Best Cordless Phone In India 2020 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. Panasonic KX TG3811SXB2. Beetel X693. Panasonic KX-TG3611SX


It’s pretty rare to see a landline phone in the market since people tend to utilize their mobile phones only for each and every task – including calling! However, there are some pretty good reasons on why you should still consider having the best cordless phone in India.

As you use the best landline phone, it guarantees you the needed, advanced security since they are interconnected to your address wherein this includes the apartment number as well.

Therefore, an emergency operator can know the exact location of your place during an emergency and is able to dispatch support if you aren’t in a position to talk. Added to this, if you have a home office then cordless phones are a perfect choice


Similarly to mobile phones, cordless phones are offered in a huge array of capabilities and styles. Although, when compared to mobile phones, these landline systems are created to deliver ‘surplus’ than the usual expected such as stunning sound quality, enlarged coverage, and reliable reception.

Due to a lot of features being made available, it can be overwhelming for those users who don’t have much cordless phone knowledge and aren’t able to evaluate which is the best cordless phone available in India. But, keep calm, for we have created a simple guide which will take you through different aspects, features, and reviews of the best cordless phone products that are most important therefore impacting you to make the best decision, ultimately.

Before we get started, let’s take a look into the basics of how a normal cordless phone would operate

Operation of a Cordless Phone

Generally, it has two crucial components: the base and the handset

The base is linked to the phone jack via a conventional phone wire connection. When it comes to the phone system, it looks and operates just like how a normal phone should. The base obtains incoming calls as a form of electrical signals through the phone line and starts transforming it into an FM radio signal. Afterward, it begins broadcasting that signal.

The handset collects the radio signal (from the base) and turns these into electrical signals which are then transferred to the speaker. From here, it is transformed into the sounds we hear from the other side. When you talk, the handset starts to transmit your voice via a second FM radio signal and is sent back to the base.

The base then obtains your ‘voice’ signal, transforms it into an electrical signal and broadcasts it using the phone line to the other person/party.

Overall, the base and handset work together on a frequency pair thereby enabling you to simultaneously communicate and listen and this also known as duplex frequency.

Luckily, there are four fundamentals which can guide you in order to find the best cordless phone that suits you and your family:

Important Things to Note While Buying a Cordless Phone

1) Tête-à-Tête Security

Cordless phones can liaise with each other by broadcasting radio signals. As digital phones provide a clear signal and an extendable range limit, they are not safe (despite using voice scrambling technology) to use since the voice inversion can be deciphered effortlessly.

A definite method of keeping your conversations secure is to purchase a phone that is being embedded with digital spectrum technology. Digital cordless phones can restrict/prohibit eavesdropping since it uses security codes that are randomly selected and are perpetually transmitting signals between the base and the handset.

2) Frequency Range

Under advantageous conditions, it’s still possible for advanced cordless phones to extend their range all the way out of a home to the yard. A lot of phones proclaim a workable distance of 50 meters indoors along with 300 meters outdoors (even though there are rugged physical hindrances that dramatically influence the mentioned distances).

Moreover, the range can be restricted towards certain obstacles from other machines that transmit radio waves, such as microwave ovens to powerful radio stations (local) and wireless speakers.

Therefore, before you make the decision to purchase the best cordless phone, not only should you think about the number of interferences available at home; try to evaluate other wireless devices along with the local traffic that could significantly restrict the phone’s usage. A majority of DECT phones work at a frequency range of 1880 – 1900 MHz.

This provides great security, a decent range, and authentic sound quality. This is beyond comparison to those devices which implements packed frequencies i.e 2.4 and 5.8 GHz frequencies.

3) Convenience Features

Cordless phones do implement a plethora of features that are usually found in models that are wired such as caller ID, answering machines that are built-in, dual keypads, memory or speed dialing, battery life, backup battery, a hands-free ‘speakerphone’ mode, night mode, intercom or paging operation, and the ability to recharge.

4) Amount Of Handsets

Typically, a single-handset phone is perfect for small households where users can easily reach out to them. In contrast, bigger homes may need several handset phones that offer multiple handsets within a single base.

As you have extra handsets being positioned in its own charging cradle, without having the individual need for a phone jack, it’s more comfortable to place your phone wherever you want. There are few systems which are extensive thus providing you the versatility privilege to elevate the number of handsets if needed.

Furthermore, there are some additional aspects to keep in mind once you start shopping for a brand new cordless phone in India.

6) Fixate On The Desired Features

We recommend checking the packaging of the phone or rather, read the instruction guide from the reputable site in order to establish whether or not you’re getting the desired features.

Usually, if a phone has more features, you can expect it to have a high selling price.

7) Comparing And Analyzing Performance Factors

Many cordless phones these days have superb voice quality operations. There are few which exceeds boundaries, wherein you can see this quality performance from higher-end phones. For mostly all machines, you can expect wholly charged batteries thus offering 8 hours or more of regular and frequent conversations before they request you to recharge them.

It’s important to note that when the battery can no longer charge your cordless phone, then a proprietary (a replacement battery) can be obtained since it costs pretty decent. Fortunately, there are several phones that utilize low-priced AA or AAA rechargeable batteries which can then be recycled afterward.

8) Carry It And Try It Out

You can always visit a store and request retailers to allow you to pick up the handset in order to see whether or not if it fits the profile of our face. Typically, the earpiece should have edges that are rounded and a comfortable center that fits perfectly well over the central area of your ear. You can test out the controls and buttons in order to ensure that they are equitably readable and sized.

9) Battery Backup

A multitude of cordless phones doesn’t seem to operate without electricity unless they have a power backup system. There are a few models which implement a compartment (found in the charging base) that tends to hold storage for alkaline batteries or an extra handset battery pack in order to carry out a base-power backup.

10) Evaluate Operable Aspects

There are brand new designs released in the market which offer upgraded usability. This would mean that the best cordless phones in India would include a volume thrust, a talking caller ID, easy-to-read displays and buttons, and visual beeps or alerts that would notify an incoming call. These are just some of the options though and there are more present in modern models.

11) Identify The Return Policy

Before you purchase, it is best to read the return policy since there are cases where you might experience issues unexpectedly at home/office of which you can’t fix by yourself. Such issues can be wireless hindrances.

Never discard corded phones, if available

It’s always best to store one corded phone that uses a standard landline service at home. The reason being is that they come useful during dire emergency cases. Even so, the corded phone doesn’t need effective AC power in order to carry out and obtain calls; however, other electronic traits such as an in-built phone directory and the radiant display may not operate. It’s important to note that any phone which is linked to fiber-optic networks or VoIP services won’t operate well if electric power is ceased and if there is no backup battery available for the phone modem.

Types Of Cordless Phones

There are generally two main cordless phone categories – those which have in-built answering machines, and those phones which don’t. Both of these categories tend to utilize DECT (Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunication) technology which is basically the 1.9-GHz frequency band that reduces the hindrance found with machines such as ovens.

When compared to analog phones, modern cordless phones are DECT-powered and embed comparatively large talk times as well as provide a wider and longer range from their base point.

A corded handset can operate without power since it’s linked to standard landline or rather, there is a battery backup for VoIP/cable service. In contrast, cordless handsets need the power to function and they obtain power either from backup batteries or household AC systems. Purchasing a model which has a corded base is a smart solution especially if you live in areas which are prone to power cuts.

1) Cordless phones with answering machines

These machines are a tad bit larger and way costlier than the simple counterparts. Additionally, other than recording messages, these machines allow you to either listen to different callers which are a reliable method or take up screen calls.

Pros: You will get access to several feature options such as an answerer on/off control, speaker-volume control, call screening, remote access, and a lot of methods to search your way through messages received.

Cons: It costs a bit too much when compared to other phone-only models and even tends to take up additional space.

2) Cordless phones without answering machines

These types of phones are pretty simple to use thus making them appealing or attractive for those users who are not inclined to have all fancy features on their brand new models.
In addition, the buttons are easy to use since they are large in size, the base operates without the requirement of a power cord, and different areas of the handset display radiant red alerts in order to notify you of incoming calls.

This can be helpful for those who can’t hear, and even helps those users who are far away from the ringer.

Pros: these phones are seamless to use and are pretty intuitive. There are few features such as the one-touch customer support button but this varies according to the model. The handset has a scroll wheel placed on the side thus making it easy to operate the call volume function.

Cons: features are pretty restricted over here and these systems are pretty difficult to set up at first.

Features Of The Best Cordless Phone

The best landline phones available come with a huge range of options such as Bluetooth connectivity and capacity that tends to link with your mobile devices. Few phones provide access to Google Now and Apple’s Siri. There are other few app alerts for Android machines such as calendar, social media and email notifications which are displayed on the LCD screens of a phone.

Here are some of the other key features to consider, which will guide you in getting the most out of your brand new cordless phone.

1) Auto Talk And Speakerphone

When there is an incoming call, the Auto talk feature permits you to lift off the handset from the base and answer directly without having to press any key or button. The speakerphone function promotes a hands-free approach to communicate or rather, wait on hold so that it can enable other members to talk as well.

A base speakerphone allows you to pick up a call without carrying around the handset. Moreover, a handset speakerphone brings you a hands-free experience so that you can walk and talk anywhere in your home.

2) LCD Screen

LCD screens can either be positioned on the handset or base wherein this display shows a personal phone directory with essential data such as the caller ID, number dialed and/or even the name. Additionally, it can alert you on how long you’ve been charging the phone or whether if the battery needs to be recharged. Caller ID tends to show the number and name of the caller along with the call time and date (if you employ a phone company’s caller ID service).

If there is another call waiting while you’re on the phone, then the phone will display information regarding the second caller thus giving you the choice to either accept or decline the call. There are several phones which have a committed call block button. This would enable users to block off any calls by just easily pushing a button.

3) Headset Jack

There are few cordless phones which do include a belt clip for carrying the phone and even a headset jack on the handset. This is beneficial to those users who wish to simultaneously have a little chat while performing on other tasks such as walking around the house or doing chores. Furthermore, there are few models that have a headset jack installed on the base. This allows users to approach a hands-free conversation without having any significant draining impact on the handset battery.

4) Base Keypad

The keypad serves as a companion to the handset device wherein it can be useful when navigating through systems which are menu-driven since you don’t have to take the phone away from the ear and push away buttons. There are few phones that are designed with a brightly lit keypad. This option makes it much easier to operate especially during low-light conditions.

5) Two-Line Support

Basically, you can receive calls for two phone numbers. There are phones which have dual ringers wherein each of these ringers have a separate tune so that you can identify who’s calling you.

6) Caller ID

These days, a lot of phones come with caller ID alerts. You can always set a specific caller ringtone for each contact in your phone list since cordless phones have the capability to notify you who are calling by the sound of the ringtone set. Some of the alerts being set are visual, with the antenna/ handset display displaying a certain color. There are also good phones which announce the name of the caller if he/she calls you. This can be useful to those who are not always near the phone set.

7) Modern Playback Controls

A majority of answering machines have an automatic operation to skip from one message to the another or rather skip one message back, and repeat a single message frequently. On the other hand, there are models which have a quick playback that encourages hearing messages instantly. Besides, there is even a slow playback for understanding mumbled or unclear messages thus allowing you to rewind and replay any part of the whole message.

Even so, you can expect some models to come with a clear message alert that notifies you of new messages received. Other than this, some systems offer you the capability to hear messages straight from the handset itself and even provide you the access to record your very own personal greeting which can bring convenience, if you’re not present at home.

8) Mail

A lot of phone answering machines these days have only a single mailbox. However, there are few answering machines that have multiple mailboxes of which a caller can send a voice message say for an example, to any family member (individual) or to even distinct personal and business calls. This brings the benefit of hearing messages which are implied to just you.

As we have seen some of the most important aspects when choosing a cordless phone, let’s review the top 10 best cordless phones in India:

Top 10 Best Cordless Phones in India 2020

1. Panasonic KX TG3811SXB Digital Cordless Telephone

Panasonic KX TG3811SXB Digital Cordless Telephone

The all new Panasonic KX TG3811SXB cordless phone is a smooth criminal and is certainly equipped with a lot of entertaining features. This model is suitable for both home and office use since it enables communication to be much more effective and effortless.

What’s more is that this cordless phone uses a single line 2.4GHz system and comes with a radiant display along with an alphanumeric keypad.

These features help you to dial accurately even if there seems to be no light. Moreover, you can position this machine on either your desk or you could mount it on a bedroom wall, for extra convenience.

Aiding both reliability and portability, this cordless phone tends to be useful if users are occupied in the kitchen, garden or anywhere in their homes.

In addition, you will get access to a sizeable 1.8-inch LCD display screen that ensures viewing is made much easier. The embedded caller ID memory can store up to 50 numbers and names, therefore, you can seamlessly detect a caller before you even answer the call.

When it comes to the phonebook, the phone has the potential to save up to 100 numbers and names. It even reduces or eliminates the effort and time to flip through a phonebook manually or even recall numbers directly from your memory. Finally, the phone implements a Ni-MH battery (which is rechargeable) that delivers a talk time of 10 hours within a single, direct charge.


2. Beetel X69 Landline Phone

Beetel X69 Landline Phone

The Beetel X69 proves to be a compact and basic cordless phone which is ideal for both the office and home environments.

For memory purpose, users can save up to 50 contacts in the digital phone book within this cordless phone. Moreover, you have the capability to store up to 10 outgoing numbers.

This reduces the tedious effort to remember all your contacts’ phone numbers and surely will provide a great benefit during emergencies.

When it comes to the Talk Time feature, the model offers direct 8 hours of use after it’s completely charged. Also, it is designed to maintain a charge when it’s on a standby mode for up to a maximum of 4 days.

Other extra features include the availability of 10 ringtones. You can select ringtones for each of your contacts. Other than this, the Beetel X69 cordless phone has a dual-way speakerphone for a hand’s free experience and a backlit-LCD display which enables you to view the incoming and outgoing calls with minimal effort.

The only issue faced with this phone is that it does not work during a power cut and the ringtones are not loud enough to hear from a far distance.


3. Panasonic KX-TG3611SX Cordless Telephone

Panasonic KX-TG3611SX Cordless Telephone

Users don’t need to worry about hurriedly running towards a fixated phone when it starts to ring since the brand new Panasonic cordless phone will help you answer all your calls effortlessly.

Being supported by a multitude of features, this Panasonic cordless phone is a must-have product in any household. Ultimately, if you are thinking about buying this phone, then do take a look at some of the best features below.

Firstly, this cordless phone brings you a fancy and sleek frame design which would certainly go well with any modern home decor. Irrespective of home structures, this model will blend in well and also carry out all your communicative needs.

Additionally, users can find this cordless phone easy to clasp onto thereby allowing people to respond and reject calls without any sort of hindrance. Instead of storing all contact numbers manually on paper, this cordless phone has the capacity to store 50 names as well as numbers in its digital phonebook.

For all those who wish to use the phone late night, this model has been created with a backlit feature which shows an alphanumeric display clearly thus avoiding the chances of dialing the number wrong. Moreover, with the help of night mode features, you can now identify numbers smoothly.

Furthermore, this Panasonic phone has seven ringer patterns to pick from and a single line of support. You can easily place this phone on a wall for additional reliability purposes.


4. Beetel X-70 Cordless Phone

Beetel X-70 Cordless Phone

The Beetel X-70 cordless phone unit is a machine with a remarkable appearance. The display is illuminated and comes in a LED/LCD display. You can now read off the caller ID, number and other details pretty easily without having to stress your eyes too much.

When it comes to the usability, the producer has created dedicated keys which allow users to access the menu option, perform talk time, end and mute calls, redial immediately, and change the volume mode of the phone when communicating. Other than that, it has a great speakerphone option which offers premium sound quality.

This cordless phone has a 2.4 GHz frequency connection and is certainly mountable to your home walls. Another thing worth mentioning about this machine is that the battery charging capacity is pretty slow.

Moreover, the cordless phone range is not-so-great therefore it can be difficult for users to get reception sometimes. Other than that, the model is undoubtedly lightweight, beneficial and attractive.


5. Panasonic KX-TG3711SXB Cordless Phone

Panasonic KX-TG3711SXB Cordless Phone

The Panasonic KX-TG3711SXB cordless phone is a landline phone which can be mounted easily on a wall since it has a sturdy wall mount design.

In terms of display, the unit delivers an LCD display which shows you different details such as names and phone numbers. This would bring a lot of benefits for those who can’t see well because it lights up pretty well for those users to view it from a suitable distance.

Alongside, this handset system has the potency to record over a maximum of 100 phonebook details and up to 50 caller IDs. Just like the other best Panasonic cordless phones, you have a great advantage of immediately dialing back a number or viewing a number without guessing who’s calling. This saves both time and effort.

Furthermore, the handset includes an alphanumeric keypad which consists of a keypad with distinct alphabets. Using this keypad would help you to record the phone numbers along with other crucial data such as the name of the contact

Panasonic has developed a hands-free approach experience with this model by introducing the speakerphone. It even has a night mode feature which allows you to call anyone easily, especially when it’s dark and features a strong grip handset mechanism.


6. Gigaset A450 Cordless Phone

Gigaset A450 Cordless Phone

The Gigaset A450 cordless phone is a fantastic model built for all types of users. This model has a unique ergonomic keypad which is created using the material of supreme quality.

This model promotes a hands-free talking experience where you can communicate effectively in authentic HSPTM sound quality. This is far superior from those models which have speakerphone sounds that tend to rugged and unclear.

What’s interesting about this machine is the prolonged standby time of 180 hours and a talk time of 8 hours. Users don’t need to charge this phone frequently since it’s built with a great maintenance battery system.

Having an illuminated display, you can easily read information right off the bat. Moreover, it comes with a 6-inch display which has a phenomenal contrast. Other great features include the capacity to store 50 phonebook entries and even provide an array of the last 25 missed calls.

When it comes to design, the price is justified. The model size is perfect to hold and is comfortable to use for long talking periods. The ringtone available in this phone has a great volume configuration so this is a small perk for those who live in noisy environments.

Another cool feature would be the backlit keypad because it makes dialing much easier in the dark and the menu is pretty simple to operate as well.


7. Panasonic KX-TG3712SXB Cordless Telephone

Panasonic KX-TG3712SXB Cordless Telephone

This Panasonic model is a digital cordless phone which is packed with superb features which are easy to use.

Users can use this model for either office or home purposes since it has a basic yet powerful interface that does the job regardless of the environment.

The model comes with a rechargeable Ni-MH battery which is cost-saving in the long run since you don’t need to go out frequently in order to purchase new batteries.

In regards to the caller ID, this feature has the memory capacity to store about 50 phone numbers and names as well along with 100 names and phone numbers in phonebook entries.

This feature is usually found in mostly all Panasonic cordless phones though. Apart from this, users will get access to a 1.8-inch LCD display which is sizeable for anyone to see, especially for old people.

The volume system is of good quality and the phone range is long enough for anyone to use in a small/large household. What’s likable about this product is the minimum efforts taken to navigate through the phone such as checking missed calls, setting alarms and accessing the phone book.


8. Panasonic KX-TG3711SX Cordless Phone

Panasonic KX-TG3711SX Cordless Phone

People who wish to have a basic yet reliable landline phone for use can pick this cordless phone since it’s a great option for both home and office use. This single line 2.4GHz cordless telephone brings you amazing portability which is similar to a mobile phone.

This machine has a caller ID that enables users to detect the incoming caller before he/she even responds to the call. It comes in a firm black shade and brings a great match with the fancy base as well and looks stunning on any surface it’s placed on.

This phone is powered by utilizing a Ni-MH battery which is rechargeable. Moreover, it requires a link with a power source in order to maintain functionality. Even so, you can make and obtain calls during long power cut periods due to the implementation of the Power Failure Talk system technology.

Furthermore, the unit features a 1.8-inch LCD display and can be positioned easily on a wall for convenience purposes.


9. Panasonic KX-TGD310 Cordless Phone

Panasonic KX-TGD310 Cordless Phone

The Panasonic KX-TGD310 unit is home built phone with a mid-range price. It has a lot of potential features which are useful for those users who tend to use the phone a lot.

For example, the producer has implemented a call-blocking function which cuts out calls that are detected as spam so this saves the trouble for many users in general. In addition, it even has a baby monitor built in therefore this can be used effectively to monitor kids and toddlers if parents are not present with them.

Other features include a power backup functionality wherein you can use the phone during power cuts since it has battery backup if electricity is cut. Moreover, this phone promotes an eco function capability wherein it utilizes energy efficiently without drawing in too much power.

Also, this cordless phone has a prolonged battery life and comes with a high-quality speakerphone. Although, with frequent use; the keypad numbers and letters start to fade away quickly.


10. Panasonic KX-TG3615 Cordless Phone

Panasonic KX-TG3615 Cordless Phone

So far, we have seen so many Panasonic models in this list, but what makes this phone so unique?

Well, for starters, it has a remarkable design which is certainly eye candy for all. Even though it may seem ordinary, this compact device can fit anywhere at home and blend well with the interiors.

This phone comes with a digital speakerphone and a caller ID. In regards to the caller ID, the machine can store up to 50 names plus numbers along with 50 phonebook records.

When it comes to the battery life, Panasonic installs a Ni-MH rechargeable battery which brings you a talk time period of 5 hours straight. What’s fascinating is that you can talk for many hours and quickly recharge within a few hours or so and use it again, immediately.

Other features include a bright illuminated display which allows users to see information clearly from a distance. Lastly, it includes an alarm setting along with a clock system which can tell you the accurate time.


What Does The Best Cordless Phone Contain?

Low interference levels: Models should be DECT 6.0 compliant, therefore making them less prone to interference than other earlier devices

Premium voice quality: Models should broadcast voices explicitly

Useful, operational design: The displays and buttons used should be effortless to read. Other additional supplements might include voice-mail alerts, a brightly lit keypad which is utilized in a dark room, and auto talk: which enables users to talk immediately after lifting the phone off the cradle

Durable batteries: Typically, cordless phones provide more talk time than compared to smartphones since they don’t consume much power than expected

Prolonged range: When it comes to range, it is the main concern these days especially if you are adjusted with moving around and talking at the same time. The best cordless phones in India should give you the potency to engage in a call within your household or rather, even take it out to your backyard

Instant charging time: Every cordless phone can’t survive without being recharged eventually. In addition, it can take up to 7 to 12 hours of charging in order to bring these cordless phones back to power

Backup for cases such as power cuts: In India, power cuts are something which can’t be denied. One of the chief issues with ancient cordless phones was that they would immediately stop operating if the power was cut. Currently, there are many models including low-priced models which do have battery back-ups. This would enable the devices to stay on for multiple hours without requiring electricity at all. Finally, cordless phones are designed with corded handsets on their base. This can function without having power as long as there is a conventional landline service rather than VOIP or digital

Understand Your Needs Before You Purchase

How many handsets do you require? If you need more than just a single handset, it’s actually not so expensive to purchase extra handsets in addition to the whole cordless phone package. Even though there are a lot of models which do offer additional handsets, they usually cost a lot more if they are being purchased separately.

Is it necessary for you to have an answering machine? Well, very few, yet expensive cordless phone models out there implement a digital answering system (built-in). Generally, this system has only a single timestamp and message date, a voice mailbox, and a display that alerts the number of messages you would receive in total and even notifies you if there are any new ones or not.

Furthermore, several models use an indicator light which can notify users when he/she receives brand new messages. If you do pick out a cordless phone with an answering system, then try to evaluate the sound quality for the calls as well as the messages. A cordless phone can offer a clear, crisp, sound whenever phone calls place, however, it sadly delivers voice mail in an unclear, muddy-sounding note.

Other features required? A majority of cordless phones bring you simple features such as a speakerphone, caller ID, and distinct ringers in the handsets and base. Users will need to invest a larger amount for additional specs such as call screening, talking caller ID, and call blocking. What’s intriguing is that few cordless phones do include a headset jack in order to promote a hands-free approach.

Other than that, you can even find robust models which are created with linking capabilities wherein you can connect to your mobile phone via Bluetooth. This would allow you to obtain and make calls on your mobile phone line easily by just utilizing any of handsets of a system. Users who have reception issues at home can find this feature beneficial.

Does anyone member in your family have special needs? Fortunately, there are many advanced phones that are made with a hearing aid compatible feature. In fact, some of the brands go even further down by offering features such as sound amplification, huge buttons, and a talking caller ID.

Do you employ several phone lines? If so, there are few cordless phones that can offer you two lines simultaneously, and even bring you individual ringtones for each line. This is certainly a useful feature for those who have that one family member who always hogs the phone or for those who operate a work-from-home business. Additionally, these models are produced to deliver a three-way conferencing system which occurs between both individual lines and a third party.

So there you have it, here are the top 10 best cordless phones in India! Before we wrap up this guide, do take a look at our FAQ session since it solves some of the most common doubts asked by people before they start purchasing the ‘ideal’ cordless phone model:

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the longest range cordless phone?

Usually, a standard cordless phone can range up to 300 meters or so. Expensive phones deliver larger distances. Although, the ranges showcased by producers are biased and theoretical. The genuine range varies on a lot of factors such as radio hindrance, climate, and obstacles such as walls.

2. What is the best cordless telephone frequency?

The 2.4 GH band used to be the most ideal frequency available and was even used in wireless LANs. However, as technology progressed, models now have integrated the 5.8GHz band. This band tends to have minimal interference than compared to the 2.4 GHz band.

3. What is the DECT Phone?

DECT is an abbreviation for Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications wherein it is a digital wireless technology that was invented in Europe. However, it is now used on a global scale. DECT is basically radio technology which is utilized for voice data applications such as cordless phones, wireless telephone lines that link to homes and wireless office lines.

4. Does DECT interfere with WiFi?

No. If being properly used, DECT and WiFi wouldn’t interfere with each other. Generally, DECT tends to function specifically in the 1880-1930 Mhz frequency band. In some regions, this can extend up to 1980 MHz. On the other hand, a majority of WiFi technologies function in the 2.4Ghz or the 5GHz frequency ranges.

The Bottom Line

Cordless phones are not out of date yet and are still used by many users in both home and office environments, specifically in India. They are still known as the ideal source of communication between employers and members in a household apart from the mainstream smartphones.

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