Best Wallets for Men in India 2020 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. Hornbull Brown Men’s Wallet2. WildHorn Genuine Leather3. Hornbull Brown Rigohill Wallet


Purchasing a wallet is not child’s play as it one of the most crucial style accessories, especially for men. These peculiar pocket-sized cases are accessories which men do not want to compromise with, as it speaks a lot about their personality.

Wallets can be found in our pockets throughout the day, as they carry precious items such as cards, money, as well as important IDs. This is why the best wallets for men need to be durable, firm, sturdy and, at the same time, stylish.l. Wallets are something men rarely like to compromise with as it is an extension of their personality.

However, there are times when men have been late to realize the significance of dressing up well. And the one accessory not given due importance is their wallets.


You can dress up well for a dinner date but what if the bill arrives in front of you and you struggle to take out the card/cash from the wallet? It is certainly not a good impression for your date at least.

We feel that a great deal of effort should go into the decision of buying a wallet since it is essential to carry one at all times. Obtaining any of the best wallets for men would offer to be both luxurious and durable at the same time, especially if they are affordable.

There are usually two things which go into purchasing a wallet, and that is Presentability and Functionality.

Wallet Functionality

What Does This Mean Though?

A wallet’s main purpose is to carry money. Along with this, it can also contain other items previously mentioned such as important ID, cards, etc. However, one should be careful to not carry too much of cash as there are chances of theft.

There are also other things which can be carried in wallets such as:

  • Photos
  • Credit cards
  • Identification
  • Business cards

It is best to carry minimal cash as it can prove to be dangerous.

Alternatively, the things you might want to leave out:

  • Medical cards
  • Social security card
  • Discount cards
  • Receipts- many people, to this day, carry receipts which are upto five years old. It is best to take it out and place it somewhere else.
  • Coins – it is best to leave the change and only carry a few in case of emergencies.

There will be times where you might use cards such as discount cards when shopping, in such cases you can carry it in advance. But if its something which you have not used for many months, we recommend taking the card out.

The Right Wallet For The Right Job:

Consumers should understand their needs. It is pretty obvious that if you are a banker, you need to spend an adequate amount of time as a guide and hence, your wallet’s needs will be different.

Usually, there is nothing ballistic in having more than one wallet. If you are that person who commutes often and are, suppose, travelling with your family, then you can carry a passport wallet for passports, and another separate wallet for your usual needs such as cash, cards, etc.

The leather wallets are more appealing and smart to look at, as compared to synthetic ones. Also, it is said that the darker the leather is, it is more fashionable it is. However, this is not a standard rule as it is dependent from one individual to another.

However, we recommend you remember this rule: the smaller your wallet, the less you will tend to carry.

As you continue reading below, we offer you tips on different types of wallets which you may find comfortable and suitable to use:

Tri-fold wallet – For Constant Commuters:

The trifold wallets are those types which can store several debit/credit cards and hence, are reliable and suitable for those travellers who commute on a domestic or international basis.

Wallet With A Lot Of Compartments:

This so-called universal wallet can hold both plastic money and cash in a much larger quantity. In detail, they contain two zippered pockets for carrying coins/cash, 11 elastic and expandable pockets for reserving credit/debit cards, and one translucent pocket for identity cards. These types of wallets are best for multipurpose use.

Bi-fold wallet – For People Working In Office:

These are simple, yet basic wallets which are available in synthetic and leather materials. This is a classic style which is ideal for everyday use. Using these types of wallets enable you to keep both, cash and cards without creating a bulky look in return.

Indestructible Aluminium Wallet – A Great Choice For Commuters:

This super slim wallet is made of aluminium. It is perfect for those who have a lot of credit/debit cards. This wallet keeps your credit/debit cards safe from RFID scanners used by thieves.

Amount Of Credit/Debit Card Slots:

We feel that you should prevent overfilling your wallets with lots of credit/debit cards since they tend to bend and get misshapen over time. Choose a wallet which can offer you card slots and add in your debit/credit cards. Right now, selecting any of the best wallets for men in 2018 do provide four slots inbuilt to store these cards.

Wallet Size:

It is perfect to opt for a medium sized wallet which does not create cause discomfort when you sit down. It is obvious that a bigger wallet allows you store more in it whereas, a smaller wallet does not let you add in all of the essentials. An ideal size of what your wallet should be measures around 3.5” X 4.5”.

Separate Pocket For Coins:

If coins are being stored in the wallet, care must be taken to ensure that they do not scratch your cards and other items causing damage preventing its usage in the future. Always select a wallet that provides a separate section or pocket for storing coins as it also makes the wallet more organized.

Dos And Don’ts Of Wallets:

As we start to discover the universe of wallets, we deliver short and sweet advice on wallets such as:

Keep The Library Card Aside

If you are that someone who has a huge attic, there are chances of it being filled with junk completely. The same concept goes for wallets. There are times when we think that carrying such cards are essential and bring importance to us but, are they?

You can lay out all the cards on a single table and notify which ones should actually be stored in your wallet and used on a daily basis. The other cards can be carried as and when necessary but until then, saving up space will make you more efficient and clear.

Always Stick To The Basics.

Some consumers carry all of their cards every single day, but there are times when you should ask yourself whether carrying this much change is even necessary. This is because it can be deadweight when roaming around outside for long periods of time.

Always Opt For Quality.

When talking about leather, it is like any other common material which can be processed in multiple ways, ranging from high-quality products to low-quality goods.

Hence, it is very crucial to consider how leather is being derived and how it goes through the tanning process. If you are looking to invest in long-lasting wallets, then there are certain best wallets for men especially in 2018 which do go a long way in ensuring the longevity of usage.

Keep It Simple & Basic.

In relation to the previous topic, when it comes to the final touching up of leather, we recommend a natural tooling leather or lighter tones of English bridle. Part of the leather’s beauty derives from its capability to take on character over many years and over longer periods of time. Nothing shows true beauty and excellence like natural leather after many years.

Find A Perfect Match.

When picking the right wallet, it should always go beyond the option of choosing which looks the ‘coolest’. Always decide by your daily routine, needs and necessities. If you are that type of person who wears jeans often, then we suggest to always go for a light leather colour. Along with this, let it soak up the denim colouring along with the sweat to achieve the patina look which is well-earned.

If you are that type of person to wear suits, then we suggest to opt for a typical dark finish to achieve a more sophisticated appearance.

By chance, if you happen to be a cattle rancher, then do select a cordovan leather wallet so that when you sit on your truck, it may seem you are riding a horse to freedom.

Consider For Summer

As people do not opt for wearing the same shoes or boots they wear in winter, for the scorching summers, it applies to same for wallets where consumers need to scale down the billfold for the season as well. Having a much slimmer wallet will enable you to feel less insecure about your shorts being sagged down when there are few or no coat pockets, while also aiding in improving posture as well.

People who end up sitting on their bulky wallets can end up ruining the spine alignment for a long-term, so this is where wallets can help save your money. However, there are some wallets which are regarded as the best wallets for men which do provide comfort especially to those who keep it in their rear pockets.

Wallet Materials:

So before we move further, let us discuss the type of wallet materials:

If researched well, you will observe that not all wallets are being made with leather, however, some of the best ones are.

If you are considering on purchasing one of the best wallets available for men, please do take a few moments to read elucidations of wallet materials and check which one fits your needs.

Leather Wallets

This is by far the most general and common material to use for making wallets which is none other than leather. While this is quite general, there are multiple options to choose from. Read on below to consider the best leather types for your next wallet purchase. Most the best Wallets in India are made from leather.

Cow Leather

This leather material is commonly used for men’s wallets. Cow leather is suitable since it offers both, good appeal and durability. However, the drawback of using cow leather is that the grades vary on a vast scale and also, it does not always feel smooth and sleek to the touch. Moreover, a mellow and soft leather such as calfskin delivers a much more of a luxurious feel compared to other materials.

Alligator Skin

Usually, a simple yet quick look is all it takes to distinguish a wallet produced from alligator skin. In terms of craftsmanship and quality, a handmade wallet produced from alligator skin speaks on another level. If suppose you would decide to purchase a wallet made of alligator skin, we recommend that you should take precaution and try to avoid the fake versions found in the market.

Cotton Wallets

When considering cotton wallets, you may notice the increased levels of fabric constructed wallets being designed by high-end fashion designers such as Prada and Gucci.

Honestly, their appeal is not so satisfying to stare at, but after conducting research, it is proved that people will tend to like them in accordance with its functionality and appearance.

Furthermore, the possibility of adding in all different types of colours is a fantastic way to display an individual’s style, while coordinating with most probably any outfit he/she tends to own.

According to research, we feel that cotton is not as durable as compared to leather wallets. Also, consumers can notice that it gets worn out fast due to continuous pulling in and out of the tight denim pockets. However, we would suggest not allowing this small issue to hinder your decision too much as we advise you to not wear such tight jeans anyway.

Synthetic Wallets

When talking about synthetic wallets, it is truly interesting to know more about its design.
Strangely, they can copy the look of either cotton or leather but is, in fact, produced from random materials entirely. What’s more is that some of these wallets are made of old tires and seatbelts. Synthetic is an option chosen by many consumers these days as well.

If you are ever considering choosing a synthetic wallet, then consider purchasing a wallet which is mainly for casual environments. Currently, they are not fit to handle leather or cotton.

Wallet Types:

Basic Billfold

Depending on your interests, wallets can be bifold or even trifold. Whatever the case may be, probably 90% to 95% of consumers including us use it. However, there are many options available in the market so here is a variation of the billfold. The ancient and simple wallet built for men. The billfold wallet usually comes in two types of typical varieties:

Bi-fold – This is where one fold consists of two equivalent sides to place in the essentials.

Tri-fold – This is where two folds typically contain 2 sides which overlap the middle part with inserts in order for you to place in cards and other important necessities.

These types of wallets are produced using dark leather wherein you can notice three small slots; those are for storing guitar picks or even spare change. There are multiple wallets out there which are very different and suitable to the individual.

We recommend purchasing a billfold wallet as compared to others due to the many advantages which come along with it. The billfold wallet is the type of wallet that enables you to use it in any environment you find yourself in, and is acceptable as well. Hence, should consider it as your main wallet. It surely is a ‘timeless’ wallet type if you would term it in a phrase.

Passport / Travel Wallets

We feel that these wallets on an occasional level are wonderful for keeping all significant and important information/documentation and essentials in a suitable compact item.

It is understandable how passport wallets are much larger compared to old varieties which are used to hold documents which are essential for travels. This is much better compared to having loose paperwork scattered within your bag.

In terms of extra security, most of the travel wallets also come with a specific clip which dispirits thieves who would try to attempt to steal and take hold of your goods.
So, on a general note, we do suggest buying a travel wallet for certain occasions where they may be needed or necessary.

Long Wallets

The chief perk of using a long wallet is its capability to store bills flat, without having the need to fold them.
With this type of wallet, consumers are not meant to place them inside pant pockets. Instead,a suitable position might be a briefcase. There are few people who suggest placing long wallets in the rear pocket of their pants, but we feel like that option is a bit less flattering and insecure.
Given its unsuitability, we would not suggest in attaining this type of wallet for use.

Sports Wallet

This type of wallet is fantastic for those users who tend to move from one place to another really quickly, such as outdoor sales. It has got velcro as material and also includes zipper as a feature to lock up contents pretty well. Moreover, the sports wallet is designed to be water resistant or even waterproof and is hence, suitable and appropriate for consumers who move around a lot outside.

Travel Wallet

For those who are interested in travelling, he/she would want important documentation in his/her wallet such as a passport, and this wallet, undoubtedly, is being designed specifically for its use and size. Wallets such as the Kenton Sorenson is a similar version to this type of wallet but the style is a unique one.

Not only does it hold passports and other important ID, but is also capable of storing credit cards. However, it is obvious that it would expect to have more room hence, we can declare that it is more of a wallet meant for travelling. But depending on a person’s profession, it is safe to assume that it is designed specifically for those who jump between countries and a business individual who might spend most of his time in the airport.

‘Money Clipper’ Wallet

These type of wallets are for those people who might move from one place to another, and if he doesn’t require a passport when travelling, then a money clip can be used, which is attached to the wallet.

Super Thin Wallet

In our lifetimes, we have encountered thin wallets. Using these type of wallets ensures that man to carry his main necessities which are bare minimum.

For example, we can review the Duluth Trading Company and observe their tiny wallet which is thin enough to carry credit cards and ID. However, by contrast, you can notice that these type of wallets fit directly into the front pockets and not the back.

Furthermore, another notable thing about this wallet is that it stores dollar bills. It can still hold credit cards, however, it fits perfectly in the one area which is less likely to be pickpocketed or stolen from. There is not enough scientific research to support this, but this is a very demanding wallet type for over 3 to 4 years.

One reason to appreciate is that when a person wears slim fitted attire, it reduces any sort of bulky look that may be caused by using a fat wallet. For some people, it may be sort of embarrassing to notice a huge bulge in the side pocket or the rear end when carrying a fat wallet.

On the contrary, one drawback would be its lack of functionality, where you would be able to carry around 3-4 cards only. It is not logical for day-to-day accessory use but rather, splendid for a night out option.

So, as we have looked into many factors and facts, let us review the top best ten wallets for men in 2018:

Top 10 Best Wallets for Men in India 2020

1. Hornbull Brown Men’s Wallet

Hornbull-Brown-Mens-WalletHaving a weight of 99.8g, the Hornbill wallet offers a soft and high-quality grain leather. This wallet being designed for men is neatly produced and created with sturdy and soft authentic leather along with twill fabric placed on the inside.

Consumers can feel the softness on their hands, and we guarantee that it is never a hard leather product. Moreover, the wallet offers RFID blocking security, where these wallets are being designed and equipped with RFID secure technology which is quite advanced. This is an unique composite made of metal which is being engineered specifically to block off 13.5 MHz or even higher RFID signals. Also, it protects important and valuable information being stored on RFID chips from scans which are unauthorized.

In terms of specifications, it holds 6 credit card slots which are inbuilt, two slip pockets, 2 currency compartments, 1 wonderful transparent I.D window for office I.D card or driving license card, 1 coin pocket, 2 secret compartments, and a single Secure Zipper Compartment which carries all your specific needs and offers additional comfort when carrying. Hornbull has presented some of the very best features and has left nothing when designing this particular wallet. All these features makes it among the best wallets in India.

Lastly, it offers a gifting solution, where the Hornbull wallet is perfect to gift a beloved one and even comes with a gift box as well.


2. WildHorn Genuine Leather Wallet 015

WildHorn-Genuine-Leather-Wallet-015Being 168g, this wallet displays a sincere and bold look along with an elegant design. This wallet carries all spare change and cash. It is definitely slim and hence, will fit perfectly and comfortably in your pocket.

There are many, or rather, multiple compartments which will aid in holding everything you may need quickly and unexpectedly. It enables you to keep hold of items in a secure and organized manner. It is created using authentic leather. With all this combined, it is stylish and durable in the long run.

What’s more is its sleek functionality wherein its graceful basic silhouette creates the definition of a breathtaking timeless appeal of the bi-fold wallet from WildHorn. It is an accessory which is designed to be smart for modern man as this durable wallet made of pure leather will efficiently ensure that his valuables will be kept organised and safe.


3. Hornbull Brown Rigohill Leather Men’s Wallet

Hornbull-Brown-Rigohill-Leather-Mens-WalletHaving a weight of 99.8g, this wallet used high-quality grain leather and is produced using superior leather which is of exclusive quality. It is well designed by gifted and skilled craftsmen where they used durable cloth lining. The wallet is made to deliver to maximum needs, as each wallet offers a unique grain of leather which is natural.

In terms of specifications, there are 5 credit card slots which are built-in, one transparent identity window for office ID or driving license card,1 coin pocket, 2 currency compartments, two secret compartments, and one credit card case which is removable with 3 credit card slots hence, storing all your essentials with additional comfort when carrying.

Hornbull offers a gifting solution where the wallet delivers as an ideal gift to a loved one and comes along with a gift box as well. Lastly, the wallet shows no signs of bulkiness where even if a consumer tends to keep all the cash and credit cards, the wallet will effortlessly slide into the pockets due to its perfect leather sized material.


4. Urban Forest Black Men’s Wallet

Urban-Forest-Black-Mens-WalletThis absolutely robust and classy coloured leather wallet for men comes in an ideal matte black box which is the perfect solution for a gift for men and certainly for all boys from all age groups. This wallet can be given on multiple occasions such as birthday gifts, puja gifts, Diwali gifts, anniversary gifts, wedding gifts, etc.

When speaking about its design, it expresses ingenious capabilities as it is designed to ensure the holding of all essentials which is neatly arranged and organized in this vertical and exclusive wallet. Typically, it is a bi-fold wallet which comes with a button closure inside the wallet and opens to expose an additional flap. Along with this, it has 2 secret compartments, 2 transparent ID windows, a coin pocket, 9 inbuilt card slots and 2 currency slots. However, apart from all these features, the most distinctive feature would be a zippered compartment found inside this wallet which is ideal for placing receipts and bills.

Spacious yet compact – The wallet’s special vertical design is something which you have probably not come across before. Due to its compact size, it offers an ideal fit in your pocket with less effort, and can be even placed in a travel bag. It delivers a perfect blend of style, size and space for all the multiple compartments which is sufficient to place cards, receipts, bills and also a photo of yourself or a loved one.

Durable and contemporary – it is often said that a man’s wallet should always be durable, robust and contemporary. The wallet provides elite features with no compromise in its style. The interior of the wallet is as essential as the exterior part. Thus, the wallet is produced using polyester fabric which is high in quality for the lining wherein it is extremely durable and soft to the touch. Moreover, it is an ideal solution for gifting men directed at all age groups.

Lastly, it offers elegant ageing. This is where the leather used is being chosen by experts, and only 20% of the hides used for manufacturing goes through the selection process which is rigorous. Furthermore, as time passes, the leather starts to develop a patina which starts to appear aesthetically appealing but performs its preservation of nature.


5. Taslar Stylish Leather Wallet

Taslar-Stylish-Leather-WalletBeing approximately 12 X 9.5 X 2 cm in size, the top quality PU leather offers a comfortable and soft, as well as sleek oxidation alloy zipper. The zipper is designed very well and is made to be wear-resisting.

On the same note, it serves to be the ideal wallet for men when it comes to storing business cards. In terms of specifications, it includes 1 large money compartment, 2 photo ID windows, 13 several card slots, 1 tiny zipper pocket to store coins/change. This wallet can be placed on hand easily or placed in the bag.
Moreover, the wallet uses top grade PU leather which delivers a soft feel. In terms of structure, it offers a solid vertical design. It also has an inbuilt money and card holder which enables men to carry the essentials.


6. Am Leather Brown Men’s Wallet

m-Leather-Brown-Mens-WalletThis beautifully crafted billfold wallet is being handstitched in a smart saddle leather (black) to display as a masculine and premium look. To express a signature touch, it has been lined up with leather and features an interior which is well organized, where eight slots are being dedicated for holding cards.

Moreover, there are two slip pockets which are perfect for holding receipts and two distinct note sections. The wallet is being wrapped in a presentation box – hence the perfect gift to a loved one.

In terms of structure, the dimensions of the wallet are (L X W X H): 12.5 Cm X 2 Cm X 10 Cm.


7. Urban Forest Blue Men’s Wallet

Urban-Forest-Blue-Mens-WalletThe wallet is perfect to be served as Diwali gifts for men- This exclusive and tough wallet being blue coloured defines its make for men. In detail, it is produced in a perfect Matte Black Box which is a promising gifting solution for both boys and men for all age groups on multiple occasions such as anniversary gifts, birthday gifts, Diwali gifts, wedding gifts etc.

Offers innovative design- with this, keeping all important data organized and neat in a stylish wallet is not possible. It is a billfold wallet with 6 inbuilt card slots, 1 secret compartment, 3 windows which are transparent for placing work ID or driver’s license and 2 currency slots along with a coin pocket. The most peculiar feature is a zippered compartment found inside the wallet which gives sufficient space for storing notes and bills.

Spacious as well as compact – this creative design along with its compact size does not show signs of any kind of bulkiness. The size is ideal for being fitted into a pocket easily or even to be kept in a travel bag. It is a blend of space and size with multiple compartments for bills, receipts, cards and photos of loved ones.

Durable and modern looking – We feel that a man’s wallet necessarily should be durable, robust and contemporary. The wallet presents dedicated features with no compromise in its style. The Interior of the wallet is placed with 100% importance as with the exterior. Therefore, keeping this in mind, the wallet uses high-grade polyester fabric for the lining which is durable in the long run and soft to touch.

It is important to note that the wallet is a vegetable tanned leather treated with top quality wax which is being imported with an aged and vintage look. This is, in fact, a deliberate look being produced by the maker of vintage products for connoisseurs.


8. WildHorn Blue Men’s Wallet

WildHorn-Blue-Mens-WalletThe Wildhorn wallet has an outer material of blue-tinted leather. With a weight of 200 grams, the dimensions of the wallet are 14 cms x 11.5 cms x 2.5 cms (LxWxH). The number of compartments being present in the wallet are two which is ideal and sufficient enough to store valuable information.

This wallet is an adjustable type where it is even compatible with a laptop being no strap type. The company delivers a warranty of 6 months for any defects caused in manufacturing.


9. K London Brown Men’s Wallet

K-London-Brown-Mens-WalletThis wallet is perfect for both, boys and men where the material used is real leather with a grainy texture. In terms of structure, it has 3 ID windows, a single zipped pocket in the centre along with a single coin pocket and eight card slots.

The height structure (vertical) is approximately 5 inches, 4.1 inches in length (horizontal distance) and 0.7 inches in depth (this is in relation to side distance when the wallet is closed).

This wallet is broader and taller compared to a normal wallet and has a cloth lining within the note compartments. However, it is not suitable for pants or slim fit jeans.

Lastly, it is a perfect gift for birthday or anniversary occasions.


10. Lander Brown Men’s Wallet

Lander-Brown-Mens-WalletThe wallet offers 9 cards slots and has an attached album where multiple pictures can be stored, wherein an album leaf is also inbuilt. There are two cash sleeves which offers sufficient space for cash and cards.

Being 200 grams in weight, it has dimensions of 15cm x 5cm x 10cm and therefore, is not heavy to hold and also compact for carriage. The inner material is made of leather, and the manufacturer and producer offer six months of warranty for defects in the product.
Above all else – we feel that the decision taken to purchase a wallet should always be considered based on quality.


Final Tips When Buying Wallet:

As you have read the reviews on the best wallets for men in 2018 along with other factors, you would probably have good knowledge on the type of wallet you might aim to purchase.

However, there are few things which need to be considered:

These final tips before leaving will enable you to obtain a wallet which is timeless and looks stylish at the same time.

When buying a leather wallet, it is best to always choose one in either brown or black. Both of the colors offer a luxurious and classic look, which is comfortable and versatile to carry in many environments.

We do recommend in choosing a wallet with few patterns and branded logos since your wallet is an extension of yourself, hence, in the end, simplicity and elegance go hand in hand.

Always take time to ensure the wallet’s construction. And choose a ‘turned edge constructed’ wallet since the edge area is thinned and turned before being stitched in place. These wallets are a bit more expensive but are durable and last for longer periods of time.

To ensure a quality wallet before purchasing, it should have grooves from a hot iron for ‘turned edge constructed’ wallets.

In conclusion – being able to conduct research and making ideal and smart buying decisions will guarantee you to get a wallet which you will enjoy over many years.
It is advisable to never reject accessories from an overall style which you aim to showcase and do well on your way to becoming a proper gent.

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