 watt 2-slice sandwich maker. It prepares the best sandwiches for you because of its amazing grill plates.

The product comes with a non-sticking grilling plate which helps you to clean the appliance up easily. It has a small size which doesn’t occupy much space in your kitchen, making it even more desirable. It comes with an automatic thermostat which regulates the temperature in your sandwich maker. You need different temperatures for different kinds of sandwiches. It also has a LED indicator that helps you find out if you’re sandwich is prepared.

Oster CKSTSM3888 comes with detachable plates and other additional items that helps you to carry it everywhere along with you. Oster is one of the best sandwich maker brands in India and has used all the latest technologies in their sandwich makers to make your life easier. It works on a power of 700 watts and has an operating voltage of 220 volts. It comes with an instruction manual, a removable grill and sandwich plates. All these amazing features come with two years of warranty that helps you to stay free from your worries for a long time. The meantioned features makes it the best sandwich maker with removable plates.


7.Prestige PSMCB 800-Watt Sandwich Maker

Prestige-Sanwhich-MakerAnother best sandwich maker brand in India is Prestige, known for its amazing series of electrical appliances. Prestige PSMCB 800-Watt sandwich maker is an absolutely brilliant product that has come to save your lives. It is the best sandwich maker for families and even bachelors.

This sandwich maker has a changeable grill and sandwich plates which adds more variety to the sandwich maker and the kinds of foods that you can prepare with it. It uses around 230 volts and 800 watts of power. It requires only a little amount of oil to make the best sandwiches. It comes in a black body which only adds class to your kitchen.

Prestige PSMCB 800-watt sandwich maker has non-sticking plates which makes it easy for you to clean the sandwich maker. It all comes with a warranty of a year on the product making it even more desirable.


8. Oster CKSTPM129 1500-Watt Panini Maker with Grill

Oster-Panini-MakerAnother absolutely brilliant sandwich maker is from Oster, and is called Oster CKSTPM129 1500-watt panini maker with grill. It opens up to 180 degrees for a completely flat grill. It has a two in one function which makes it even more desirable. Oster CKSTPM129 panini maker has an amazing look which can serve as both panini maker and a flat grill.

The product has a LED light indicator making it possible for you to keep a check on your sandwiches. It also has a non stick coating making it easier for your sandwiches to prepare. It’s heat resistant handle and top makes gives it an extra desirable feature of being able to withstand high temperatures.

It is one of the best sandwich makers in India in 2018 because of its amazing features. It helps to prepare food better and has a stronger long lasting coating. Additionally, it has a drip tray that collect the extra oil in your food and keeps it healthy no matter how much oil you put into the appliance. All in all, this product is a value for your hard earned money.


9.Hamilton Beach 25451-IN Indoor Grill Sandwich Maker

Hamilton-Beach-Panini-MakerHamilton offers its customers with its best product, Hamilton Beach 25451- IN 1200 watt panini press and indoor grill sandwich maker. It is both an amazingly working product which also blends in completely with any indoors. It is great for making pizzas, open-faced sandwiches, paneer and melting cheese.

This amazing sandwich maker makes it possible for you to make any recipes in less than 10 minutes. It’s low-fat cooking and an extra drip tray to collect the extra amount of oil makes it desirable for all the health conscious people in India. It uses around 1200 watts of power, making it a superhero in the field of sandwich makers.

Other features of this sandwich maker include removable nonstick cooking plates for easy clean up and 2 skewers for kaboobs. It has an enormous space for cooking, which is about 216 square centimeter cooking surface. All these amazing features mixed with a great look come to you in an affordable price and a warranty of two years on the product offered by Hamilton.


10. Pigeon Egnite Sandwich Grill

Pigeon-Egnite-Sandwich-GrillPigeon Egnite Sandwich grill is one of the cutest sandwich makers of all time. It has the best possible features with a capacity of 2 bread slices. It comes in an orange color with non-stick grill plates. The presence of non-stick grill plates make it possible for you to clean the sandwich maker easily and cook better.

It consumes about 750 watts of power which makes it grilling function the best of all. The grill plates provided with this appliance are very close together, locking both the sandwiches together with its fillings.

It is a beautifully made product with a warranty of one year by manufacturer. The grill marks are only on the top of this sandwich maker, which is generally not required by most people. Other than that, it is a great product which comes in an extremely affordable price for families, couples or even bachelors.


What are the Benefits of a Sandwich Maker?

A sandwich maker has a number of applications in your kitchen. It can be used to cook food in a couple of minutes effortlessly. You must invest in a sandwich maker as it helps you cook varied kinds of food. Some of the advantages of owning a sandwich maker are mentioned here

Lesser time: A sandwich maker makes it possible for the user to cook in much lesser time with better efficiency. All you need to do it keep your bread slices with the sandwich mixture and some oil, and leave it for a short while. The best sandwich makers help to prepare your food in much lesser time than the traditional gas cooktop.

Easy operation: Sandwich makers are the simplest electronic devices in your kitchen. Any indian household is incomplete without one, and thus they are built using the latest technology making it easier to use. Because of its easy operation, a sandwich maker is one the best devices for bachelors and people who have just moved out of their houses to a new city. They are built to make your life easier.

Perfection: The best sandwich makers are made for people who look for perfection in everything. They are made using the best and latest technology to make your life better. It helps to prepare the perfect snacks, satisfying your appetite.

Variety: You can make a lot of different kinds of recipes using the best sandwich makers that come with the latest technology. These are not just used for making sandwiches, but other types of food too. You can always use your talent mixed with a pinch of creativity and try something new on these sandwich makers.

Tastier Food Preparation: The best sandwich makers make it possible for you to prepare tastier and healthier breakfast. A healthy and light breakfast is the basic necessity for anyone who wants to lead a happy life. Therefore, it becomes essential that you give extra importance to your breakfast.

The best sandwich maker brands in India offer you sandwich makers built with the latest technology, which makes sure that the sandwich maker uses the least amount of oil to prepare food. No matter how much oil you put into the device, it tends to use the least possible amount of oil required to prepare food. They also come with a grease eliminator surface, which removes extra oil and serves you with the healthiest food.


It could be one difficult task to choose among the best sandwich makers in India. Therefore this list inclusive of all the features to look for in the best sandwich makers would help you to choose the best without any hustle. You can also buy your favourite sandwich maker in a few clicks online, making it extremely convenient for you. You must write down all your requirements before you invest in the best sandwich makers to get the best product possible.

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