Best Conditioners For Dry and Fizzy Hair in India 2020 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. Toni&Guy2. L’Oreal Serie Expert3. Kerastase


It’s quite common to find both men and women facing serious hair issues. Hair defines the overall appeal of a human being, however, it’s quite difficult to maintain a set of headlocks these days due to three main factors i.e physical (pollution, environment, water, lack of exercise., financial (at school, college, workplace. , and mental stress(emotional stress..

No matter how many times you rinse your hair with shampoo, if your hair is extremely dry, then you need to opt for the best conditioner for dry hair. People have a misconception that shampooing only after a dirty, hectic day is necessary. Although, conditioning the ends of the hair, especially for those who have a dry type, are essential.


If you’re part of this group, then we recommend you to start looking into specialized hair care products of utmost quality. Usually, consumers can pick a common shampoo and oil product.

Nevertheless, in order to bridle the ferocious dryness situation, you’re required to utilize the best conditioners for dry hair apart from the regular products such as shampoo and oil. Searching for the ideal conditioner in order to control dryness can be quite challenging and would require intense research.

There are a plethora of options available and if you purchase the wrong product, it could probably leave you with more dry, static or brittle hair. Also, it could even weigh your hair down.

What’s Conditioner’s Purpose?

Even though we are advised to nourish the scalp with herbal hair oils, hair conditioners play a huge role especially when it comes to regaining or maintaining moisture that’s lost.

A conditioner, as its name suggests, condition the hair after it’s been washed therefore sealing in the moisture and enables the hair strands to retain some nourishment after all the essential oils on the scalp are washed away by shampoo.

By carrying out a convenient regime and using suitable haircare products, you can expect to experience hydrated hair and reach your never-ending goal of reducing damaged and dry hair.

We’ve enlisted the top 10 best conditioners for dry hair and we suggest that you choose a worthy product to include in your hair care collection. This guide will help you discover different aspects, elements and provide an insight into what you should know before purchasing a conditioner.

Identifying Your Hair Type

Before you pick out a conditioner, you should understand what it does to your hair.
As stated, a conditioner is usually applied right after shampooing your hair and it’s meant to retain back the moisture that’s lost from the shampooing process.

Moreover, it’s meant to smoothen out the hair’s cuticle and balances the pH levels of your hair. This reduces static, decreases tangling, increases the shine, and assists in making your hair more manageable. A conditioner is pivotal for each and every hair type but not every available conditioner in the market will blend well with your hair type.

So what can we generalize here? Well, shampoo should be picked depending upon your scalp condition. Furthermore, a conditioner should be utilized to heal and upgrade the hair’s condition.

By doing this, you can pick a conditioner that hydrates the dry ends really well. Why? Just as how you treat oil issues on your face, you need to treat the scalp the same way so that it can obtain adequate cleansing- regardless of it being oily, dry, etc.

Before picking a conditioner, you should evaluate your own hair type. Does it feel damaged, dry or brittle? Do you think it feels static? Or is it limp, oily, or has insufficient shine? In order to understand how a conditioner works for any hair type, we bring you information relating to common hair type issues.

Conditioner Glossary

If your hair isn’t either oily or dry, or maybe you’ll like to learn what these types of conditioners mean, you can check out our list of conditioner titles below and identify a suitable type that’s appropriate for you:

Volumizing conditioner: this is a fine choice for those who have limp or thin hair. If your hair needs a certain lift and boost, try using a volumizing conditioner since it won’t weigh your hair down.
Moisturizing/ hydrating conditioner: this is ideal for bringing back shine, moisture and smoothness to hair. In fact, it’s great for those who have coarse, thick, or curly hair.

Balancing conditioner: this conditioner balances the pH level on your scalp. They’re not too moisturizing, but at the same time, they won’t dry the hair out.

Fortifying/ strengthening conditioner: this is great for highlighted, damaged, weak, over-processed, or brittle hair.
Curly hair conditioner: these products are created specifically for curly hair types and provide adequate moisturizing. Moreover, they deliver an additional effort to decrease frizz.

Straight/ smoothing hair conditioner: these smoothing agents support in sealing the cuticle and offer a sleek start for your new hairstyle.

Conditioner Advise For Limp And Oily Hair

Typically, if your hair gets greasy or oily quickly, then you’re advised to apply conditioner once in a week or frankly, skip conditioning your hair and just focus on shampooing. Oftenly, a conditioner can make your hair feel worsened (applied to those who have oily hair..

As there are people who skip the conditioner process, there are certain conditioners available that can assist an oily scenario. Here’s what you should look out for:

Try to prevent using conditioners that are known for smoothing, hydrating, moisturizing, or are great for curly hair. These type of conditioners include in a lot of moisture which will enable your hair to be more limp than usual.
On the other hand, search for labels that state light, volumizing, balancing or strengthening.
Having additional protein is a benefit for oily hair. These type of products are more productive when it comes to eradicating excess oil and are less moisturizing.

As you start applying the conditioner, try to avoid applying the conditioner from the scalp. You can add a tiny amount to the ends or midshaft of your hair. However, you need to spend extra time rinsing your hair.
In large-scale, oily hair is the outcome of conditioners not rinsed out properly. Do rinse the hair for 30 seconds (minimum..

Before conditioning, do invest additional time in shampooing your hair carefully.
If the hair strands are thin and oily, we recommend applying conditioner first and then shampoo.

Conditioner Tips For Dry, Dull, Damaged, Brittle Hair

Are you that consumer who has dry hair? It’s hard to deny but easy to identify, sadly. In this guide, we give more attention to those who face dry hair issues.

If you’re battling with a frizzy and unmanageable mane that’s missing the ‘needed smoothness’ (seen more in those who have curly hair., then bingo – you’re going to require the best conditioner for dry hair in order to keep the manes satisfied and in control.

The main key to this issue is to rejuvenate its lipids. This task is what a typical dry hair conditioner does. You can imagine lipids as a shielding film that covers your hair strands, therefore, protecting it from terrible damage. This process makes your hair a lot more shiny and smoother.

For most of the times, hair dries out or gets damaged due to excessive exposure to heat. This can be done from frequently styling however heat damage is not the sole cause for dry hair.

There are instances where your hair might be unhealthily dry thereby making it difficult for your scalp to generate sufficient oil to spread through the strands. Regardless of the cause, conditioners are promoted as treatments that provide enhancement for damaged and are extremely effective on dry hair.

Apart from using a dry conditioner, you can even buy a deep conditioning mask and use it once in a week (minimum.. Even so, coconut oil is constructive weekly treatment and can solve dry hair issues.

In addition, we suggest you to avoid buying fortifying, strengthening, and volumizing conditioners.

If your hair is slightly dry, then try aiming for a shampoo that promotes curls, moisture, smoothing, hydration, or balancing ( this is useful if you have curly hair.. Such products are ideal for maintaining moisture balance and does not weigh down your hair more than expected.

If your hair is at the extreme end of dryness, then look for a conditioner that’s equipped with an intensive punch. Aim for labels that control frizz, initiate repair from damage, protects strands from heat damage and are great for highlighted hair.

Additionally, deep conditioners are a valuable investment for damaged and dry hair as well. The best hair conditioners usually strengthen the hair strands and make it less static than usual.

What Does The Best Conditioner For Dry Hair Contain?

When it comes to ingredients, try searching for vegan only products. These type of conditioners are comparatively safer and productive. On the other hand, toxic-free chemicals are even acceptable to use.

Before you pick out the best conditioner for dry hair, please do read users reviews online and ensure that the quantity available in a conditioner offers a long-time usage.

Up till now, we’ve discussed the importance of conditioners and their purpose to those who are suffering from damaged, brittle hair. Let’s now look at the top 10 best conditioners for dry and fizzy hair.

Top 10 Best Conditioners for Dry Hair 2020

1. Toni&Guy Nourish Conditioner

Toni&Guy Nourish Conditioner

The Toni&Guy nourish conditioner is a wonderful product that heeds to all your dry hair worries.

Regardless of your hairs’ condition i.e mildly or extremely dry, this conditioner helps in detangling your hair while it’s wet and enhances a silky, smooth feeling after use.

With this conditioner, you can expect to experience manageable locks that are really tempting to touch.

Your hair turns instantly attractive and less distressful to look at after its wash. Moreover, we believe that this product assists in nourishing dry hair and maintaining/controlling frizz levels.

With an even consistency, this model is rich in moisturizing content and goes a long way in terms of smell.

Fortunately, this product allows you to experiment with your hairstyle while it weighed down and creates a new look. Lastly, it smoothens the hair fibers thereby rejuvenating dry, dull lengths since it seals in moisture levels from root to tip.


2. L’Oreal Serie Expert Lipidium Masque

L'Oreal Serie Expert Lipidium MasqueWith the new L’Oreal Serie expert conditioner, you can now say your farewells to damaged and dull hair. This model is designed with its reconstruction masque. Therefore, its moisturizing formula allows your hair to be in your control since it nourishes it from root to tip. At the same time, it softens your hair strands and reduces that ‘stubborn’ yet stiff look.

This product enables your hair to obtain an additional bounce since the deep conditioning masque revitalizes lipids. Lipids are often exhausted due to pollution reasons wherein external aggressors and excessive heat exposure causes harmful effects to your hair.

What we like about this model is that it has the capability to make hair less frizzy and restores serious damage. You can use the product by applying a slight amount onto your hair ends and let it immerse for about 3 to 5 minutes. After this, you can wash it off meticulously.

You should stock up this product since it’s recognized by hairdressing brands and is medically tested in order to ensure positive results over time. L’Oreal invests in a strong blend of professional expertise and advanced research in order to develop products that satisfy and heal hair strands.

As a matter of fact, L’Oreal rigorously follows supreme standards in terms of comfort, performance, and safety and aim to support a wide range of hair care products that suit dry hair types.


3. Kerastase Conditioner – Nutritive Masquintense

Kerastase Conditioner - Nutritive MasquintenseThe Kerastase conditioner is created to express four important values: Expertise, Performance, Personalization, and Beauty. In fact, this model is committed to rejuvenate and restore dry, dull hair. It can be even used for all hair types and issues.

With this product, you can expect a cooling yet nourishing deep treatment that intensifies nutrition in a single hair strand. This model is designed to solve dry hair issues and is meant for those with thick hair or those hair types that are incredibly sensitized.

Being rich and creamy in texture, it provides a remarkable ability to coat and moisturize. This is similar to a hydrating face mask, but it includes a buttery yet thick texture that develops a special coating. This coating acts as a hair mask for sensitized and dry strands.

The Iris Rhizome extract found in this conditioner helps to shield against oxidation. Apart from this, there are other energizing ingredients such as Glucose, Dosage Gluco-Active 3, Lipid and Protein blends that support in ‘freshening’ dry hair thereby making it more lively than usual.

It utilizes On-Surface technology thereby covering hair fibers from root to tip and does not leave unnecessary weight after wash. It contains organic lipid conditioning agents along with emollients which are created to offer optimal nutritive performance.

You can apply just about a quarter size of this conditioner throughout the mid-lengths and ends. Once it’s applied, do leave it on for about 5 to 10 minutes and wash it off with water thoroughly.


4. OGX Moisture B5 Conditioner

OGX Moisture B5 ConditionerThe OGX moisture b5 conditioner sets out to revitalize stressed locks. This product contains an enriching blend of Vitamin B5, therefore, it allows your hair strands to be elastic, stronger, and reconstructs lipids that are damaged.

Moreover, this conditioner is designed to hydrate and heal hair that’s dull, brittle and damaged. It’s not only created for those with a dry hair condition but is even suitable for all sorts of hair types. Once you finish applying this conditioner, you can notice the new and enhanced sheen and luster experience found in all your hair strands.

Apart from developing stronger hair strands, this model shields your hair from the usual stresses in life. If you commute every day or spend a lot of hours under the sun, this conditioner will ensure that your hair doesn’t shrivel up nor get damaged easily in the future.

Lastly, we are proud to say that this model isn’t tested at all on animals and is environmentally safe.


5. SP Hydrate Conditioner

SP Hydrate ConditionerThe SP hydrate conditioner is a phenomenal product that suits normal to dry hair types. It delivers moisture that’s sustained over a long period of time and ensures re-hydration. Simultaneously, it doesn’t weigh down your hair at all, therefore, making it more manageable throughout the day.

This model proves to be a pivotal addition to the SP Repair line since it is designed with nourishing, repairing, and guarding elements that regain damaged hair intensively along with shielding it from potential damage in the near future.

In about 30 seconds or so, the Wella SP repair conditioner strengthens hair cuticles and repairs damaged strands effectively. While it spreads its powerful powers of resistance, this stunning haircare cream gives your hair a supple touch feeling thereby enabling you to style it the way you want.

It contains unique active substances and ingredients such as D-Panthenol, Glycerine, Glucose, and Fructose. Due to these ingredients, the product is capable of shielding in moisture and deliver smoother, softer and shinier hair.


6. Schwarzkopf Gliss Conditioner

Schwarzkopf Gliss ConditionerThe Schwarzkopf Gliss conditioner holds up to 50ml of content wherein each ml is engineered to repair and restore those precious locks you desire. This product gives your the hair an advantage since it allows hair strands to be smooth and soft when touched. You can play or change hairstyles once you’re done washing your hair.

If you’re that user who has hair that’s flat or limp, try out this conditioner since it brings an evident fullness in terms of thickness and a natural bounce. Moreover, this product deeply conditions your hair and repairs damaged inner structures, therefore, resulting in healthy and strong hair strands with a complete thick look.

Additionally, it rejuvenates brittle, dry, or fine hair. It achieves this task by stimulating the construction of two crucial keratin compounds in baby hairs or new hairs. It refills damaged parts by stimulating collagen and enhances the hair structures. At the same time, the amino acids sub-merge deeply into the hair strands causing it to generate a stronger elasticity form.


7. Tresemme Moisture Conditioner

Tresemme Moisture ConditionerThe TRESemme moisture conditioner is a must-have conditioner since it’s created to produce adequate amounts of moisture for hair that’s dry and damaged. It contains about 828ml and justifies its expensive price tag.

The TRESemme conditioner is responsible for regaining back the hair’s vibrancy and turn it into a healthy-salon look. It generates luster and shine yet provides optimal hydration level that solves dryness by locking in moisture.

This conditioner is extremely light in weight and contains Vitamin E which operates well with its partnered moisturizing shampoo. Together, they aim to remarkably reinvigorate hair that’s dry without making it completely heavy.

It contains a fresh fruity fragrant description i.e crisp apple, delicious melon, and juicy peach which are the three key stars that justify its smell. It also includes rose and jasmine, sensitive spring muguet florals and a bewildering white musk touch.


8. Wella Professionals Invigo Conditioner

Wella Professionals Invigo ConditionerWith the brand new Wella Professionals Invigo conditioner, you can now strengthen your dry or damaged locks easily. This product is infused with an incredible, ultra-nourishing formula that quickly softens and moisturizes stressed hair, therefore, enhancing its vitality and health.

It contains a proprietary Nutri-rich-blend complex wherein the conditioner releases genuine elements of Panthenol, Oleic Acid, and Vitamin E. These three elements hydrate hair strands deeply and shield it from any future stress.

At the same time, the Goji Berry includes a potent mix of nutrients such as peptides, vitamins, and minerals. With this formula, you can certainly achieve locks that are vibrant, revitalized, and quenched.

It is a deep conditioning product that allows your dry hair to be soft again and gives you the benefit of styling it the way you want. Furthermore, it achieves maximum hydration levels that restore smoothness, ease of movement and manageability.


9. Wow Coconut And Avocado Oil Conditioner

The WOW conditioner is a supreme quality product which can be holistically utilized in your very own personal haircare regime. It has an organic formula that moisturizes your hair naturally due to enriching content such as virgin coconut and avocado.

The model is completely free from paraben and SLS yet contains wheat protein chemicals. The Wow conditioner does not include any components that are animal based. It’s environmentally friendly and aims to smoothen weak, brittle hair strands.

Apart from coconut and avocado oil, it includes other healthy oil extracts such as castor oil, sweet almond oil, jojoba oil, and argan oil. This blend enables the conditioner to perform optimally. Common issues such as breakage, split ends, frizz, flyaways and many more are ceased instantly.


10. StBotanica Moroccan Argan Conditioner

StBotanica Moroccan Argan ConditionerThe Stbotanic argan conditioner is suitable for both men and women. Apart from those who have dry hair, this model can be used extensively across all hair types which makes it an extremely versatile product.

This unique yet exotic synergy of argan oil allows the conditioner to deeply penetrate and nourish the hair strands thereby generating strength and softness at the same time. You can now shield your hair from UV ray damage and heat styling processes as well.

This model promotes smooth stresses because it contains botanical extracts and oils which adds in a sleek texture and adequate thickness. This causes hair to be more vibrant and gives it a good shine. Moreover, it astoundingly energizes hair follicles and delivers a healthier scalp.

We recommend to rinse your hair thoroughly first and then add in a bit of conditioner on the palm of your hand. Once that’s completed, you can run the product through the hair ends and let it sit for about a few minutes. After that, you can rinse it out completely.


To Conclude

Apart from using conditioners to treat your hair issues, it’s always best to maintain a good, healthy lifestyle. This helps to sustain your strands for a longer period of time. You need to drink adequate amounts of water, have a good nutrition plan, take an adequate amount of rest and take care of your hair during awful climate conditions.

Finally, never compromise quality with a cheap price tag. If you’re deeply concerned about your hair, always select a demanding product that does not include a lot of chemicals. Ultimately, you should select the best conditioner for your dry scalp.

Generally, the best conditioner for hair depends on your hair type solely. It’s best to identify your own hair type and then select a conditioner that meets the need.

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